4th May 2001 Archive

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  • US ‘National Security’ surveillance up in 2000

    Secret court authorizes FBI bugs and black bag jobs

    Security 04 01:51

  • Microsoft UK 0wn3d

    Prime Suspectz going for a record

    Media 04 03:04

  • Lucent workers busted for inside tech swindle

    Selling US trade secrets to China -- again

    Data Networking 04 05:05

  • EarthLink founder crashes, burns in fraud probe

    And takes several other Scientology dupes with him

    Media 04 06:11

  • Exploits for several million Microsoft servers posted

    This oughta be a blast....

    Software 04 07:01

  • BT builds for the future

    Watford to become major telco centre

    Business 04 09:56

  • Official: BT not anti-competitive

    Joy at BT Centre as removal men eye up the place

    Media 04 10:14

  • Student wins first SMS poetry competition

    Inspired by granny. Aw bless.

    Bootnotes 04 10:20

  • Evesham loses Luke Ireland

    Corny joke man's got a new venture

    Channel 04 10:55

  • Show us the source, then Mr Mundie – developers

    Letter to Hobbyists reaches Version 3.0

    Software 04 11:08

  • Blueyonder cuts cost of broadband

    Strings attached as ever

    Media 04 11:10

  • Israeli BOFHs flock to sign up as spies

    Mossad hunts for workers among dot com fallout

    Business 04 11:12

  • Stop! Don't install Easy CD Creator 5 til you read this story

    Latest version can wipe out Win2K machines

    Software 04 11:17

  • Ideal underpins AMD biz with ASUS franchise

    Mobo a gogo

    Channel 04 12:02

  • Knife hangs over 73 Computacenter jobs

    But this is a positive story...

    Channel 04 12:04

  • AOL in cahoots with Compaq, HP to derail WinXP, .NET?

    Plan to defang Windows Experience while spreading smut about bugs

    Software 04 12:13

  • Psion tells investors about state of its handheld business

    And 2.5G networks. Oh dear

    Business 04 12:15

  • Samsung launches ‘custom’ Rambus RIMMs

    Multi-channel, too

    Channel 04 12:18

  • NEC results, a tale of two halves

    Scaling back

    Business 04 12:50

  • Mobiles blamed for Fat Kids

    Artery in Furs

    Data Networking 04 13:05

  • AMD plots 15 May server, mobile Athlon launch

    Looks like Palomino's going to be led out to the course

    Channel 04 13:27

  • Mundie retrofits Net visionary tag to Chairman Gates

    Just a point release from having invented it, apparently

    Software 04 13:56

  • Nvidia takes control of workstation graphics biz

    Snapping at ATI's heels

    Channel 04 14:59

  • AOL UK stung by BBC investigation

    Punters not happy with free trial

    Media 04 15:16

  • BT boot sale offers more bargains

    Roll up! Roll up! We still need £5 billion

    Business 04 15:34

  • British dame donates £10m to start Internet Institute

    University of Oxford gets green light to study cyber-society

    Media 04 15:40

  • Boxed P4 shortages? What shortages

    Plenty around

    Channel 04 15:52

  • Daily Radar.com falls off screen

    Another games site is switched off

    Games Industry 04 15:55

  • Compaq UK does its bit for price war

    May Madness

    Channel 04 15:59

  • Napster ponders Microsoft as technology partner

    And tried to get Bill Gates to buy it, apparently

    Software 04 16:03

  • Intel pays students to go and work for someone else

    From P4 to P45*

    Business 04 17:07

  • Consumer GPRS is going to be a dog in the short-term

    Dead slow data speeds

    Data Networking 04 17:13

  • May you live in Excite.com times

    Portal could shut, says Business Week

    e-Business 04 19:47