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Crime fraud element enters Rambus case

A flurry of public pre-trial documents in the up-and-coming case of Rambus versus Infineon has revealed that both parties are now arguing over whether crime-fraud exceptions can be made in evidence.
Mike Magee, 14 Mar 2001

Computacenter misses £2bn t/o by a whisker

Computacenter has posted pre-tax profits of £55.6 million for the 12 months to 31 December 2000, down 26 per cent on the £75.1 million it made in 1999. But it did hit its targets.
Robert Blincoe, 14 Mar 2001

Half UK dotcoms fail OFT test

Half of all UK Web sites could be in breach of new consumer laws, according to a survey by the Office of Fair Trade (OFT).
Tim Richardson, 14 Mar 2001

Eazel sacks 40 staff

Eazel has had a rollercoaster of a day. Yesterday, the company announced the release of Nautilus 1.0 and, in the afternoon, 40 of its marketing, sales, and engineering people became former employees.
Tina Gasperson, 14 Mar 2001

LinuxWorld.com and UnixInsider.com shutting down

We regret the passing of these much-loved news outlets and offer condolences to all our friends who have been writing for them. But don't despair too much. At least some of their content will continue as part of the "parent" ITWorld site.
Robin Miller, 14 Mar 2001

ITworld.com Makes a Go of Tech Webcasting

These days it takes a courageous company to invest millions in a project that it knows won't make money until mid-2002, if then. Though its official name is International Data Group, IDG is acting more like a Gen X start-up these days - at least in the Southborough, Mass. headquarters of ITworld.com.
Sam Whitmore, 14 Mar 2001

Heads roll at Eazel

The same day as it went gold with its free software file manager, Eazel has shed over half of its 70 staff. Eazel's marketing VP Brian Croll told CNet that the cuts would be concentrated in business development and marketing.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Mar 2001

Sony turns Clié PDA into digital audio, movie player

Sony launched its latest Clié PalmOS-based PDA in Japan this morning.
Tony Smith, 14 Mar 2001

BT loses £700,000 contract for a second time

UpdatedBT has incredibly lost a second £700,000 contract for telephone services in under a week. Last Thursday, the Press Association revealed that the Great Satan of Broadband had lost a contract with the Samaritans because 20 per cent of callers were getting engaged tones.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Mar 2001

Kingfisher: record sales but profits drop

Retail giant Kingfisher has suffered a 15.9 per cent fall in profits for the year, not including exceptional payments, to £605.8 million.
Robert Blincoe, 14 Mar 2001

IBM serves up PowerPCs for Hitachi

IBM and Hitachi are to jointly design and make a range of selected server and semiconductor components. The plan is to speed up product development.
John Leyden, 14 Mar 2001

MS to announce Linux.NET

Microsoft human bullhorn Steve Ballmer announced that the company intends to make its .NET services scheme Linux friendly, during a dinner hosted by the Churchill Club in Santa Clara, ComputerWorld reports.
Thomas C Greene, 14 Mar 2001

Time shuts 22 shops

Time Computers has shut 22 stores.
Robert Blincoe, 14 Mar 2001

Cyberstalker Pedo jailed for seven years

An obsessed man, Donald Ridley, has been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in jail after he subjected a 17-year-old girl neighbour to online and offline perverts.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Mar 2001

Govt ‘puzzled’ by broadband debate

The government has admitted that the "path to broadband" has not been smooth but maintains competition and not intervention will ultimately solve the current teething troubles.
Tim Richardson, 14 Mar 2001

Gameplay still flooded

Online gaming outfit, Gameplay, is really in the shit. No, really, it is in the shit.
Tim Richardson, 14 Mar 2001

Teen hacker charged with Nasa attacks

Update:A teenager from Michigan has been arrested and charged after allegedly breaking into computer systems owned by Nasa, and defacing the space agency's Web sites.
John Leyden, 14 Mar 2001

Online Fraud Museum details CC hacking techniques

On-line merchants sick of rampant Web credit card fraud and its attendant confiscatory charge-back fees and fines can learn the most popular scams tricksters use and keep abreast of new developments thanks to the AdCops Web site, which presents it all in vivid detail.
Thomas C Greene, 14 Mar 2001

Nortel COO suffers knife wounds complications

Nortel Networks has announced its chief operating officer is to take medical leave in order to recuperate from the effects of a serious assault.
John Leyden, 14 Mar 2001

BTopenworld gets in touch with your vulnerability

BTopenworld users are to be offered the chance to protect themselves from hackers through vulnerability assessment technology, after a deal between the telco and security firm Internet Security Systems.
John Leyden, 14 Mar 2001

Yahoo! loses! sales! supremo!

Yahoo! Inc has lost another senior exec. This time, Anil Singh, chief sales and marketing officer and senior vice president of business operations, will retire from Yahoo! in early May.
Tim Richardson, 14 Mar 2001

The ICANN meeting in a nutshell

Well, this ICANN meeting in Melbourne will mostly be remembered for the attempt by ICANN's board to rewrite the entire DNS structure at very short notice and with zero consultation from other interested and affected parties.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Mar 2001

Napster gags Aimster anti-filter app

Napster has banned Aimster's attempt to bypass its attempt to filter out songs it's not allowed to let go wandering across its network.
Tony Smith, 14 Mar 2001
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BOFH: Swears, Lies and Videotapes

Episode 7BOFH 2001: Episode 7
Simon Travaglia, 14 Mar 2001

Nintendo GameCube set for Spring 2002 Euro launch

Eurogamer.net, 14 Mar 2001

Financially-challenged surfers start to invade the Net

Poor people are the fastest growing American group in cyberspace, a survey claims.
Linda Harrison, 14 Mar 2001

Satellite data biz ‘failed spectacularly’ – Craig McCaw

Telecoms entrepreneur Craig McCaw has as near as damn it admitted that mass satellite-based data networking isn't going to happen - at least in its current form.
Tony Smith, 14 Mar 2001

Intel delays $2bn Irish fab upgrade

Intel has pulled the plug on the $2 billion expansion of its Leixlip, Ireland plant - for now at least.
Tony Smith, 14 Mar 2001

You can make money out of the Internet!

No day would be complete without an Internet survey - and today it's the turn of the e-commerce brigade.
Linda Harrison, 14 Mar 2001

HP pumps out CD-writer drives

Hewlett-Packard is to pump out two more CD-writer drives this month, in a timely move to cash in on music download frenzy.
Linda Harrison, 14 Mar 2001

Hardware-trashing virus spreads by email

An new email-borne virus uses a number of fresh tricks designed to fool unwary Internet users.
John Leyden, 14 Mar 2001

IR35 gives American déjà vu

The IR35 legislation that penalises independent consultants went to the High Court yesterday and its legality will be upheld or dashed tomorrow. Among the many emails we've received regarding this, however, one caught our eye.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Mar 2001

Intel merges units, shuffles suits

Intel is to merge its Network Communications and Communications Products businesses, and reshuffle some senior exec positions.
Linda Harrison, 14 Mar 2001

American teenagers sell their souls online

Two toothy US teenagers are planning to pay their way through college by renting themselves out as walking billboards.
Linda Harrison, 14 Mar 2001

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