15th March 2001 Archive

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  • Apple abandons Cube?

    Hub masterplan loses... Hub

    Mac Channel 15 08:11

  • Dual Athlon mobo info leaks

    We whoosh round the Web

    Hardware Roundup 15 10:36

  • For sale: ic24

    Second hand, two years old, 250,000 users, £25m ono

    e-Business 15 10:43

  • Sony buys PlayStation emulator

    Settles three-year legal battle with Connectix out of court

    Software 15 11:03

  • Motorola pushing for summer 1GHz PowerPC release

    Gigahertz Power Macs in same timeframe?

    Mac Channel 15 11:42

  • One last build before beta 2 – MS goes on WinXP BSOD hunt

    Still not beta 2, but nearly, nearly...

    Software 15 11:46

  • Downturn gives companies time to sort out Net problems

    That and some 'by 2005' predictions from Gartner

    e-Business 15 12:31

  • Supanet mulls sale offer

    What does this mean for Time Computers?

    Business 15 13:13

  • Mobile Palomino debut delayed by chipset lag

    Notebook vendors forced to wait

    Channel 15 13:47

  • Long live the PSone – Sony exec

    Destined to get even more portable

    Business 15 13:52

  • Vendors slammed for high server memory pricing

    There's gold in them thar DIMMs

    Channel 15 15:05

  • Catnap fills Aimster's anti-Napster filter shoes

    You don't have to mess with your MP3 files any longer

    Software 15 15:10

  • Cisco boss apologises for slashing jobs

    It hurt him more than it hurt them

    Business 15 15:34

  • Canada next up with unworkable Net laws

    'Toughest in the world' - ain't that great?

    Media 15 15:39

  • Spammers face felony charges

    Now that's what we call progress

    Media 15 15:44

  • UK to test mobile digital signatures

    Govt project a proving ground for m-commerce

    e-Business 15 15:44

  • This is a free monkey phone call from me

    eBay gets weirder every day

    Bootnotes 15 15:51

  • MPs slap Govt's broadband strategy

    We didn't see that one coming...

    Broadband 15 15:55

  • PCs and sofa beds

    Channel Flannel

    Business 15 16:11

  • Virus plague causes charity to consider Linux

    A way to cut desktop costs

    Security 15 16:58

  • Sun claws its way to top of US server market

    IBM still number one worldwide

    Business 15 16:59

  • Tiny axes US staff, but denies it is shutting up shop

    Planning to sell DSL

    Business 15 17:21

  • icShowbiz and icSport axed

    70 jobs lost

    e-Business 15 17:57

  • Time follows Tiny with home entertainment box

    But PC/TVs didn't sell last time around

    Business 15 18:55

  • DRAMarama (Act IV)

    Contract 128Mb chip prices crash

    Channel 15 20:14

  • Cisco misrepresents test results

    Spin at Borg-central goes into overdrive

    Data Networking 15 20:16

  • Samsung dons TFT-LCD crown

    Rivals not doing so well

    Business 15 21:12