5th April 2001 Archive

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  • Hubby's sex site revenge backfires

    Looking at ten-year stretch in Malaysian jail

    Media 05 07:25

  • S'kiddies find hacking BT all too easy

    Visa and British Midland also hit

    Security 05 07:28

  • Site owner confirms Apple Chicago store leased

    More info on industry's worse kept secret

    Mac Channel 05 09:33

  • Napster downloads rocket

    Song filter-induced drop-off reversed

    Media 05 10:44

  • SurfControl sales rocket by 200%

    Employers just love filter software

    Software 05 11:09

  • Attack of the 13ft crabs

    Britain faces giant crustacean terror

    Bootnotes 05 11:11

  • WindRiver buys BSD

    Bezerkley Unix heads for server appliances, storage

    Software 05 11:19

  • Lucent denies bankruptcy rumours

    How the mighty fall

    Data Networking 05 11:50

  • Intel grants staff cut-price, cash-'em'-in-quick stock options

    But price higher than Nasdaq-traded shares

    Business 05 11:52

  • FT.com cuts jobs

    All in the name of integration

    e-Business 05 12:28

  • Employer snooping code: don't eavesdrop on staff

    Delays anger unions

    Business 05 12:58

  • Linux worm attempts to take over insecure servers

    Vandals and hackers assault open source OS

    Security 05 13:26

  • Samsung to make Quad Data Rate SRAMs

    Now a gang of four

    Channel 05 13:27

  • Alcatel unfazed by AMD Flash suit

    We'll settle out of court, comms company predicts

    Channel 05 14:07

  • Dell shrugs off hardware slump

    Says it will nail $8bn Q1 sales target

    Business 05 14:16

  • Thieves swipe third truckload of PC games

    £120,000 worth of Serious Sam CDs nicked

    Games Industry 05 14:47

  • Users track down Apple's firmware RAM parameters

    It's all in the DIMM data

    Mac Channel 05 14:54

  • Systems Union losses soar

    Nokia, Adaptec

    Business 05 15:25

  • Cracker in ‘credit card Viagra sting on Gates’

    Claims in Sun story on Curador beggar belief

    Security 05 16:17

  • Armed gang blag laptops – leave trail of green chillies

    Get 'em while they're hot

    Business 05 16:32

  • Yahoo! signed to Sony, Universal digital music service

    Well, 'Rival' offering has AOL...

    Media 05 16:37

  • MPAA believes all Netizens are criminals

    Valenti urges even more copy protection

    Media 05 16:52

  • Cisco stops sales of optical router

    Tactical withdrawal from key future market

    Data Networking 05 16:59

  • How Reg reader outrage prompted Microsoft's Passport volte-farce

    All the Astroturf too

    Software 05 17:03

  • Blur's drummer was pro Napster

    Now he thinks they're cowards

    Media 05 17:07

  • SETI founder speaks about Intel P2P cancer project

    Lining corporate pockets?

    Media 05 17:21

  • Napster's heinous crime: independence

    Intellectual property giants plot to control distribution

    Media 05 17:49

  • Hacked? Call a lawyer

    Feds urge security pros to call in shysters

    Security 05 19:05

  • CPRM creator blasts The Register

    Wotta lotta double-spiech

    Business 05 19:46

  • Pentagon cyber defense impaired – report

    Poor coordination in DoD response to hacks

    Security 05 22:12

  • Pentagon networks attacked 715 times in 2000

    Far less than anticipated

    Security 05 22:17

  • Top UK gamer abandons PC to bike across US

    31 days without Quake!

    Games Industry 05 22:20

  • Take a bit of your driving test online

    The visual exam

    Media 05 22:22

  • Effort to show Tim McVeigh dying on line

    It was only a matter of time

    Media 05 23:18