30th March 2001 Archive

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  • Email ‘joke’ leads to bus strike

    One outbox, all outbox

    Media 30 10:04

  • Apple's chief developer evangelist quits?

    Just when he's needed the most

    Mac Channel 30 10:47

  • HP monitors are shocking

    A very small percentage of 17in CRTs

    Business 30 10:53

  • Apple reverses notebook market sales dip

    Portable market starts to follow desktop arena downwards

    Mac Channel 30 11:16

  • Hackers worse than terrorists – Robin Cook

    Aren't they supposed to be the same?

    Security 30 11:20

  • Sega to code for Xbox – Gates

    And he pledges console's Japan debut will be on schedule

    Software 30 11:45

  • Judge rules in favour of Nuremberg Files Web site

    Listing personal details of abortion doctors is legal

    Media 30 12:01

  • Text messaging an art form

    Or so the Guardian reckons

    Bootnotes 30 12:06

  • Lookout for Internet Explorer bugs

    A bad week in the office for MS security

    Security 30 12:31

  • Chad Wars II: Market researcher yanks BSD from Linux poll

    So write-in ballots are invalid?

    Software 30 12:39

  • IBM escapes Holocaust suit

    Class action dropped

    Business 30 12:51

  • Corel's profit, sales predictions hit

    Showing signs of improvement

    Business 30 13:08

  • MS XP-Tablet combo cuts Intel out of PC standards biz

    So farewell, Wintel. We are the standards setters now...

    Software 30 13:11

  • FOTW: Oi ya bunch o dobbers

    Glasgow argot baffles pissed old letters editor

    Letters 30 13:54

  • ‘Red Hat’ Lettice exposed

    Human sacrifices at the altar of Linux

    Letters 30 14:00

  • The Boys from Brisbane

    Senator Alston only following orders

    Letters 30 14:05

  • Beware of the Devil Woman

    With email on her mind

    Letters 30 14:08

  • We're backing Bluetooth, Intel reiterates

    Coming to market more quickly than USB, apparently

    Data Networking 30 14:43

  • eMachines junks eKeys

    Pink slips rain on PC parade

    Business 30 14:54

  • Reader's dog in exorcism shocker

    'Ol Rufus possesed by AMD

    Letters 30 14:56

  • VIA dons Mac threads with designer PC line

    Borrows Apple's 'beyond beige', stylish design approach

    Business 30 15:22

  • All your data (and biz plans) are belong to Microsoft

    Hotmail or MSN Messenger user? It's already too late...

    Software 30 15:35

  • Readers' Letters Can you tell me where ‘Hangover’ is?

    Funnily enough we can...

    Letters 30 15:37

  • A surplus of excess inventory sites

    Another one opens its doors

    e-Business 30 15:47

  • Washington DC police caught sending offensive messages

    Blue and racist email from the Boys in Blue

    Media 30 16:04

  • New Bill labels ISPs as publishers

    UK Govt still in mess over dealing with Internet

    Media 30 16:09

  • Intel bananas over Banias

    Timna team's wireless, mobile effort get another airing

    Channel 30 16:34

  • SysAdmins to need a licence from Home Office?

    More heavy handed legislation

    Security 30 16:36

  • Doubts over tests on high-speed broadband technology

    It's a fair copper

    Data Networking 30 16:56

  • Ex-NorthPoint users start petition to boycott AT&T

    'Shortsighted' telco in the firing line

    Media 30 17:00

  • Prudential cuts both ‘Zillas’ 2001 earnings

    Chip and Chimp go down

    Business 30 17:09

  • Vint Cerf explains why ICANN is messing with the Net

    A point is in there somewhere

    Media 30 17:21

  • Java Toaster prints weather forecast

    Bread as a display device?

    Software 30 18:05

  • Micron Technology at a loss

    No fun being a DRAM maker right now

    Business 30 18:39

  • SMS Me (email is Pants!)

    Young people, huh?

    Data Networking 30 18:57

  • US company defeats Brit RIP Act

    And French Nazi filters, too

    Security 30 20:29