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Carrier rolls out Web-enabled air cond

Gizmo fetishists with an inexplicable urge to fiddle with their home AC controls remotely via a WAP phone or a PC are bound to delight in Carrier's announcement of its new Web-connected 'smart' air conditioners.
Thomas C Greene, 10 Apr 2001

Freeserve throws punch in Net fight scene

Freeserve is to test the water to see if Net users are prepared to pay small amounts of cash to watch premium-rated broadcast content on the Web.
Tim Richardson, 10 Apr 2001

MS gives MSDN WinXP Beta 2 access after all

Microsoft mollified MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscribers at the tail end of last week by giving them download access to WinXP Beta 2 code. Microsoft also mollified The Register by pressing a CD into its hot little hand, but more of that RSN.
John Lettice, 10 Apr 2001

Tesco's Net sales hit £237m

Tesco's Internet shopping business, Tesco.com, has posted sales of £237 million for the year to 24 February. The operation lost £9 million.
Robert Blincoe, 10 Apr 2001

May the false declaration be with you

If you've ever harboured a secret desire to dress up in a brown robe and run around brandishing a light sabre - and claim the whole lot against tax as liturgical paraphernalia, now's you chance. On Sunday 29 April would-be Jedi Knights have a rare opportunity to achieve official recognition for their 'religion'.
Lester Haines, 10 Apr 2001

Intel to cut up to 60 per cent off P4 prices

Intel will release the 1.7GHz Pentium 4 in two weeks' time at way below the processor's expected price, Taiwanese Web site C-Tech has claimed. Instead of coming in at $637, the site says, the part will ship for $352 - a cut of just over 44 per cent.
Tony Smith, 10 Apr 2001

Cheapo supermarket Aldi sells PCs

Super cheapo supermarket chain Aldi started flogging PCs this morning, but expects to be sold out by the end of the day.
Robert Blincoe, 10 Apr 2001

PowerPC G5 to hit 2GHz

Mac Rumour RoundupMotorola is pushing ahead with the design of the PowerPC 7500 - aka G5 - company sources have claimed, according to a report over at MacOS Rumors.
Tony Smith, 10 Apr 2001

BTopenworld boss chats to The Reg

Andy Green is the CEO of openworld, BT's mass market Internet division that includes both dial-up and broadband operations. Appointed a year ago when BT announced a major restructuring programme, Green has overseen the commercial introduction of broadband and his business now boasts some 26,000 ADSL customers. Tim Richardson talks to him about the ongoing problems faced by openworld and his fears about heavy-handed industry regulation.
Tim Richardson, 10 Apr 2001

Morse buys Delphis for up to £40m

Morse, the mid-range computer reseller, is beefing up its services capabilities with the acquisition of Delphis Holdings.
Drew Cullen, 10 Apr 2001

Le Freeswerve does L'U-Turn

Freeserve is set to ditch its loss-making unmetered Net access product despite giving assurances that (UFT) would not be scrapped.
Tim Richardson, 10 Apr 2001

TSMC dismisses UMC legal threat

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has poo-poo'd warnings from United Microelectronics that it could be at the receiving end of a major lawsuit if it accepts orders from Silicon Integrated Systems.
Tony Smith, 10 Apr 2001

AltaVista brushes ‘doomed’ past under carpet

This email alert just in from Firefly PR about an event tonight featuring their client, AltaVista UK.
Tim Richardson, 10 Apr 2001

SCC grabs £390m desktop deal from Computacenter

SCC has grabbed a £390 million, five year, desktop supply deal from rival Computacenter.
Robert Blincoe, 10 Apr 2001

Cisco enters storage market

Cisco Systems has announced its entry into the storage market with the introduction of a router that allows access from an IP network to storage devices.
John Leyden, 10 Apr 2001

Cypress Semi. cuts earnings, revenue projections

Cypress Semiconductor has been dragged into the market doldrums: order cancellations have hit the chip maker hard, forcing it to re-estimate its earnings and revenue projections for the just-completed first quarter.
Tony Smith, 10 Apr 2001

Mayor fears for e-London future

The Mayor of London has called on the Government to take "urgent action" if London is to retain its position as "a world leader in e-business".
Tim Richardson, 10 Apr 2001

Tech recession to bottom-out in a year – Marimba CEO

The US tech panic should last no more than a year, Marimba's CEO John Olsen told us today - he reckons the underlying financial performance of the technology sector is generally healthy.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Apr 2001

Motorola embedding Bluetooth in printers and copiers

Motorola has announced a strategy for working with OEMs to embed Bluetooth wireless networking technology into devices such as desktop printers, copiers and medical imaging equipment.
John Leyden, 10 Apr 2001

Wall St slashes Intel Q1s

Right now, it's not so wonderful being Intel: falling PC demand in the US, and maybe in Europe too; rising OEM inventories; AMD giving it a run for its money, the new weakness in flash products, and networking equipment customers who are not in the best of health to buy the company's comms chip products.
Drew Cullen, 10 Apr 2001

Join the Army, wear interesting computers and kill people

Visitors to this month's Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco needn't be alarmed if they see US GIs running around the place in combat fatigues.
Linda Harrison, 10 Apr 2001

Buffer the FTP Slayer

Security experts have identified a potentially devastating vulnerability in FTP (file transfer protocol) servers.
John Leyden, 10 Apr 2001

Europeans take to Broadband like ….

The appetite for broadband services in Europe is waning, according to research published today by Jupiter MMXI.
Tim Richardson, 10 Apr 2001

Ericsson withdraws GPRS handsets

Phone giant Ericsson is to withdraw a batch of GPRS handsets afflicted by a battery error.
Linda Harrison, 10 Apr 2001

Intergraph inches closer to Intel patent win

Intergraph has won the latest round in its ongoing patent battle with Intel.
Linda Harrison, 10 Apr 2001

147 dotcoms die in Q1

The first quarter of the year saw a record 147 dotcoms go out of business, although there are signs that the dotcom death rate is slowing.
Linda Harrison, 10 Apr 2001

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