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This story is why Cyber Patrol banned The Register

Cyber Patrol, lame-brain developer of filtering software, is blocking The Register to protect children, according to Janet Erickson, of the CyberPatrol division of Surfcontrol (thanks to the dozens of readers who forwarded us her letter). Interesting how well Cyber Patrol's commercial interests are served by protecting children from The Perfidious Register.
Drew Cullen, 08 Mar 2001

Demon in cloak and dagger upgrade

Demon Internet appears to be in a bit of a tizz.
Tim Richardson, 08 Mar 2001

AMD site in big punchup with Asus

HWRoundupAt AMD MB, there's a big cafuffle because Asus don't like what the boys and girls say about its kit, and don't want to play with this hardware site any more. Look at AMD MB's forum for the meat.
Mike Magee, 08 Mar 2001

Boffins make silicon shine

Scientists at the UK's University of Surrey have figured out how to make silicon generate light at room temperature.
Tony Smith, 08 Mar 2001

Yahoo! victim! of! real! world! economics!

Yahoo! is feeling the heat from a cooling US economy after it again revised downwards its revenue forecasts for Q1.
Tim Richardson, 08 Mar 2001

Microsoft not on the ball with XP

Microsoft's eyes really aren't on the ball at the moment. How else could you explain the fact that the Beast of Redmond still doesn't own the domain for its new, exciting OS WindowsXP?
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Mar 2001

Is CompUSA stopping selling Athlon PCs?

CompUSA has run out of AMD-based Hewlett-Packard PCs, prompting speculation over the future of the chipmaker at the US computer store.
Linda Harrison, 08 Mar 2001

NSA and FBI big winners at Big Brother awards

The great and the good, when it comes to privacy invasion, have been "honoured" for their efforts to mess up life for the rest on us online.
John Leyden, 08 Mar 2001

Geeks penalised by Budget

We warned that the finer points of the Budget may bring a few nasty shocks to people (like IR35 did last year), but we didn't expect such a grotesquely focussed attack on those that will make the e-revolution a reality in Britain.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Mar 2001

Handspring's Palm V clone debuts on Web

Handspring's slimline rival to Palm's V line of PDAs has made an unexpected appearance on Palm fan site PDA Buzz.
Tony Smith, 08 Mar 2001

Palm Canons into Japan

Canon will sell Palm's PDAs in Japan through its chain of 700 Canon Sales stores.
Tony Smith, 08 Mar 2001

Sun sets date for Serengeti

Sun Microsystems has set a date for the launch of mid-range systems based on its UltraSPARC III microprocessor. Press and analysts are being invited to New York on 21 March for the event.
John Leyden, 08 Mar 2001

Yahoo! rumour! mill! in! a! spin!

So Yahoo! didn't announce yesterday that it is to be acquired by another outfit despite fevered speculation that something was in the offing. Never mind.
Tim Richardson, 08 Mar 2001

The daftest anti-Napster story so far

Lovely bunch the music industry. While Napster was walking home, they waited at the end of the underground pass, surrounded it and starting heckling, pushing and shoving. Napster offered its wallet, but it wasn't money they were after. No, Napster was going to get a kicking. Having tripped it up, they're now taking it in turns to kick it while down.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Mar 2001

KPMG rocks the world… Not

International business consultancy KPMG has hit the pop charts running.
Tony Smith, 08 Mar 2001

Hyundai renames and dumps everything but chip business

Hyundai has announced a massive restructure that will see it dump everything apart from its semiconductor business, and trade under the new name Hynix Semiconductor.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Mar 2001

Cracks appear for latest WinXP protection tech

Was Microsoft only kidding about Product Activation, or is the company just playing its cards close to its chest? As previously advertised, the latest external build of WinXP, 2446, introduced compulsory Product Activation with no official workaround, but within 24 hours of the build leaking out onto the Web, cracks for the protection system were being published.
John Lettice, 08 Mar 2001

AMD, Intel fight wars using memory chips

Yes, we know that AMD will use Rambus memory "if the market demands it" and we know that Intel will use DDR (double date rate) memory if "the market demands it".
Mike Magee, 08 Mar 2001

Gameplay HQ flooded

Gameplay's HQ in London has been washed out due to a flood.
Tim Richardson, 08 Mar 2001

Secondhand Office 97 seller to sue after MS pulls eBay auction

A Brit has threatened to sue Microsoft after it pulled his auction from eBay.
Linda Harrison, 08 Mar 2001

Sacked Telewest man wants second chance

The blueyonder helpdesk operator who was sacked for posting "inappropriate comments" on a newsgroup has asked for his job back.
Tim Richardson, 08 Mar 2001

Police spin doctor sacked over porn downloads

A police PR chief who wrote an anti-sexism guide for officers has been sacked for groping colleagues and downloading porn.
Linda Harrison, 08 Mar 2001

Seven-line program beats DVD crypto

The Motion Picture Association of America is taking a closer look at a seven-line Perl script claimed by its authors to show just how "trivial" DVD encryption really is.
Tony Smith, 08 Mar 2001

MS leaked memo whips up anti-piracy ‘national cause’

Microsoft France is plotting to manipulate "public authorities and large institutional players" to make piracy enforcement, implementing copy protection and product activation technology, and the fight against hacking a "national cause" in France, according to a leaked internal memo obtained by The Register.
Thomas C Greene, 08 Mar 2001

UK game coders form trade body

The Government today attempted to stress its computer culture credentials by sending e-minister Patricia Hewitt along to the launch of a trade organisation for British games developers.
Tony Smith, 08 Mar 2001

Cyber Patrol sends press release to The Register

SurfControl sent us a press release today announcing the release of Cyber Patrol 5, the "Most Sophisticated, Customisable and Full-Featured Filtering Software Ever Available".
Drew Cullen, 08 Mar 2001

WildTangent goes multiplayer

Webgames specialist WildTangent today announced that it will be showing off their Web Driver system's new multiplayer capabilities at the Game Developers Conference later this month, claiming that it is "opening the door to a new level of immersive media content". As the company was co-founded by Microsoft's former DirectX evangelist Alex St John, it's perhaps no surprise that Web Driver uses DirectX and "takes full advantage of hardware acceleration, scaling content to an optimal level for each user's machine".
Eurogamer.net, 08 Mar 2001

Bush out, Gates in

If the US was run by a company, Microsoft would get the job.
Linda Harrison, 08 Mar 2001

Are Christian games better than secular shoot'-em-ups?

Christian e-tailer Newday has got in touch with The Register to see if we could help it with some background research. It is preparing to go on a church lecture tour warning about the dangers of video games to the nation's youth. We're not booking our seat.
Robert Blincoe, 08 Mar 2001

MS leaked memo original text

From: Guillaume Tostain Sent: Mon 05/03/2001 10:51 To: MS SARL Anti-Piracy Group Cc: Veronique Etienne-Martin (LCA); Raissa Lamrani; Olivier Lanilis; Florence Flipo; Philippe Pretat; Carine Berdoati; Olivier Lagrange; Camille Mazo; Manuela Levy-Bensoussan Subject: Point sur les actions Anti-Piratage H2
Thomas C Greene, 08 Mar 2001

5000 jobs to be axed at Intel as slowdown hits

When can we officially declare the demise of Intel as a growth stock? Today the chip giant issued a profits warning which showed that it may already be a prisoner of a cyclical market.
Drew Cullen, 08 Mar 2001

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