13th March 2001 Archive

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  • AMD Palomino, Morgan slide back on schedule

    Channel 13 10:52

  • Infogrames losses shrink

    US operation's profits counter dreary European results

    Games Industry 13 11:00

  • More UK jobs to go at Razorfish

    London's the plaice to flounder

    e-Business 13 11:05

  • Mouse claws PC to death

    Mobos back by unpopular demand

    Hardware Roundup 13 11:09

  • EC to launch Net crime forum in May

    Top UK cop says EU data protection laws hinder crime fighting

    Media 13 11:18

  • Canadians target filtered Napster fans for profit

    Clones Aimster's Pig Encoder, adds ad spam

    Software 13 12:17

  • Novell CEO steps down as it acquires consulting firm

    Services will now be a third of its business

    Business 13 12:43

  • e-district.net finds £1m blackhole

    Discovers 'collusion' at the company

    e-Business 13 12:45

  • USB set to tackle 1394 peer-to-peer advantage

    USB On-the-Go to eliminate host PC

    Business 13 13:19

  • UK rejects US-style software patents

    And no to business process patents too

    Business 13 13:37

  • Eazel releases Nautilus 1.0 on the sly

    Hasn't told anyone it's there - yet

    Software 13 13:54

  • Ramblers offered a virtual walk

    Foot and mouth and mouse

    Media 13 15:09

  • Why does BBC's Watchdog promote Apple iMacs?

    They're the right colour

    Business 13 15:11

  • Hoojit.com weeks away from being titsup.com

    £90m investor had enough

    e-Business 13 15:28

  • AMD to push Intel with new Athlon pricing

    Discounts Durons for low end market

    Channel 13 15:28

  • IR35 protesters enter High Court

    And then go down the pub...

    Business 13 16:07

  • Teacher gets two years for anti-Communist Net remark

    Chinese thought police working overtime

    Media 13 16:08

  • Tiny shows off home entertainment box

    PC, TV, video etc. We've been here before

    Business 13 16:10

  • Itanic Zombies check into Motel of Distinction

    Chipzilla striptease continues

    Channel 13 16:12

  • £850m BT contract awarded to Marconi

    Nortel Networks ditched from deal

    Data Networking 13 16:14

  • Disk drive failure is top bugbear for IT pros

    Losing 30 days of data has really cheesed off one firm

    Business 13 17:04

  • Motorola to slash 7,000 jobs

    That'll be 12,000 since December

    Business 13 17:07

  • C&W to axe 4,000 jobs

    Could be worse...they could work for Motorola

    Business 13 17:13

  • Intel boxes clever on mobiles, desktop chipsets

    Channel gets Chipzilla flannel

    Channel 13 17:17

  • Transmeta ships, renames Mobile Linux

    Midori, anyone?

    Software 13 17:18

  • Intel kicks off worldwide ASP marketing scheme

    By buying ASP custom

    e-Business 13 17:48

  • Tiny C code bests seven-line DVD decoder

    Smaller, way faster

    Software 13 18:05

  • New SubSeven Trojan unleashed

    Porn lover's nightmare

    Security 13 18:05

  • Health industry warns of ‘sinister’ govt legislation

    What do you mean you don't want everyone to know your medical details?

    Business 13 18:07

  • Future to axe 75% of Daily Radar staff

    'Restructure' of UK Net operation

    Games Industry 13 18:13

  • Taiwan mobo makers in February salesfest

    Record revenues expected

    Business 13 22:38

  • We've got the solution. Where's the problem?

    Anti-virus software for handhelds

    Security 13 22:57

  • CMGI plunges deeper into the Red Ink Sea

    $2.5bn net loss

    e-Business 13 23:03