25th April 2001 Archive

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  • FBI hacked Russian hackers

    New world order

    Security 25 06:45

  • Amazon splashes less red ink

    Sales grow 22 per cent

    e-Business 25 06:46

  • Lucent ‘severely impacted’ by Winstar bankruptcy

    $3.7bn loss in Q2

    Business 25 06:49

  • Apple iBook famine feeds upgrade rumours

    Can't buy one for love nor money

    Mac Channel 25 09:32

  • Intel buys optical networking trio

    Sees the (10Gbps) light

    Data Networking 25 10:09

  • Hynix debuts 275MHz 4Mb x 16 DDR SDRAM

    Aimed at graphics apps

    Channel 25 10:25

  • Hacking contest publicity stunt backfires

    Spin paramedics called to scene of security disaster

    Security 25 10:29

  • RDRAM-to-DDR P4 transition? No problemo – Intel

    Shift from Socket 423 to Socket 478 will be smooth, chip maker promises

    Channel 25 11:01

  • Royal aide's text message alibi in murder case

    Hi-tech shenanigans

    Bootnotes 25 11:03

  • Easter PS2 business rockets EB sales

    It's a 'major stimulus'

    Games Industry 25 11:23

  • Miss France or Mr Snip?

    Miss Universe competition shaken by Internet rumours

    Bootnotes 25 11:51

  • Microsoft WinXP-ready PC scheme kicks off

    Start shipping your hardware to Redmond, people...

    Software 25 12:00

  • Virgin.net to close ‘old’ network

    Intends to offer broadband by year end

    Broadband 25 12:25

  • Nvidia to cut GeForce prices by up to 38%

    Tough competition, demand downturn behind it all

    Channel 25 12:49

  • London police pilot PKI

    Scotland Yard smiles on smartcards for secure access

    Security 25 13:09

  • Sony, Ericsson create 800lb phone gorilla

    About the weight of a 3G handset?

    Business 25 13:38

  • Wanadoo Q1 revenue falls

    User numbers up

    Business 25 13:40

  • Captain Cyborg back on the BBC

    And surprise, surprise, he's talking nonsense

    Bootnotes 25 13:43

  • How to do your bit for foot'n'mouth

    And it's fun too!

    Software 25 14:52

  • Intel juggles 2GHz P4 release timeframe

    Q3 and Q4 mentioned in dispatches

    Channel 25 14:54

  • Does AOL have a press office?

    Well, does it?

    Bootnotes 25 16:36

  • WIN2K is even easier to deface than NT

    MS claims give false sense of security

    Security 25 16:43

  • Microsoft security fixes infected with FunLove virus

    Is this the worst security screw up ever?

    Security 25 17:32

  • Meet America's new top cybercop

    New NIPC chief steps away from 'electronic Pearl Harbor' rhetoric

    Security 25 18:54

  • Salon.com offering porn to stay alive

    Desperate times, desperate measures

    Media 25 20:22