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DoubleClick beats back privacy suits

DoubleClick has fended off class action suits which accused it of breaking the law by sticking electronic cookies on computers.
Linda Harrison, 31 Mar 2001

Gartner invents new type of cybercrime

Within two years the world will see an incident of "economic mass victimisation" affecting thousands of surfers, but the perpetrators will never be caught.
Linda Harrison, 31 Mar 2001

Sun PR in US Mosted Wanted shocker

IT hacks were agog on a recent Sun press jaunt to New York when a top spin-doctor got hauled off at US immigration.
Linda Harrison, 31 Mar 2001

How to turn your server into a fridge

HWRoundupSo what do you do when when you've had enough of your $175,000 SGI server? That's right, you convert it into a fridge. Way to go.
Team Register, 31 Mar 2001

Red Hat's Mr Dot Comski locks horns with Beast of Redmond

A while back Microsoft VP Jim Allchin caused a rumpus by saying open source was in some way un-American, and then unsportingly declining to take up a challenge from Red Hat to debate the issue. There, aside from a public but debateless retort from Red Hat, it might have rested - were it not for Joe Barr.
John Lettice, 31 Mar 2001

Monti: Europe pressing on with antitrust case against MS

European competition commissioner Mario Monti has signalled that Microsoft's response so far to EU antitrust investigations has failed to head off action against the company. Instead, he's considering merging the two main current enquiries into one.
John Lettice, 31 Mar 2001

Microsoft not responsible for foot and mouth

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is not responsible for the spread of the foot and mouth virus, according to a recent report from Satirewire.
Lester Haines, 31 Mar 2001

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