18th April 2001 Archive

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  • McVeigh execution decision expected Friday

    A shot in the arm for justice

    Media 18 08:20

  • Intel 0.13 micron crossover – ‘not this year’

    Hayzee Fantayzee

    Channel 18 08:23

  • Restyled widescreen iMac to push iMovie, MacOS X

    And Apple lets slip on iPhoto

    Mac Channel 18 09:48

  • PDA plant to end Compaq iPaq supply woes

    Taiwanese OEM to inaugurate iPaq-only factory next week

    Business 18 10:27

  • Mobo makers turn backs on Rambus development

    Eagerly awaiting DDR-based Pentium 4 chipsets

    Channel 18 10:50

  • Flights of fantasy

    We're still waiting for that flying car, gentlemen

    Bootnotes 18 11:07

  • Letsbuyit brands own PCs

    They'll be called Ants

    Business 18 11:10

  • HP hints Intel's Itanic is ahead of schedule

    Will use 64-bit CPU in high end servers and not 32-bit, Unisys-built boxes after all

    Channel 18 11:42

  • Nerds are rampant sex machines…

    ...says survey

    Media 18 11:59

  • Cybercops are go!

    'Lucky' Len Hynds puts boot into Internet crime

    Media 18 12:03

  • WinXP: product activation, updates and control freakery

    What you have to deal with before you install...

    Software 18 12:03

  • Police raid ‘major reseller’ in Oman

    Channel Flannel

    Business 18 13:25

  • Motion Picture Ass. launches Gnutella offensive

    Cease and desist

    Media 18 13:38

  • BBC to develop Weakest Link game

    Good buy?

    Games Industry 18 14:13

  • Apple lawyers attack MacOS 8.x skinning code

    Wants open source project closed down

    Mac Channel 18 14:14

  • Reg cancer busters crack on

    Onward and upward for Vulture Central II

    Bootnotes 18 14:15

  • Dead Chinese fighter pilot footage

    Holding up email address to spyplane crew

    Media 18 14:18

  • Microsoft promises it won't meddle with digital TV market

    And we all believe it

    Business 18 14:42

  • Consumer slowdown forces HP to axe 3,000 jobs

    Weak sales starting to affect Europe

    Business 18 15:04

  • Updated Samba one less reason for buying Windows

    Makes MS Client Access Licenses redundant

    Software 18 15:10

  • ISPs claim victory over BT

    Time to par-tay

    Media 18 15:13

  • US lawyer and pals indicted for shill bidding on eBay

    $450,000 scam scuppered

    Media 18 15:37

  • MS ditches Service Packs for Windows NT 4.0

    Gimme that hot fix

    Software 18 15:44

  • BAPCo releases SYSmark 2001

    Real world benchmarks for Windows systems

    Business 18 16:36

  • My God! Someone's actually made a cyborg!

    It turns toward light and not much else

    Business 18 16:37

  • Gassee on open source BeOS

    'Non sanglant probable'

    Software 18 16:49

  • Canadian Tire fights for right to be called ‘crap’

    Just another day in the WIPO madhouse

    Media 18 16:52

  • TSMC touts ‘reasonably good’ 0.13 micron yield

    0.10 micron developments continuing apace too

    Channel 18 16:55

  • Sun cuts prices of UltraSPARC II servers

    Europe gets 5% slash, US prices drop by up to 16%

    Business 18 17:02

  • AOL-Time Warner Net business doing nicely

    More users, online for longer, and splashing out

    e-Business 18 17:33

  • Labour Party in Web security gaffe

    Launches hi-tech crime unit, tells people to email credit card details

    Election 2001 18 17:38

  • Netimperative.com extends begging bowl to readers

    Save our Service

    e-Business 18 18:11

  • Internet .com kills the dotcom

    It's the end of an earpiece

    e-Business 18 22:27

  • Kill all the managers! (Let's start with HP)

    But who'll sign the expense claims?

    Business 18 23:03

  • AMD sales up in soft market

    But what about Q2?

    Channel 18 23:10

  • Elonex wins power saving, money making patent claim

    Mag Technology succumbs, who's to follow?

    Business 18 23:52