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Win-NT/IIS admins made April Fools by hackers

Several crews got busy on April Fools Day to make a mockery of Microsoft security by targeting Web sites running MS' IIS server over Windows NT/2K for defacement.
Thomas C Greene, 02 Apr 2001

DoJ regulating digital cams to fight child porn

Washington, 1 April 2001-- The U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly hoping to thwart the burgeoning Internet kiddie-porn industry by regulating digital cameras, the tool of choice for child pornographers. A bill to be introduced next month says that digital cameras sold after April 1, 2001 must recognize and prohibit "child pornography" or "obscenity" from being recorded.

Action stations for Dixons bid?

Dixons is preparing to bid for Action Computer Supplies, the big but ailing direct marketing computer reseller, the Financial Mail on Sunday reports.
Team Register, 02 Apr 2001

Misys stops the Meta tag Madness

A Misys subsidiary has been caught red-handed inserting the names of rival suppliers into its Web site Meta tags.
Drew Cullen, 02 Apr 2001

McHackers deface Burger King – again

The UK Web Site of Burger King has been defaced once again by hackers who have chosen to poke fun at the site's security and praise arch rival McDonalds.
John Leyden, 02 Apr 2001

MS Office XP trial edition goes retail at $9.95, or free in the UK

Microsoft is aiming to ship over a million trial editions of Office XP via retailers, hardware manufacturers and even magazine cover mounts - and this before the product is officially "available." The 30 day trial version will cost $9.95 in the US, but Microsoft UK plans to offer the software as a cover mount with at least one major national publication here.
John Lettice, 02 Apr 2001

Corrupt IBMer gets five years in slammer

A former IBM executive has been sentenced to more than five years after been found guilty of corruption on a grand scale.
John Leyden, 02 Apr 2001

Sharky leaves Sharky Extreme

HWRoundupAlex 'Sharky' Ross, the British founder of Sharky Extreme, the hardware review site, is hanging up his fins.
Team Register, 02 Apr 2001

Sharp Linux PDA to be first next-gen Amiga device

Amiga's next-generation operating system is at long, long last to get a home of its own: Sharp's upcoming Linux version of the Zaurus PDA.
Tony Smith, 02 Apr 2001

Judge slams Govt IR35 test

UpdatedIR35, the controversial rule to reclassify most self-employed IT consultants as employees, will stay in place, following a High Court ruling today.
Robert Blincoe, 02 Apr 2001

Internet.com joins Dotcom Firing Range

Internet.com, the online IT publishing firm, is cutting staff numbers by 15 per cent, in the face of a soft advertising market.
Team Register, 02 Apr 2001

Pirate MS software sales ‘fund global drug terror gangs’

Drug dealers and terrorists have been using counterfeit Microsoft software to fund their nefarious activities, according to a Microsoft release which Microsoft UK tells us hasn't gone out yet. Nor has our search for the smoking and the pistols been crowned with success so far, although a Microsoft spokesperson may have said something on the subject, somewhere.
John Lettice, 02 Apr 2001

US will need half as many IT-savvy staff in 2001

US-based hi-tech workers seeking a new employer and job-hunters looking to break into the sector are set to find it tough going this year. Demand for technology staff is set to fall 44 per cent through 2001 over last year, according to research from the IT Association of America.
Tony Smith, 02 Apr 2001

EDS gets fully Systematic(s)

EDS is to buy German computer services firm Systematics for $570 million in cash and shares. This is equivalent to one-times turnover, so it suggests either very good negotiating skills on EDS' part, or poor profitability on Systematics'.
Drew Cullen, 02 Apr 2001

Creditors demand MicroAge dismemberment

MicroAge, the stricken US hybrid distie/reseller is to close its doors for good, after creditors rejected its survival plan. The company will now sell its last remaining major asset, distributor Pinacor.
Drew Cullen, 02 Apr 2001

AMD sponsors 3D lab (not 3D Labs)

It's getting difficult to keep up with AMD's British sponsorships - a channel awards here, a TV programme there, and now a deal to furnish Liverpool's new International Centre for Digital Content (ICDC) with a heap of Athlon-powered PCs.
Drew Cullen, 02 Apr 2001

AMD ships 900MHz Duron

AMD released its 900MHz Duron today, promising the part offers a 30 per cent performance improvement over Intel's rival mid-range PC part, the Celeron, at the same clock speed.
Tony Smith, 02 Apr 2001

Compaq culls 700 at Scotland plant

The Big Q is sending 700 Scottish workers - around 22 per cent of its 3100-strong workforce in Scotland - straight to the dole Q.
Tony Smith, 02 Apr 2001

Duron Ron Ron – Day of the 900MHz

HWRoundupSo today is the day of the Duron, and the ending of review embargoes for AMD's spanking new 900Mhz.
Team Register, 02 Apr 2001

EMI, BMG, AOL define universal Net music scheme

Three of the world's five biggest music companies - EMI, Bertelsmann and AOL Time Warner - and streaming media specialist RealNetworks have launched what they all clearly hope with become the de facto system for digital music distribution.
Tony Smith, 02 Apr 2001

Oi! Wanna a 1m flat screen for less than $3000?

Large, high res, flat screen displays are going to get cheaper if R&D by Philips' pays off. It claims that screens measuring one metre across the diagonal will be ready by 2003 and cost under $3,000.
Robert Blincoe, 02 Apr 2001

California orders NorthPoint to restore DSL

NorthPoint was on Friday, March 30 ordered to restore its DSL service for almost half of its former customers.
Linda Harrison, 02 Apr 2001

Codebreaker II – prize book review

For all of you grappling with our second Codebreaker competition, here's some inspiration, courtesy of Sarah Flannery, author of our book prize In Code: A Mathematical Journey.
John Leyden, 02 Apr 2001

Dramurai duel over next-gen RAM winner

DDR SDRAM will match SDR on price by the end of the year, be way cheaper than Rambus RDRAM and will become the standard for high-performance RAM, all thanks to a faster-than-expected ramp-up in sales, memory maker Hyundai happily announced last week.
Tony Smith, 02 Apr 2001

Son of CPRM fails ATA committee vote

The proposal dubbed 'Son of CPRM' has failed to make it into the ATA hard drive specification. The results of a postal vote are published today. The T.13 committee actually voted 8:7 in favour of including Curtis Stevens' 'Proposal to Support Generic Functionality' [19kb, PDF] with three formal abstentions. But the vote failed to make the required two-thirds majority of eligible organisations, four of which failed to vote.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Apr 2001

Korea claims broadband crown

Brits are still the world's broadband laggards, with only one in 32 online homes using high-speed Web connections.
Linda Harrison, 02 Apr 2001

Join the SETI-style quest for cancer drugs

Oxford University will tomorrow start a SETI-style project to investigate cancer drugs.
Linda Harrison, 02 Apr 2001

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