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Intel P4 spade a forking shovel

HWRoundupCall a spade a spade, we were always told at school, and don't use the word fork or you'll get in bovver. Good then to see that at Ace's Hardware, they're not afraid to call the Pentium 4 spade a forking shovel. There's an in depth look at branch prediction and misprediction in this piece and Johan De Gelas notes that the P4 has a few rough edges but that Intella has probably invented the most advanced C++ compiler on earth. Trouble is you've got to persuade software developers to use it to take advantage of Intella's Screaming Sindy II. Now if only Intel was to design Microsoft operating environments...
Mike Magee, 07 Mar 2001

Amazon, despite denials, was warned about hack

ExclusiveA humiliating hack which resulted in four months of continuous credit-card data vulnerability for Amazon subsidiary Bibliofind, originally broken by the Wall Street Journal Tuesday, appears to involve fraud on more than one level.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Mar 2001

InterX losses up, t/o down

E-business consultancy InterX dished out more bad news today after it announced that turnover fell during Q2 while losses stacked up even higher.
Tim Richardson, 07 Mar 2001

DSS adds content screening controls for email users

The UK's Department of Social Security (DSS) has deployed content screening technology to protect sensitive Government information.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2001

AMD pushes 760MP into Q2

Corporate chip wannabe AMD has started priming its customers about the multiprocessing version of the 760 chipset which is now likely to arrive in machines towards the end of the second quarter.
Mike Magee, 07 Mar 2001

Morse sales soar on back of Sun business

Morse, the UK's biggest midrange reseller, has posted a strong first half, with net profits up 51 per cent to from £5.5m to £8.3m.
Drew Cullen, 07 Mar 2001

Napster gets a break

US District Judge Marilyn Patel, who recently re-jiggered her Napster injunction on orders from the appellate court, now says that the recording industry must notify the file-sharing service of the title of any infringing musical work, the artist's name, and, most interestingly, the name of the relevant file.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Mar 2001

Palm buys Extended to fuel corporate push

Palm has bought corporate mobile data company Extended Systems in a stock-swap worth $264 million. Shareholders and regulators permitting, Palm will offer $22 of its own stock for each Extended share.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2001

SiS licenses IBM ‘design and process’ patents

Taiwan's Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) tersely announced it has shaken hands with IBM on a "comprehensive" patent cross-licensing deal.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2001

AMD kicks Intel in price nuts

HWRoundupAs predicted here last month, last year, last century, and indeed last millennium, the never ending story of price cuts on microprocessors drags on. AMD duly cut prices on its Durons and Athlons yesterday by as much as 20 per cent, and you can find details of said axings at AMD Zone and JC's.
Mike Magee, 07 Mar 2001

Early tests question 733MHz Power Mac peformance

Is the 733MHz Power Mac G4 no better than the 533MHz version? Some benchmarks posted on the Web this week suggest it isn't, others that it should be. And while Apple remains silent on the issue, confusion reigns supreme.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2001

Naked Wife virus outbreak contained

An email-borne virus which touts itself as a picture of someone's "Naked Wife", but instead delivers a payload which can cripple a Windows PC, is doing the rounds.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2001

Adaptive tries to tempt Sage VARs

Adaptive Accounting has started a scheme to poach VARs from rival software company Sage.
Linda Harrison, 07 Mar 2001

New MS protection tech did go live in latest WinXP beta

Despite earlier claims to the contrary made by, er, Microsoft in its beta newsgroup, the registry hack that allows testers to circumvent Product Activation has been removed from the latest external build of Windows XP, 2446. It appears that Microsoft initially posted the wrong rev of the release notes, and our informants tell us testers are now having heated arguments about withdrawal, editing and reposting of newsgroup messages.
John Lettice, 07 Mar 2001

Putin ‘bares all’ in first Russian president Webcast

Vladimir Putin took part in the first Webcast of a Russian president yesterday. The ex-KGB agent sat with three journalists, each with a laptop, and answered questions live as they were filtered through. Anyone in the world was welcome to email a question and "no subject is out of bounds" although not many tough ones got through.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Mar 2001

