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Amazon's Bezos investigated by Feds

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is casting a jaundiced eye on stock sales executed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shortly after receiving advance copies of a negative financial report, the New York Times reported Friday.
Thomas C Greene, 12 Mar 2001

Works starts on Apple's Palo Alto store

Construction appears to have begun on Apple's Palo Alto store site, but judging from the pics posted on Think Secret there's a long, long way to go before the outlet is kitted out and ready for business.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2001

March 12 is the day for June May

Affinity Internet Holdings has appointed non-executive director, June May, as its new CEO for the e-business' UK operation.
Tim Richardson, 12 Mar 2001

Wycombe Web site plea finds a winner

A player who came forward after a plea for strikers on Wycombe Wanderers Web site has put the second division outfit into the semi-finals of the FA Cup.
John Leyden, 12 Mar 2001

To hell with mobos, overclockers and chips

HWRoundupArencha all just bored to tears with reading about motherboards, cooling fans, overclocked CPUs and what have you? After all, this is the hardware roundup page and there's more to HW than just stinking chips and mobos, isn't that right?
Mike Magee, 12 Mar 2001

Shrinks called in to Singapore Schools

Top schools in Singapore have called in psychiatrists to straighten out kids suffering from Net addiction.
Tim Richardson, 12 Mar 2001

Sony, IBM, Toshiba team on broadband supercomputing CPU

Sony, Toshiba and IBM are to co-operate on what they're calling a "supercomputer on a chip" and which to us sounds like the successor to the Emotion Engine processor currently driving the PlayStation 2.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2001

Infobank: losses up, board member out

Loss-making e-commerce software company Infobank has made even greater losses this year, but thanks to another round of fundraising still has over £90 million in the bank.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Mar 2001

T-Online to axe 10% of staff

Europe's largest ISP, T-Online, is planning to axe call centre and telephone helpline staff because it says it can't maintain the high costs.
Robert Blincoe, 12 Mar 2001

Big Blue signs up for extreme ultra-violet action

IBM has joined Intel's Extreme Ultra Violet consortium to help develop next-generation lithography techniques capable of creating on-chip circuitry less than 0.1 micron in size.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2001

LogoWatch Sema aflame with vital energy

Lester Haines, 12 Mar 2001

Euro Web site devalued by defacement

A UK Government Web site providing information for business about the euro has been devalued by Internet vandals.
John Leyden, 12 Mar 2001

How Cyberpunk lit influenced technology

Our correspondent, 12 Mar 2001

Birt linked to top Ofcom job

The former head of the BBC has emerged as favourite to head the new super communications watchdog Ofcom.
Tim Richardson, 12 Mar 2001

STMicro signs Hercules to ship Kyro II graphics

STMicroelectronics has begun volume production of Kyro II graphics accelerator and signed Guillemot to ship cards based on the chip.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2001

Get your new global domain names here

A start-up company, New.net, is offering Internet users the chance to register one of 24 new global domain names, including many that were dismissed by ICANN in its recent review, like .kids, .shop and .xxx.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Mar 2001

Apple preps AMD-based thin client

Mac Rumour RoundupApple is working on an x86-based diskless workstation aimed - we guess - at corporate desktops and educational establishments, according to a post over at Wincent.org.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2001

BOFH: How to upgrade your Quake Server

Episode 6BOFH 2001: Episode 6
Simon Travaglia, 12 Mar 2001

WinXP beta 2 slides a week – a marketing thing?

