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Hacking Linux BIND servers becomes child's play

A worm called Lion has been developed to enable any fool to exploit a buffer overflow vulnerability in BIND 8 transaction signature (TSIG) handling code which we reported back in January.
Thomas C Greene, 24 Mar 2001

Micron dumps PC biz, morphs into Web hoster

Micron Electronics today announced plans to dump its name and PC business to transform itself into a Web hosting business.
Linda Harrison, 24 Mar 2001

WinXP Beta 2 declared – release slated for noon Sunday PST

Beta 2 of Windows XP was declared yesterday (Friday 23rd), according to Redmond sources, but the switch doesn't get thrown until 12 noon tomorrow, PST. And that's the switch on the press too, apparently - all the usual suspects are embargoed till noon, so expect a spike of suspiciously well prepared looking stories at that time.
John Lettice, 24 Mar 2001

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