27th March 2001 Archive

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  • Conexant and PMC cut jobs amid gloomy forecasts

    Californian chip outfits no longer able to weather the storm

    Channel 27 08:19

  • Compaq and Transmeta named in Tablet PC XP gang

    Wireless wonder tipped for 2002

    Business 27 08:19

  • Russia and US shut down pedo site, arrest nine

    Alleged buyers of child porn videos charged

    Media 27 08:22

  • 1,700 students get day off school after IM threat

    US teen faces five years in jail

    Media 27 08:25

  • IR35: the govt's viewpoint

    Civil servant behind legislation speaks her mind

    Business 27 08:31

  • Azlan bullish at year-end

    Channel Flannel

    Business 27 09:45

  • Quake rocks Hiroshima fab

    DRAM supply disrupted, but so what?

    Channel 27 09:49

  • breathe to close?

    That's news to us microscooter-riding modern urbanists

    Media 27 09:57

  • Why do we need 3G phones anyway?

    Packet switching with GPRS may be good enough

    Data Networking 27 10:07

  • Skycar crashes and burns?

    Flying car community rounds on flying car

    Business 27 10:14

  • Europe to create cybercrime forum

    More jaw-jaw on e-crime war-war

    Media 27 10:42

  • MS hobbling WinXP Server, pushing users to Advanced version?

    And Valentine flashes Blade at WinHEC...

    Software 27 11:01

  • Ex-Novell CEO becomes chairman of Google

    Schmidt now chairs three firms, runs One Net

    Business 27 11:01

  • Nokia and Ericsson to axe staff

    400 and 3,300 respectively

    Business 27 11:35

  • Acer to split in two

    To avoid conflict between OEM and own brand business

    Business 27 11:49

  • ic24 denies Tiscali acquisition

    Still for sale apparently

    Media 27 11:58

  • Jack Straw shoots back in the Net

    Mobile thefts and kiddie Web protection

    Media 27 12:25

  • Police swoop on Internet paedophiles

    Largest ever UK raids

    Media 27 12:29

  • Time staff claim they've been paint poisoned

    Case retouching toxic trouble

    Business 27 13:55

  • IMEI numbers no antidote to mobile fraud

    Readers give us the lowdown

    Security 27 14:44

  • British courts to take pleas by email

    cc: your lawyer

    Media 27 15:04

  • Minnow ISP takes on mighty BT

    Not to be sniffed at

    Media 27 15:08

  • Napster demands fans march on Washington

    Goes all agitprop

    Media 27 15:38

  • MS cools to USB 2.0, warms to 1394

    Another Secure PC smoking gun

    Business 27 15:47

  • Voice over DSL: good for slashing your phone bill?

    The kit is just hitting Europe

    Data Networking 27 15:57

  • AMD aims high with mobile roadmap

    Horsey Horsey

    Channel 27 16:24

  • DoubleClick undergoes security audit after hack attack

    Security experts say firm should consider "pulling plug on servers" until flaws are fixed

    Media 27 17:56

  • MS proprietary tech undermines HailStorm – analyst

    Taming Kerberos

    Software 27 17:57

  • WinXP Blade: MS' plan to kill off Linux Web servers

    It could work, but they have to think smarter than usual...

    Software 27 21:34

  • IM – maybe the song I cannot sing

    Messenger in a bottle

    Media 27 22:33

  • DRAM price rise shock horror!

    Inventory gluts out

    Channel 27 22:41

  • IBM touts world's quietest mobile drives

    Also 48GB monster

    Business 27 22:49

  • Surfers confused by ‘Dying Cam’ prank

    We are all dying, master magician tells us.......

    Media 27 22:52