The release date for beta 2 of Windows XP has slipped another week, to March 21st, according to Paul Thurrott of WinInfo. The latest delay however doesn't seem to be because of any major 'gotchas' - the XP beta code has been pretty solid for some months now, so mightn't the delay be more about the people Microsoft will be allowing to access the code soon, rather than about bugs as such?
John Lettice, 12 Mar 2001

Vulture culture bugs Intel profit future

AnalysisThe latest in a line of profit warnings from chip giant Intel was re-inforced when Cisco, too, announced its profits were unlikely to be as favourable as expected and announced it would slim its corporate butt by letting excess weight (staff) go.
Mike Magee, 12 Mar 2001

Broadband row damaging consumer confidence

ntl believes the current stand-off between BT, and AOL UK and Freeserve, could be damaging consumer confidence in broadband technology.
Tim Richardson, 12 Mar 2001

UK becomes haven for Internet gambling

The UK is set to become an Internet gambling haven after the Chancellor abolished betting duty in his Budget last week.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Mar 2001

London Internet Exchange traffic breaks 6Gbps

Internet traffic travelling through the UK's main peering centre for ISPs has passed the 6 Gigabits per second milestone.
John Leyden, 12 Mar 2001

PlayStation CPU to shift to 0.13 micron

Sony and Toshiba are migrating the PlayStation 2's Emotion Engine CPU over to 0.13 micron fabrication process. The shift will also be applied to the console's Graphics Synthesiser (GS) chip.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2001

Fakegifts.com duo plead guilty to selling fake gifts

The US dotcom duo allegedly behind e-tailer fakegifts.com have pleaded guilty to selling counterfeit goods.
Linda Harrison, 12 Mar 2001

AMD Palomino, Morgan slide to July

AMD RoadmapAMD's Palomino processor - the next-generation Athlon - will not ship until July, according to a revised desktop roadmap leaked to Germany's c't magazine.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2001

Senator reveals plan to offer human organs over the Internet

Americans may soon be able to offer a kidney or liver over the Internet if a New York senator gets his way.
Linda Harrison, 12 Mar 2001

Amazon.com unveils Handspring Edge early

Handspring may be due to launch its high-end PDA, the Visor Edge, later today, but Amazon.com got there first.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2001

ICANN's VeriSign registry deal done without consultation

ICANN has come under fire at its Melbourne conference by effectively passing a controversial new deal with root registrar VeriSign without consulting anyone.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Mar 2001

Register screensaver challenge result

We have a result in our Register Screensaver Challenge. It's South African Mat Bowden and his pals who are crowned with laurels.
Lester Haines, 12 Mar 2001

Did major cable outfit host leaked WinXP code?

One of Microsoft's biggest worries is that software will become 'Napsterised,' and that universal broadband connectivity will result in its intellectual property whizzing untrackably and unpaid for throughout the Web. And actually, if you were watching the right place at the right time this afternoon, you might have concluded that Microsoft (and practically any other software company that isn't open source already) really does have something to worry about.
John Lettice, 12 Mar 2001

Upgrade bug causes awkward BIND

A small number of users upgrading their Domain Name System (DNS) servers to guard against a major exploit in BIND have become entangled in a denial of service issue.
John Leyden, 12 Mar 2001

South Africa.com v. South Africa the country hits US courts

South Africa has vowed to fight for the URL southafrica.com when the case enters the courtroom in New York next month.
Linda Harrison, 12 Mar 2001

Capellas bags Compaq cash, stock, options, etcetera

Compaq captain Michael Capellas got paid a whopping $5 million for his graft last year at the PC giant.
Linda Harrison, 12 Mar 2001

Engage makes progress – and loses $700m

US marketing software outfit Engage Technologies saw losses grow to almost $700 million for its second financial quarter.
Linda Harrison, 12 Mar 2001

Police arrest alleged software counterfeiters

Police have arrested two men, following a raid on alleged counterfeiters in the West Midlands, Silicon.com reports. "Four separate raids on two offices and two private houses resulted in the seizure of counterfeit CDs, DVDs, Playstation games and videos. The haul has an estimated street value of £67,000," the news service says.
Drew Cullen, 12 Mar 2001

EA, Nintendo scrap Yahoo! piracy suit

Games giants Nintendo and Electronic Arts have agreed to ditch their lawsuit against Yahoo! regarding pirated goods on its site.
Linda Harrison, 12 Mar 2001

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