22nd March 2001 Archive

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  • Infineon (Siemens) accused of deliberate patent theft

    And Payne goes incandescent in Rambus case

    Channel 22 07:54

  • AMD shows 1.5GHz Palamino at Cebit

    Intros 1.3/1.33GHz Athlons, shows dual systems

    Channel 22 07:59

  • Jury in on 1.3xGHz Athlon benchmarks

    We get Athlon's Foot, trudging round

    Hardware Roundup 22 10:18

  • Apple confirms MacOS X updates coming soon

    iTunes, iMovie 2 ready for downloading Saturday

    Mac Channel 22 10:25

  • Micron cuts kit spend on ‘slight’ profit

    Investing $300m less on new equipment while DRAM demand still slow

    Channel 22 11:38

  • Handbags at dawn – HP blasts back at Sun

    Serengheti not there yeti

    Business 22 11:46

  • Motorola, Ericsson, Siemens team on cellphone gaming

    Want to define a universal mobile gaming system

    Games Industry 22 12:11

  • Reg backs Bonfield

    Don't resign, we urge

    Business 22 12:12

  • Lastminute execs spend their own cash shoreing up business

    Buy £110k worth of shares

    e-Business 22 12:30

  • France Telecom recovering from debt sickness

    Orange does well, Wanadoo doesn't

    Business 22 13:02

  • China to get 130 million DSL lines

    And why not...

    Broadband 22 13:08

  • Telewest right to pull out of LLU

    Losses widen

    Data Networking 22 13:18

  • Be signs Sony

    We knew it before, but now Be's allowed to admit it

    Software 22 13:45

  • European Parliament continues Echelon investigation

    This time the legality

    Security 22 13:58

  • Logitech emasculates mice

    No cord, no balls

    Business 22 13:59

  • Citrix buys mystery XML portal co

    But what's that green liquid?

    Software 22 14:23

  • Queen gives dotcoms the royal thumbs down

    We have lost £30,000 from the bubble bursting

    e-Business 22 14:24

  • Music industry tracking individual MP3 file sharers

    Users monitored and sharing activity recorded

    Media 22 14:49

  • MPs give Oftel a boot up the backside

    Winged watchdog blameless... this time

    Broadband 22 15:17

  • Western Digital intros 80GB hard drive

    Spinning at 7200rpm

    Business 22 16:21

  • Zimmermann plays down PGP flaw

    And sticks it to Czech discoverers

    Security 22 16:33

  • AMD issues fresh, bracing Cebit roadmap

    Europe means a lot to Chimpzilla

    Channel 22 17:19

  • Schwab chops up to 3,400 US jobs

    Easy come...

    e-Business 22 17:33

  • WinXP Beta 2 in not delayed again drama

    Code virtually done and dusted for a whole extra 48 hours

    Software 22 19:30

  • GameLoft shuts portal, lowers overheads

    So the loft's a mezzanine now, right?

    Media 22 21:27

  • Fujitsu Siemens unveils entry-level Solaris/SPARC server

    Still SPARCing away...

    Business 22 21:28

  • IETF rebuffs SSH creator

    No joy for the Swiss Family Fschk, either...

    Media 22 21:28

  • Oz learns 3G lessons from Europe

    Telecoms down under under-cut auction price

    Data Networking 22 21:28

  • Strange Rambus lights upset children

    Aliens in there, or screaming Cindies?

    Bootnotes 22 21:33