4th April 2001 Archive

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  • Xbox beta slips a notch

    Not serious. Yet.

    Business 04 05:03

  • Barclaycard swoops on ShopSmart.com

    Mood Indigo

    Business 04 08:48

  • AMD sues Alcatel over Flash cash

    Claims French co. reneged on 'hugely beneficial' supply deal

    Business 04 09:49

  • MS faces fight with OJ's Johnnie Cochran

    Another class action race/sex discrimination case

    Business 04 10:11

  • MacOS X to be updated within ten days

    And: Euro retail chief quits as new Apple store located

    Business 04 10:18

  • Hitachi, STM to license SuperH CPUs

    Form joint venture, SuperH, to take over development, licensing business

    Business 04 10:37

  • Which is the most ethical IT company?

    Laurels for HP, raspberries for IBM, MS, Xerox

    Business 04 10:54

  • Cheaper flat panels comin' at ya

    Hell's Bells, plastic OELs

    Business 04 10:55

  • Nokia man bites Orange dog

    Handset manufacturers offer Marshall Plan for beleaguered telcos

    Business 04 11:00

  • Lawsuit alleges dodgy deals in Red Hat IPO

    Share offers of technology stocks scrutinised

    Business 04 12:14

  • ISP HighwayOne calls in administrators

    Up for sale

    Business 04 12:15

  • WinXP – the screenshots

    Parallel Universes

    Business 04 12:19

  • Nvidia disses chip rival in secret document

    It can't be that worried about Kyro 2, can it?

    Business 04 12:22

  • Portillo pledges Tories will repeal IR35

    Will this stop Conservative voters leaving the country?

    Business 04 12:38

  • Join The Reg Cancer Busting Team

    Buddy can you spare a cycle, or two?

    Business 04 13:51

  • Live mouse found inside PC

    Makes a change from severed fingers

    Business 04 14:00

  • Component smugglers get 16 years

    Dodged £12m in tax and duty over 5 years

    Business 04 14:02

  • VIA smiles over chipset sales growth

    But doesn't expect it to continue

    Business 04 14:04

  • VIA KT266, Athlon's ‘fastest chipset’

    Ace's puts it through the paces

    Business 04 14:35

  • Micron to ramp up DDR output through 2001

    But it's careful not to say by how much...

    Business 04 14:40

  • Rise in viruses within emails outpacing growth of email

    And UK govt is going to get hammered

    Business 04 15:19

  • Apple bans PC SDRAM for users own good

    Firmware update blocks non-Apple-specified memory

    Business 04 15:31

  • Sun warns of data corruption problem with UltraSPARC III

    Firmware update fix will result in performance hit

    Business 04 16:05

  • Sex.com owner wins $65m damages

    That's a lot of burritos...

    Business 04 16:37

  • Wired reporter forced to testify at cypherpunk trial

    Name, rank, serial number....

    Business 04 17:19

  • Microsoft alters Passport Terms to stem Hotmail defections

    Too late, we're outta here - users

    Media 04 19:23