London computer crime ring smashed

Scotland Yard has warned office workers in London to be more vigilant after smashing a major computer theft ring in the city.
Linda Harrison, 07 Mar 2001

World's first Webcam coffee pot to be scrapped

The world famous coffee pot in the Trojan Room of the Computer Science Department of Cambridge University is to be chucked away as the department moves to new premises. The coffee pot holds a unique position in Internet history as it was the star of the first ever Webcam way back in 1993.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Mar 2001

90% of people don't believe what they read on the Web

More than 90 per cent of people don't believe what they read on the Web.
Tim Richardson, 07 Mar 2001

France Telecom launches largest ever bond for £11.2bn

France Telecom has launched the largest ever corporate bond to help it out of its current quagmire. The bond is expected to raise £11.2 billion, which will help it deal with its £38 billion debt.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Mar 2001

Sun acquires firm to develop P2P search technology

Sun Microsystems has fleshed out its strategy for developing peer-to-peer technology by acquiring InfraSearch, a search engine start-up, for a undisclosed amount in an all stock deal.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2001

MS to lose $2bn on Xbox – analyst

Merrill Lynch has come to the shock conclusion that Microsoft is going to lose a lot of money on Xbox. The console could drain up to $2 billion from the Beast of Redmond's coffers before break-even.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2001

Nvidia extends GeForce 2 MX line

Nvidia took the wraps off two remodelled versions of its GeForce 2 MX graphics accelerator yesterday.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2001

Toboggan compo results in full

It's time to announce the results of our Microsoft toboggan competition. The whole thing kicked off when we noted that MS Canada was bundling a free toboggan with copies of Office. A smart marketing move, but sadly not available elsewhere.
Lester Haines, 07 Mar 2001

Aimster tells Napster file filter to ‘pig off’

Aimster, the Napster-across-Instant Messenger software developer, has released what it reckons is the solution to Napster's filename filtering system.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2001

WIPO ruling a victory for commonsense

It's fairly rare, but WIPO has made a decision regarding www.yourmove.com that we (and normal people everywhere) agree with. It decided that Scottish businessman Irving Remocker is fully entitled to the domain name and can do with it what he wishes.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Mar 2001

Hackers redirect Hamas site to serve up porn

Crackers have successfully compromised the Web servers of Islamic militants in order to redirect surfers to a site serving up Internet porn.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2001

Online fraud rife in the US

The US is a hotbed of online fraud according to a report just published by the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center (NWCCC).
Tim Richardson, 07 Mar 2001

Yahoo! shares! suspended!

Yahoo! shares have been suspended on Nasdaq pending an announcement by the yodelling dotcom.
Tim Richardson, 07 Mar 2001

Prodigy founder buys former Aryan Nations compound

Greg Carr, founder of ISP Prodigy, has stepped in to rid Idaho of white supremacists.
Linda Harrison, 07 Mar 2001

Canada – the hideous truth

Regular visitors to the Vulture Central Mailbag will be aware of our current verbal war with the land of the puffa jacket and baseball bat. That's right, the French Canadians are sabre-rattling against our facetious jibes at their culturally-rich homeland.
Lester Haines, 07 Mar 2001

Telewest sacks employee

Telewest has sacked one of its technical advisor for posting "inappropriate comments" on its blueyonder newsgroups.
Tim Richardson, 07 Mar 2001

3G phones fund the UK's future

Budget specialWell, Gordon Brown has played it fairly careful. However, he did have two main thrusts in the Budget today. One, people with young kids to have it easier. And two - which is of greater interest to The Reg in a professional capacity - encouraging small businesses and in particular the "new economy".
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Mar 2001

Sun suffers UltraSparc II cache crash headache

Sun Microsystems is advising support staff not to let on to clients that problems they have with its kit might be due to a wider year-old technical problem.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2001

The open PC is dead – start praying, says HD guru

Apologies in advance if the following mailing list posting ruins your next meal. It ruined ours too, but since we believe in equality of indigestion here, we feel obliged to share it with you.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Mar 2001

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