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Europe commences Intel investigation

The European Commission's antitrust watchers are drawing a bead on Intel over the way it has licensed its Pentium 4 interface to chipset manufacturers and markets its own products.
Tony Smith, 06 Apr 2001

AOL suffers major ‘meltdown’

AOL's service was hit by a major "meltdown" last night leaving millions of Net users unable to access email or the Web.
Tim Richardson, 06 Apr 2001

Autonomy's sales are well down

Autonomy has estimated its first quarter sales are going to be way below earlier forecasts.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Apr 2001

IA-64 Linux project adds Intel McKinley support

The latest version of the IA-64 Linux kernel has been released, bringing with it support for Intel's McKinley processor, the successor to Itanium.
Tony Smith, 06 Apr 2001

Carrera SSC gets slapped by Advertising Standards

PC assembler Carrera SSC has had a slap on the wrists from the Advertising Standards Authority following a complaint from the PC Association.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Apr 2001

Crucial PC2100 DDR flies through door

UpdatedPC-2100 DDR SDRAM is clearly very hot stuff indeed. Micron Technology's memory-selling subsidiary Crucial, which began offering the DIMMs on its Web site on Monday, is selling like the proverbial hot cakes.
Tony Smith, 06 Apr 2001

Free software would have prevented foot and mouth, BSE, Hatfield rail crash – RMS

Foot and Mouth, BSE and the Hatfield rail crash could all have been avoided if the British government had the right approach to information sharing, at least according to Richard Stallman. He reckons that all three disasters were largely to do with bad attitudes to data, and that if ministers understood how free software works then they would not be in such a mess now, writes Bill Thompson in Cambridge.
Our correspondent, 06 Apr 2001

Rambus received leaked JEDEC SDRAM data

Rambus was tipped off on the outcome of JEDEC's SDRAM standard-setting meetings by two insiders the memory company codenamed Secret Squirrel and Deep Throat, allowing it to know what was going on inside the organisation even after it had bailed out, Infineon lawyers have said.
Tony Smith, 06 Apr 2001

E-mail wiretapping used to spy on corporate communications

Corporate spies are using covert JavaScript code within email to track the contents of sensitive financial communications.
John Leyden, 06 Apr 2001

Hynix nixes non-core operations

Hyundai - sorry, we just can't used to calling it Hynix - is to spin off its cellphone handset and ADSL operations and sell-off its LCD and networking equipment businesses in order to focus solely on semiconductor products.
Tony Smith, 06 Apr 2001

Software to replace software engineers

UpdatedA UK company reckons it's on the way to making programmers a thing of the past by reducing complex coding to a mix is a simple list of instructions and some powerful AI.
Tony Smith, 06 Apr 2001

Dixons doesn't dominate UK PC market

UpdatedThis may come as a surprise to its competitors but the Dixons Group doesn't dominate the UK market in home PCs.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Apr 2001

IE6 beta bug can blank out email

Early testers of Internet Explorer 6 have come across a bug in the browser that can result in them receiving emails with no subject line or message body.
John Leyden, 06 Apr 2001

Reg cancer busters are go!

Lester Haines, 06 Apr 2001

Merrill Lynch, Lehmans cut AMD forecasts

Merrill Lynch analyst Joe Osha is described by financial news wire AFX as "influential". So what effect will his revised intermediate outlook for AMD and Micron Technology have on their share price?
Drew Cullen, 06 Apr 2001

Confused pensioners triumph in PC World P4 PC giveaway

A pair of octogenarians were the lucky winners of a P4 PC in a lucky draw competition held at a Yorkshire branch of PC World.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Apr 2001

Infineon sees sun through DRAM clouds

Infineon reckons the outlook is good for the world DRAM market, but warned the industry that it shouldn't expect prices to pick up significantly.
Tony Smith, 06 Apr 2001

Smart tagging in Office XP – what Melissa did next?

Microsoft is shuttering its software against viruses, but the latest edition of its flagship productivity suite, Office XP, just might be introducing a whole new class of back door. Office XP includes the facility to build a kind of multi-dimensional version of a hyperlink into data files, and that's where the problem could lie.
John Lettice, 06 Apr 2001
SGI logo hardware close-up

Text Message Injury – or is it SMS Wrist?

The growing use of text messaging on mobile phones could result in an epidemic of repetitive strain injuries.
John Leyden, 06 Apr 2001

MacOS X is ‘crap’ – Torvalds

Linus Torvalds has spoken. Apple's MacOS X, he says, is "a piece of crap".
Tony Smith, 06 Apr 2001

MS Counterfeit gang gets ten years in jail

Three people have been jailed for a total of 10 years for their involvement in a multi-million pound software counterfeiting ring.
John Leyden, 06 Apr 2001
DVD it in many colours

Text messaging used to trap unfaithful partners

We've brought you stories of text messaging as a potential life saver and a killer but we reckon a suggested use of SMS, from of all places Romania, is just about the silliest yet.
John Leyden, 06 Apr 2001

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