6th April 2001 Archive

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  • Europe commences Intel investigation

    Are its marketing, P4 licensing programme anti-competitive?

    Channel 06 09:46

  • AOL suffers major ‘meltdown’

    Power cut blamed

    Media 06 09:49

  • Autonomy's sales are well down

    $14m instead of $24m for Q1

    Business 06 09:49

  • IA-64 Linux project adds Intel McKinley support


    Software 06 10:03

  • Carrera SSC gets slapped by Advertising Standards

    It's not been around a long time, and it has no awards

    Business 06 10:28

  • Crucial PC2100 DDR flies through door

    It's certainly selling very quickly

    Channel 06 10:56

  • Free software would have prevented foot and mouth, BSE, Hatfield rail crash – RMS

    Stallman roasts and rants

    Software 06 11:06

  • Rambus received leaked JEDEC SDRAM data

    And Infineon parent once thought about buying Rambus

    Channel 06 11:43

  • E-mail wiretapping used to spy on corporate communications

    JavaScript Web bugs in active use

    Security 06 11:46

  • Hynix nixes non-core operations

    Two divisions seeking buyers, two more to be spun off

    Channel 06 12:36

  • FOTW I used to respect you folks…

    There's no fool like an April fool

    Letters 06 12:54

  • Software to replace software engineers

    Slashdot declares international day of mourning

    Software 06 13:12

  • Dixons doesn't dominate UK PC market

    Less than 40% of sales - OFT

    Business 06 13:25

  • IE6 beta bug can blank out email

    Plan to turn surfers into serfers?

    Media 06 14:14

  • Reg cancer busters are go!

    Huge response to appeal for members

    Bootnotes 06 14:22

  • Merrill Lynch, Lehmans cut AMD forecasts

    Micron gets the onceover, too

    Channel 06 14:26

  • Confused pensioners triumph in PC World P4 PC giveaway

    They were after a washing machine

    Business 06 15:03

  • Infineon sees sun through DRAM clouds

    But don't expect good times just yet

    Channel 06 15:57

  • Smart tagging in Office XP – what Melissa did next?

    Privacy and virus implications to new MS automation system

    Software 06 16:13

  • Text Message Injury – or is it SMS Wrist?

    Four fingers, one thumb stop moving

    Data Networking 06 16:54

  • MacOS X is ‘crap’ – Torvalds

    He doesn't like Mach one little bit

    Mac Channel 06 17:04

  • MS Counterfeit gang gets ten years in jail

    Big league pirates

    Security 06 18:00

  • Text messaging used to trap unfaithful partners

    SMS could lead to GBH

    Data Networking 06 18:03