24th April 2001 Archive

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  • Logitech ignores PC slowdown

    Cordless sales are cookin'

    Business 24 07:51

  • Rambus changed RDRAM patent to include SDRAM – Infineon

    The trial begins...

    Channel 24 09:59

  • Now DoCoMo having trouble with 3G

    Network launch put back

    Data Networking 24 10:18

  • Cisco boss slashes salary to $1

    Former VP charged in $10m fraud scam

    Business 24 10:23

  • Sexy emails drive ex-Royal aide to murder fiancee

    Cricket bat and kitchen knife

    Bootnotes 24 10:46

  • Dixons confirms Kalms retirement

    Becomes President in Sept 2002

    Business 24 10:48

  • Intel to cut 1GHz Mobile PIII prices…

    ...but not 'til June

    Channel 24 10:58

  • Mobo makers to follow P4 price cuts with cheaper boards

    P4 price reductions boosting demand - just about

    Channel 24 11:18

  • Excite@Home seeks global broadband domination

    Ha! Not on these figures it won't

    Broadband 24 11:23

  • E3 must love GameCube or we'll kill it – Nintendo

    Console may be canned if it's not the hit of the show

    Games Industry 24 12:04

  • AXIA Athlons spotted at online reseller

    1GHz chips capable of running at 1.5GHz with simple tweak

    Business 24 12:05

  • Apple Powerbook is not airport ‘ bomb’

    Owner 'very drunk', something in the bag

    Mac Channel 24 12:15

  • No more I Love You viruses

    UK govt boffins to the rescue

    Security 24 12:25

  • E-minister slams IT recycling claims

    'Unfounded and simply not credible'

    Business 24 13:19

  • Tiscali buys yet another ISP

    Is this news?

    e-Business 24 14:18

  • IBM buys Informix for $1bn

    Group's remains launched as Ascential

    Software 24 14:30

  • CBI to lobby against anti-IT bill

    'No single person' can explain why draft includes sysadmins

    Business 24 14:56

  • Keep George Dubya alive

    Palm game gives president Tamagotchi treatment

    Software 24 15:34

  • LCD monitor prices chopped in half

    IT fashion accessory becomes affordable to the masses

    Business 24 15:47

  • Pubes more offensive than ntl ad – just

    Sadly no room for 'short and curlies' gag

    Media 24 15:50

  • Tech sector fingered by ad watchdog


    Business 24 16:37

  • Sony storage roadmap sees DDS out

    Plans to squash 1Tb into 8mm using AIT

    Business 24 17:26

  • CERT defends vulnerability info restrictions

    Full disclosure increases hack attacks

    Security 24 20:10