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MS-only hosting firm comes to UK

In the wake of the much-publicised raids by Russian hackers on online ecommerce systems, hosting firms are pushing their ability to provide better security as a means to get more business - and some are doing this while sticking by NT.
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2001

New mem benchmark thrashes DDR, Rambus

HWRoundupGreetings, after a while, to Bill Henning at CPU Review and to a new memory benchmark which, he promises will really give those sub-systems a good pasting. He promises results from testing Rambus and DDR systems real soon now.
Mike Magee, 20 Mar 2001

BOFH plays Golf!

Episode 8
Simon Travaglia, 20 Mar 2001

Transmeta x86 notebook to hit CeBit show

A start-up firm is expected to launch a Transmeta-based x86 tablet-notebook at CeBit later this week which includes a separate screen as well as dictation and handwriting recognition.
Mike Magee, 20 Mar 2001

Palm marketshare nibbled by PalmOS partners

UpdatedPalm's US retail marketshare continued to shrink last month, but at least the company has the consolation that what it has lost has all gone to PalmOS licensees and not PocketPC.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2001

UK attracts 1m new Net users since October

The Net attracted 700,000 new UK-based home users between January and February 2001, according to the latest figures from Jupiter MMXI.
Tim Richardson, 20 Mar 2001

HP launches Web-enabled printers

Hewlett-Packard is launching a range of five Net-enabled printers today, which connect online without going through a PC.
Robert Blincoe, 20 Mar 2001

Storage Computer starts patent fight with Hitachi

Storage Computer Corp has kicked off legal proceedings against Hitachi Data Systems in the UK, claiming some of Hitachi's storage products infringe two of its European patents.
Robert Blincoe, 20 Mar 2001

British Columbia to limit sale of violent video games

The government of Canada's British Columbia province is seeking to enact a law that would force games developers to have their software rated and sold as if it were a movie.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2001

Intel pressure mounts on AMD, Via

Rumour MillWait for one rumour patiently for months and six or seven come along all at once.
Mike Magee, 20 Mar 2001

Creative to axe 500 staff, shut US plant

Sound card supremo Creative Technology is to cut ten per cent of its worldwide workforce and shut US manufacturing plant in a desperate bid to cut costs.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2001

24/7Freecall gets FRIACO

24/7Freecall is phasing out its current unmetered Net access product in favour of one based on the wholesale unmetered Net access product, FRIACO.
Tim Richardson, 20 Mar 2001

Cisco sells optical components unit

Cisco is to sell Cisco Photonics France to HighWave Optical Technologies for an undisclosed sum.
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2001

Alcatel ships Linux USB ADSL driver

USB ADSL modem maker Alcatel has shipped its long-promised Linux driver. However, the company seems to have misunderstood just what the phrase 'open source' actually means.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2001

BT bottles crisis talks

BT has called off an emergency meeting with key shareholders tonight because it feels it is being press-ganged into making strategic decisions by the media.
Tim Richardson, 20 Mar 2001

Welcome to the Hotel Intel (ifornia)

Lester Haines, 20 Mar 2001

Reg readers on keeping the open PC alive

Hale Landis' posting predicting the end of the PC as an open hardware platform has drawn some strong reactions from Register readers. Many of you are alarmed, and many more optimistic. Several of you interpreted it as an extension of Intel's control over the PC standard: but we don't think that's what Landis meant. Quite the opposite, in fact. Let's get to that in a moment.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Mar 2001

Pro-Palestinian virus raises its head

Pro-Palestinian political activists have created an worm virus called Injustice and they released the beast onto the Internet.
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2001

How does PC World make its money?

PC World will turnover £100 million this year through sales of printer consumables - inks, toners, and ribbons.
Robert Blincoe, 20 Mar 2001

Stephen Fry hates Microsoft

Comedian, writer and actor Stephen Fry launched into an attack on Microsoft and Windows on the TV programme Room 101 last week.
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Mar 2001

Lastminute board man quits

A founding investor of Lastminute.com has quit the board and left the business.
Robert Blincoe, 20 Mar 2001

PC card gives notebook thieves the finger

Toshiba has moved a touch closer to the future as depicted by sci-fi films with the release of a fingerprint reader for notebooks. The imaginatively titled Fingerprint Reader is a PC card and will fit into any Type II slot.
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Mar 2001

UK govt funds e-fridges and e-washing machines

The British Government is to spend £70 million investing in "electronic technologies", the Minister for Textiles and part-time E-Minister, Patricia Hewitt, said yesterday.
Tim Richardson, 20 Mar 2001

Novell reinvents itself for the Internet

Novell has revamped its product portfolio as it prepares to take on Microsoft in the growing Internet services marketplace.
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2001

EMC: How did this escape?

March 16, 2001
Team Register, 20 Mar 2001

TSMC trims equipment spend by one fifth

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has cut this year's plant budget by half a billion US dollars, the firm's CFO let slip this weekend.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2001

Protect yourself from Mir fall-out

There are two big fears surrounding the prospect of the Mir Space Station crashing to earth.
Robert Blincoe, 20 Mar 2001

WinXP beta testers still in open revolt over product activation

Microsoft still hasn't been able to sell its Product Activation protection scheme to its own beta testers, judging by some of the recent traffic in the Windows XP private beta newsgroups. Transcripts obtained by The Register indicate continuing hostility (as you might expect from techies), and even seem to signal that the Microsoft staff minding the newsgroups aren't altogether enamoured of the system either.
John Lettice, 20 Mar 2001

Sun, AOL take MS HailStorm to the Feds

Sun and AOL have selected HailStorm as the new battleground in the ongoing antitrust case against Microsoft, according to The Industry Standard.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Mar 2001

Intel becomes second most boring IT company

Chip giant Intel, a firm which used to be so much fun before it developed its building-block strategy, has gone and really done it this time.
Mike Magee, 20 Mar 2001

Bring me the Head of Sir Peter Bonfield

BT has declined to comment on reports that CEO, Sir Peter Bonfield, is about to resign.
Tim Richardson, 20 Mar 2001

Dataram buys bust Danish firm

Dataram is to buy the assets of ailing Danish memory manufacturer Memory Card Technology A/S (MCT).
Linda Harrison, 20 Mar 2001

Titsup.com x 52

More than 300 dotcoms have gone titsup.com since January 2000, with half flopping in the last three months.
Linda Harrison, 20 Mar 2001

Oracle trims workforce

Oracle is joining the IT herd and culling jobs - a move affecting between one and two per cent of staff.
Linda Harrison, 20 Mar 2001

Identity Thefts from the Rich and Famous

A trainee dish washer has been arrested in New York after allegedly using the Internet to defraud millions from US celebrities and millionaires.
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2001

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