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Stanley Kalms to retire from Dixons

Stanley Kalms, the man who turned Dixons from a single outlet photographic studio, into the UK's biggest electronics and computer retailer, is to retire.
Drew Cullen, 23 Apr 2001

NASA grounds Pope

Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2001

e-Pen signs death warrant for bigamy

A Dutch company may have come up with a technological solution to end bigamy.
Tim Richardson, 23 Apr 2001

Samsung Electronics enjoys Q1 profit jump

Samsung Electronics has shown it's handling the memory price slide by posting net profits of 1.24 trillion won ($940 million) for the first quarter of 2001.
Robert Blincoe, 23 Apr 2001

Intel Foster poses for snap

Iwill says it doesn't exist. So what's this screen grab all about then? Look closely: 'Dual socket 603 for Intel DP Foster and Next Generation Processors'
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2001

Ringtones cost music industry $1m a day

Mobile phone users could be costing the record industry up to a $1 million a day according to a new report.
Tim Richardson, 23 Apr 2001

Gates no longer richest man on planet

Bill Gates is no longer the richest man on the planet. Thanks to the DoJ and the recent fall in tech stocks, poor ole Bill will have to make do with £37.5 billion. He had lead the world for three years thanks to his huge share holding in Microsoft but now new king of the castle is publicity-shy head of Wal-Mart S Robson Walton - worth a staggering £45.3 billion.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Apr 2001

SDMI cracks revealed

The academic cracker crew led by Princeton University Computer Science Professor Edward Felten, which answered the HackSDMI public challenge of last September with 'unqualified' results, has received veiled threats of criminal prosecution under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) from the SDMI (Secure Digital Music Iniative) Foundation in hopes that the team will be cowed into withholding what it's learned from an upcoming computer science conference.
Thomas C Greene, 23 Apr 2001

1.7GHz P4 launch price will prompt further cuts

Intel has confirmed next Sunday's price cuts following today's launch of the 1.7GHz Pentium 4 at just $352 in trays of 1000 CPUs.
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2001

Intel 1.7GHz P4 ships at $352

Intel released the 1.7GHz Pentium 4 this morning, as expected.
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2001

BT and AOL UK in (another) slanging match

Spinmeisters from some of Britain's leading telecoms and Internet companies have been getting gobby ahead of "Bandwidth Aid" - a charity pub quiz to be held this week between rival PR offices to raise cash for Comic Relief.
Tim Richardson, 23 Apr 2001
server room

Isle of Man pitches for world's first 3G network

The Isle of Man is making a play for the title of first ever functioning 3G mobile network, but as we understand it, it will be a rather drab affair. The tiny island - most famous for the TT motorbike races that take place there each year - has its own government and most importantly in this case, its own telecoms company, Manx Telecom.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Apr 2001

Rambus tried to deceive patent office – Infineon

Infineon will attempt to prove that Rambus has not only tried to hoodwink the chip industry's standards body, JEDEC, but used similar tactics on the US Patent and Trademark Office.
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2001

Apple Powerbook ‘bomb’ shuts airport

A Californian airport was closed for six hours on Friday, following a bomb scare.
Drew Cullen, 23 Apr 2001

Netscape SmartDownload opens up PCs to attack

A security flaw in Netscape's SmartDownload browser plug-in leaves users vulnerable to attack even if the application is disabled.
John Leyden, 23 Apr 2001

UK Jedi get green light

The campaign to have 'Jedi' recognised as an official religion in the forthcoming UK census has received a boost. The census form itself confirms that entering a frivolous faith therein will not result in an appearance before the courts.
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2001

1.7GHz P4 spanks 1.33GHz Athlon in Quake 3

HWRoundupDon't know whether you've noticed but Intel has knocked out the 1.7GHz Pentium 4. And so, here is a brief list of what the boys have made of it, and some reference links for you.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Apr 2001

Britain warms to the Net

A million Net users in Britain have joined the online community since January, a new report claims today.
Tim Richardson, 23 Apr 2001

Mobile phone chaos on Friday

It you do one sensible thing this week, go through your mobile and phone directory and change all the numbers. Why? Because the second swathe of poorly publicised and irritating phone number changes is about to take place - this Friday.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Apr 2001

NASA jet to hit Mach 10

Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2001

And so to the Intel P4 1.7 Gig

The Intel propaganda machine swung into action as Intel officially unveiled the Pentium 4 1.7. Skipping a generation to move directly from 1.5GHz to 1.7GHz, Intel must have found the hot breath of the chasing pack from AMD a little close for comfort.
Andy Drake, 23 Apr 2001

Napster looks to audio fingerprints to monitor MP3 shares

Napster has licensed audio software specialist Relatable's audio analysis technology, called TRM, in a bid to control which music tracks are shared on its network.
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2001

Infineon to start churning out 300mm wafers in second half

Infineon Technologies has finished building its fab in Dresden, which will churn out memory products using 300mm technology.
Linda Harrison, 23 Apr 2001

SGI axes 1000 jobs in bid to break even

SGI lost $141 million last quarter and will be ridding itself of 1000 employees - 15 per cent of its workforce - in order to get back into the black.
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2001

Compaq AlphaServer claims SAP record

Compaq today claims a benchmark record for mid-range servers in SAP BW, a component of mySAP Business Intelligence BI.
Drew Cullen, 23 Apr 2001

IBM claims latest p-servers put Sun in the shade

IBM has introduced two mid-range servers which it said offer users a more economical and reliable alternative to comparable kit from Sun Microsystems, the Unix market leader.
John Leyden, 23 Apr 2001

Protest sites galore! Power to the people!

Despite numerous "judgments" against owners of protest sites, it seems that the little man is unswayed and the Internet remains a perfect medium for making grumblings heard.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Apr 2001

IBM boosts Linux support in AIX 5L

IBM has improved Linux application support for AIX 5L, its flagship Unix operating system.
John Leyden, 23 Apr 2001

PR company loses Web site. Completely

PR company Portfolio Metrica Group was very surprised to find its Web site had vanished this morning and had been replaced by a mirror of American cuckoos Free2Try.com.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Apr 2001

Gateway quits OfficeMax

Gateway is to quit selling its PCs in OfficeMax shops in the US.
Linda Harrison, 23 Apr 2001

Travel clampdown kills trade show

A US software company, which includes some of the top names in the IT industry on its customer list, has ditched a multi-million dollar event after customers said they could no longer afford the plane tickets to get there.
Linda Harrison, 23 Apr 2001

Compaq wields cost axe

Compaq profits dropped in the first quarter, and it warns of a tough Q2.
Linda Harrison, 23 Apr 2001

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