7th May 2001 Archive

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  • Intel's blades slice Transmeta's server party

    But Chipzilla had answer all along

    Media 07 07:19

  • Microsoft bags Office XP subscriptions

    Strapped for cash?

    Software 07 09:14

  • WinXP ship date heads for October ‘line of death’

    Course this might just be AOL and friends rumour-mongering...

    Software 07 11:10

  • US army filters porn

    Stand to attention

    Media 07 11:26

  • Linux is the future, say former MS execs

    From Redmond, via Damascus

    Software 07 11:37

  • e-Fridge open for business

    Rich? Bone idle? You'll love this...

    Bootnotes 07 11:39

  • Transmeta wins Toshiba: nears a full Tablet PC set?

    Intel loyalist list looking decidedly thin...

    Channel 07 12:11

  • AMD names Athlon follow up Barton after judge

    So now we're looking for the one called 'Phelps'

    Channel 07 13:18

  • BONG! ITN web site hacked! BONG!

    Video footage sales site does slo-mo disaster recovery - BONG!

    Media 07 14:08

  • Diablo2 publisher hacked following ‘spyware’ outrage

    All of Blizzard.com, Battle.net down

    Games Industry 07 19:48