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FBI hacked Russian hackers

Russian computer enthusiasts Alexey Ivanov and Vasiliy Gorshkov are in the United States just now answering charges that they broke into numerous remote servers and download proprietary information, customer databases and credit card details, and then attempted to extort money for 'security services' which, they assured their victims, would eliminate the holes exploited during the attacks.
Thomas C Greene, 25 Apr 2001

Amazon splashes less red ink

Amazon.com posted a net loss of £234 million for the first quarter.
Linda Harrison, 25 Apr 2001

Lucent ‘severely impacted’ by Winstar bankruptcy

Lucent Technologies lost $3.69 billion in its second quarter, a figure it partially blamed on the demise of customer Winstar Communications.
Linda Harrison, 25 Apr 2001

Apple iBook famine feeds upgrade rumours

UpdatedApple's iBook consumer-oriented notebook appears to be in rather short supply at the moment, fuelling speculation that a new version of the machine will be unveiled at the company's 1 May "Special Event".
Tony Smith, 25 Apr 2001
Broken CD with wrench

Intel buys optical networking trio

Intel yesterday said it has bought three companies specialising in high-end optical networks, but it refused to say how much it had paid for them.
Tony Smith, 25 Apr 2001

Hynix debuts 275MHz 4Mb x 16 DDR SDRAM

Hynix has begun producing 64Mb DDR SDRAM chips in 4Mb x 16 configuration.
Tony Smith, 25 Apr 2001

Hacking contest publicity stunt backfires

A cunning plan by a security firm to publicise its product by challenging hackers to deface a Web site has backfired.
John Leyden, 25 Apr 2001

RDRAM-to-DDR P4 transition? No problemo – Intel

Intel does not expect the transition from Socket 423 Pentium 4 processors to the Socket 478 version of the chip to cause mobo makers and PC vendors any implementation problems, the company promised on Monday.
Tony Smith, 25 Apr 2001

Royal aide's text message alibi in murder case

The ex-Royal aide at the centre of a murder case sent SMS messages after she had killed her fiancee in order to set up an alibi, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Apr 2001

Easter PS2 business rockets EB sales

Games retailer Electronics Boutique is enjoying the benefits of having stocks of PlayStation2s, but it increased profits without having steady supply of the consoles.
Robert Blincoe, 25 Apr 2001

Miss France or Mr Snip?

Internet rumours concerning the genetic sex of a Miss Universe contestant have led officials to take a peek at Miss France to make sure she has all the right bits. That's their excuse anyway.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Apr 2001

Microsoft WinXP-ready PC scheme kicks off

The first "Windows XP-ready PCs" have poked their heads above the parapet, but strangely enough they're not from the usual suspects. Nor, indeed, are they very exciting. A small section which appeared on the Microsoft site over the past couple of days lists manufacturers Lan Plus, Micron, Premmio, Systemax and Oki, the latter with the exquisitely-named Oki If Stations, which we presume are aimed at the Japanese market only.
John Lettice, 25 Apr 2001

Virgin.net to close ‘old’ network

Virgin.net is to close one of its networks next month so that it can offer flat-fee unmetered Net access and broadband services to its punters.
Tim Richardson, 25 Apr 2001

Nvidia to cut GeForce prices by up to 38%

Nvidia plans to cut the price of its GeForce 3 graphics chip to ensure add-in cards based on its next-generation accelerator sell for around $399 - significantly less than the $599 the company had originally specified.
Tony Smith, 25 Apr 2001

London police pilot PKI

The Metropolitan Police have chosen digital certificate technology from Baltimore Technologies to bolster the security of remote access to sensitive police information.
John Leyden, 25 Apr 2001

Sony, Ericsson create 800lb phone gorilla

Sony and Ericsson effectively pooled their mobile phone operations yesterday, creating a new joint company to handle the venture.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Apr 2001

Wanadoo Q1 revenue falls

European ISP, Wanadoo, reported today that Q1 revenues had slipped some 10 per cent compared to Q4 2000 despite doubling the number of active users over the same period.
Tim Richardson, 25 Apr 2001

Captain Cyborg back on the BBC

Our favourite professor of poppycock Kevin Warwick aka Captain Cyborg is back on the BBC's news Web site, this time talking about TV.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Apr 2001

How to do your bit for foot'n'mouth

Some enterprising young Web folk have decided to do their bit for foot and mouth and knocked up the subtly named www.sheepcull.co.uk.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Apr 2001

Intel juggles 2GHz P4 release timeframe

Intel has delayed the release of the 2GHz Pentium 4.
Tony Smith, 25 Apr 2001

Does AOL have a press office?

How's this for corporate slickness from the world's biggest Internet company.
Tim Richardson, 25 Apr 2001

WIN2K is even easier to deface than NT

Firms upgrading their computer systems to the Windows 2000 operating systems from NT 4 are exposing themselves to greater security risks from Web site defacement.
John Leyden, 25 Apr 2001

Microsoft security fixes infected with FunLove virus

A virus infection of security fix files on Microsoft's partner and premier support Web sites has forced the software giant to suspend certain downloads for more than a fortnight.
John Leyden, 25 Apr 2001

Meet America's new top cybercop

Kevin Poulsen, 25 Apr 2001

Salon.com offering porn to stay alive

Trendy online rag Salon has addressed its steadily decreasing relevance by embracing it fully.
Thomas C Greene, 25 Apr 2001

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