8th March 2001 Archive

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  • This story is why Cyber Patrol banned The Register

    Suffer not the little children

    Media 08 00:51

  • Demon in cloak and dagger upgrade

    U-turn gets heads scratching

    Media 08 10:28

  • AMD site in big punchup with Asus

    We wander lonely as a clout

    Hardware Roundup 08 11:30

  • Boffins make silicon shine

    First step toward better optical networks, light-driven processors

    Channel 08 11:30

  • Yahoo! victim! of! real! world! economics!

    No! hiding! place! in! dotcom! la-la! land!

    e-Business 08 11:49

  • Microsoft not on the ball with XP

    Probably too worried about impending split-up

    Software 08 11:51

  • Is CompUSA stopping selling Athlon PCs?

    They've sure got Intel P4 boxes

    Business 08 12:12

  • NSA and FBI big winners at Big Brother awards

    Worthy winners of breaching privacy online Oscars

    Security 08 12:26

  • Geeks penalised by Budget

    Stealth tax on computer enthusiasts

    Bootnotes 08 12:28

  • Handspring's Palm V clone debuts on Web

    Pick and details leak out

    Business 08 12:31

  • Novell bans The Register

    Cyber Patrol claims we are a sex site

    Media 08 13:03

  • Palm Canons into Japan

    Signs 700-store distribution deal

    Business 08 13:19

  • Sun sets date for Serengeti

    UltraSparc III mid-range launch set for 21 March

    Business 08 13:21

  • Yahoo! rumour! mill! in! a! spin!

    Place! your! bets!

    e-Business 08 13:23

  • The daftest anti-Napster story so far

    Open season on the file-swapping service

    Media 08 13:53

  • KPMG rocks the world… Not

    Altogether now... laaaydeee in red, laaaydeee in red...

    Bootnotes 08 14:06

  • Hyundai renames and dumps everything but chip business

    Welcome Hynix Semiconductor

    Business 08 15:01

  • Cracks appear for latest WinXP protection tech

    They really, really can't be using the proper stuff yet. Can they?

    Software 08 15:07

  • AMD, Intel fight wars using memory chips

    DDR and Rambus tools of a bigger battle

    Channel 08 15:50

  • Gameplay HQ flooded

    Water water everywhere...

    Bootnotes 08 16:46

  • Secondhand Office 97 seller to sue after MS pulls eBay auction

    'Pretty shocked' by piracy accusation

    Media 08 17:02

  • Sacked Telewest man wants second chance

    Didn't mean to cause offence

    Business 08 17:05

  • Police spin doctor sacked over porn downloads

    Hands up skirts and down trousers

    Media 08 17:06

  • Seven-line program beats DVD crypto

    Movie biz gets interested as code appears on Web

    Software 08 17:08

  • MS leaked memo whips up anti-piracy ‘national cause’

    Call to action: manipulate public officials

    Software 08 17:09

  • UK game coders form trade body

    Cue endless 'paper Tiga' puns in the games rags...

    Games Industry 08 17:42

  • Cyber Patrol sends press release to The Register

    Cheeky monkeys

    Bootnotes 08 18:00

  • WildTangent goes multiplayer

    DirectX-based Web graphics technology extended

    Games Industry 08 18:01

  • Bush out, Gates in

    Americans want another Bill in the Whitehouse

    Business 08 18:36

  • Are Christian games better than secular shoot'-em-ups?

    If the kids played 'em there wouldn't be another Columbine, apparently

    Games Industry 08 18:38

  • MS leaked memo original text

    For all you Francophones

    Software 08 20:59

  • 5000 jobs to be axed at Intel as slowdown hits


    Business 08 23:18