12th March 2001 Archive

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  • Amazon's Bezos investigated by Feds

    Another stock-chucking coincidence

    Business 12 05:51

  • Works starts on Apple's Palo Alto store

    Site built by old Gap hand

    Mac Channel 12 10:34

  • March 12 is the day for June May

    Affinity gets new UK CEO

    Business 12 10:57

  • Wycombe Web site plea finds a winner

    Wandering striker puts Wanderers in FA Cup semi-finals

    Media 12 10:59

  • To hell with mobos, overclockers and chips

    We broaden our horizons

    Hardware Roundup 12 11:39

  • Shrinks called in to Singapore Schools

    Young users hit by Net addiction

    Media 12 11:39

  • Sony, IBM, Toshiba team on broadband supercomputing CPU

    But is SIT just AIM all over again?

    Channel 12 11:47

  • Infobank: losses up, board member out

    Still loads of money in the bank though

    e-Business 12 12:03

  • T-Online to axe 10% of staff

    ISP to shed helpline and call centre bods

    e-Business 12 12:03

  • Big Blue signs up for extreme ultra-violet action

    Tech to make possible 10GHz, 0.1 micron CPUs

    Channel 12 12:09

  • LogoWatch Sema aflame with vital energy

    Striking free-flowing abstraction blah, blah, blah...

    Bootnotes 12 12:49

  • Euro Web site devalued by defacement

    UK Govt and Novell fall victim to IIS hacker

    Security 12 13:13

  • How Cyberpunk lit influenced technology

    Did you know Robert Heinlein invented the waterbed?

    Business 12 13:21

  • Birt linked to top Ofcom job

    Former Beeb boss leads Oftel supremo

    Broadband 12 13:22

  • STMicro signs Hercules to ship Kyro II graphics

    Nvidia said to be 'unconcerned'

    Channel 12 13:31

  • Get your new global domain names here

    But can we see new.net surviving?

    Media 12 14:04

  • Apple preps AMD-based thin client

    Credibility stretching time...

    Mac Channel 12 14:31

  • BOFH: How to upgrade your Quake Server

    Needs must

    BOFH 12 14:39

  • WinXP beta 2 slides a week – a marketing thing?

    RTM still mysteriously unharmed, so go figure...

    Software 12 15:08

  • Vulture culture bugs Intel profit future

    Do my butts look too big in this portfolio?

    Channel 12 15:17

  • Broadband row damaging consumer confidence

    Cable better than DSL...

    Broadband 12 15:53

  • UK becomes haven for Internet gambling

    Now this is more like it

    e-Business 12 15:59

  • London Internet Exchange traffic breaks 6Gbps

    Growth of 1Gbps/100 days

    Media 12 16:12

  • PlayStation CPU to shift to 0.13 micron

    Sony promises faster Emotion Engines

    Channel 12 16:12

  • Fakegifts.com duo plead guilty to selling fake gifts

    Kiss goodbye to cheap cyberchic

    e-Business 12 16:17

  • AMD Palomino, Morgan slide to July

    ClawHammer ship date dropped altogether

    Channel 12 16:48

  • Senator reveals plan to offer human organs over the Internet

    Donate a kidney online

    Media 12 16:54

  • Amazon.com unveils Handspring Edge early

    Tells all about new PDA ahead of official launch

    Business 12 17:54

  • ICANN's VeriSign registry deal done without consultation

    Is it a complete stitch-up?

    Media 12 18:17

  • Register screensaver challenge result

    Mat Bowden to be God for a Day

    Bootnotes 12 18:21

  • Did major cable outfit host leaked WinXP code?

    Oops. But if it did, it's gone now...

    Software 12 18:22

  • Upgrade bug causes awkward BIND

    For some users

    Security 12 20:14

  • South Africa.com v. South Africa the country hits US courts

    Virtual countries, real lawyers' fees

    Media 12 20:18

  • Capellas bags Compaq cash, stock, options, etcetera

    Get your Reward on Earth

    Business 12 20:39

  • Engage makes progress – and loses $700m

    All in one quarter

    e-Business 12 22:36

  • Police arrest alleged software counterfeiters

    Channel Flannel

    Business 12 22:52

  • EA, Nintendo scrap Yahoo! piracy suit

    Portal to clean up 'virtual flea market'

    Games Industry 12 23:01