28th March 2001 Archive

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  • Highly destructive Linux worm mutating

    And we owe the FBI an apology

    Security 28 06:12

  • UK has most expensive DSL access in the world

    And that is official

    Broadband 28 08:32

  • Handspring toys with Palm alternatives

    The ties that don't bind...

    Business 28 09:26

  • Sage buys ACT!

    Channel Flannel

    Business 28 10:24

  • Palm to axe 250 jobs as it dips into the red

    Desperate cost cutting to offset zero sales growth

    Business 28 10:27

  • Net via radio for schools group overstates its case

    Can't bypass UK's broadband traffic jam just yet

    Broadband 28 10:49

  • Microsoft's UK e-govt service unveiled

    Better late than never?

    Media 28 11:00

  • Napster blocks 275,000 tracks

    How successfully though?

    Media 28 11:07

  • Nortel in the poo

    5,000 more jobs to go, forecasts slashed again

    Business 28 11:14

  • Risks from hybrid Linux / Windows virus low

    Curiousity value of non infectious bug

    Security 28 11:59

  • VIA talks to Intel about P4 licence…

    ...even though it already claims it has the rights to it

    Channel 28 12:12

  • 1.7GHz P4 coming ‘very shortly’ – Gelsinger

    Couple of weeks or so off, we reckon

    Channel 28 12:35

  • This man must be the biggest luddite in history

    And unfortunately, he's a cabinet minister for IT

    Media 28 13:00

  • Webcasting: The Two-Headed Beast

    Editorial and advertorial

    e-Business 28 13:40

  • Australia to make online gambling illegal

    Loses its mind, not its shirt

    Media 28 13:45

  • Gates plans invisible, automatic updates for WinXP users

    Worried? No, we're not worried. Why do you ask?

    Software 28 13:51

  • ATI sees red, buys FireGL

    Massive loss turned into tiny profit only by share sell-off

    Business 28 14:14

  • Tiny outsources sales call centre to Glasgow firm

    Free deep fried Mars bar with each PC

    Business 28 14:32

  • Apple at PowerPC makers' mercy – ex-exec

    Former head of Apple Europe speaks the unspoken truth

    Mac Channel 28 15:53

  • MS nixes MSDN WinXP Beta 2 downloads

    And makes a complete horlicks of the Preview Program...

    Software 28 15:55

  • Oftel tells BT to stop whingeing

    Not fair, not fair, not fair

    Business 28 16:24

  • BOFH: A book is born

    In disk space nobody can hear your files scream

    Bootnotes 28 16:26

  • Cisco and MS team on wireless security

    Yeah, verily laptop shall speak unto laptop, securely

    Security 28 16:40

  • Online auction leaves Lennon's car in the lock-up

    Reg reader Mick Fleetwood not happy bunny

    e-Business 28 16:47

  • Fatal Attraction revenge on the Net

    Texas man posts bunny boiler's rantings online

    Media 28 17:16

  • Police in mobile phone theft SMS blitz

    Noriega treatment, Amsterdam-style

    Data Networking 28 19:53

  • Give us all your money – or we shoot 100k DSL customers

    Unreasonable amounts

    Broadband 28 22:10

  • They call me Anti-Spam Bill

    Winging its way through Congress

    Media 28 22:45

  • Zelerate goes titsup.com

    Open source trailblazer bites the dust

    Software 28 23:58