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Intel P4 strategy dented by Rambus ruling

An Intel advertising campaign worth over $300 million, bunches of PC manufacturers committed to Intel roadmaps, and giant semiconductor manufacturer companies, all face further turmoil through the year because of arcane arguments about electronics to be decided in a patent case at a court in Richmond, Virginia next month.
Mike Magee, 18 Mar 2001

Racketeer Act enters Rambus Infineon discussions

UpdatedA report on Electronic News said that US judge Robert E Payne made a pre-trial ruling yesterday that may destroy Rambus' claims that it holds vital patents on double data rate (DDR) and synchronous memory (SDRAM).
Mike Magee, 18 Mar 2001

Judge allows Rambus racketeering allegations

There was painful news for Rambus shareholders yesterday after the judge in the case said Infineon lawyers could introduce allegations of criminal activity in an up-and-coming jury trial that originally focused on alleged patent infringements.
Mike Magee, 18 Mar 2001

Judge limits Rambus patent claims

UpdatedIn a memorandum signed Thursday, but embargoed until Friday, Judge Robert Payne limited the scope of Rambus' patent-infringement claims against Infineon scheduled to commence in court Tuesday, according to the Dow Jones wire service.
Thomas C Greene, 18 Mar 2001

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