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WinXP activation: what happens under the covers?

WinXP diariesWhen you use the Windows XP product activation system, Microsoft assures us, it's an entirely anonymous transaction. Your machine sends a key to Redmond, Redmond sends an unlock key back, and your installation is validated forever. Or at least until you've gone one hardware upgrade too far, and you have to call them up and ask for mercy.
John Lettice, 22 Apr 2001

THG previews ‘dualie’ AMD chipset

HWRoundupSo what's next on the AMD launch pad? Something mobile and something dual with a P - any week now. But if you can't wait, mosey on over to Tom's Hardware Guide, where columnist Omid Rahmat runs through what he calls the 'dualie' world of multi-threading and parallelism in hia preview of the AMD760MP chipset.
David Ross, 22 Apr 2001

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