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Canadian paper buys Napster in Sealand story

Young Canadian computer science student Matt Goyer claims to be preparing to set up a Napster clone with HavenCo, which operates out of the ludicrous principality of Sealand, to evade recording industry lawyers, according to a story in Monday's Globe and Mail.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Mar 2001

CIA patching ECHELON shortcomings

A core objection to paranoid rants regarding the US National Security Agency (NSA) electronic eavesdropping apparatus called ECHELON is the simple observation that spooks trying to use it are literally buried in an avalanche of white noise from which it's quite difficult to extract anything pertinent.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Mar 2001

Systems Union launches SunSystems 5

Systems Union is launching a new version of its mid-range accountancy software product, SunSystems 5, this week. The product is the culmination of £30m investment and 400 man-years of development, according to the company. Systems Union was bought last year by Freecom.net, owner also of Pegasus. The group, since renamed Systems Union, has cut staff from 1,700 to around 900.
Drew Cullen, 06 Mar 2001

BTopenworld CE insults Net users

A senior exec at BT has slurred the good name of British Net users describing their online activities as a "passive and sometimes rather weird kind of entertainment".
Tim Richardson, 06 Mar 2001

MS gears up for public WinXP beta with interim external build

Microsoft has released another pre-beta 2 interim build of XP to external testers, but although this might be interpreted as meaning we're still not there yet, some of the mods in the code are largely added in preparation for the impending widespread beta. But anybody holding their breath waiting for the full poop on Product Activation will have to turn a little bluer - it turns out that when Redmond said 'read my lips - no more registry hacks' after build 2428 it didn't really mean it.
John Lettice, 06 Mar 2001

Email snooping code of practice delayed

The Data Protection Registrar's code of practice for surveillance in the workplace has been delayed due to the large number of responses from a public consultation.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Mar 2001

Compaq dodges dodgy floppy drive lawsuit

Compaq has escaped a customer lawsuit that accused the PC giant of knowingly selling defective machines.
Linda Harrison, 06 Mar 2001

Palm m105 debuts on firm's Euro Web site

Palm has posted data on the successor to its m100 consumer-oriented PDA, the m105, suggesting availability is imminent, as we predicted here.
Tony Smith, 06 Mar 2001

Tony Blair accepts ‘first’ email petition

UpdatedTony Blair is to accept the 'first ever' fully electronic petition. Number 10 Downing St will accept 2,000 emails from concerned stockbrokers calling for stamp duty to be removed from stock and share purchasing - currently a tax of 0.5 per cent on every transaction.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Mar 2001

Brit dotcom turns down £3m for URLs

A British dotcom is auctioning its collection of floral URLs after turning down an offer of £3 million for them last year.
Tim Richardson, 06 Mar 2001

MS swipes old (51) OS/2 guru to head .NET server sales

Microsoft has hired former IBMer Cliff Reeves as VP, marketing of the "Windows.NET Server Product Management Group." We're not entirely sure what the blazes that is either, but according to the man himself he'll be delivering "enhanced business solutions to our customers and partners, through the Windows.NET Server family," and given Reeves' vintage it's surely a pretty senior post.
John Lettice, 06 Mar 2001

Stop the antivirus vendor hype

A senior figure in the antivirus industry has spoken out against the misinformation and myths which surround computer viruses - many of which he said arise due to hype from vendors themselves.
John Leyden, 06 Mar 2001

SCH plans £2bn sales after Compelsource buy

British computer giant Specialist Computer Holdings expects sales to grow to £2 billion next year.
Linda Harrison, 06 Mar 2001

VIA subsidises DDR to boost uptake

VIA is taking a leaf out of Intel's book and - to all intents and purposes - bundling its preferred high-performance memory with its chipsets.
Tony Smith, 06 Mar 2001

Internet is best place to use credit cards

Well after months and months of poorly researched and hysterically hyped stories on how the Internet was a den of credit card fraud, new figures show that actually the Internet is a pretty good place to flash the plastic.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Mar 2001

90m US wireless surfers expected by 2005

The number of wireless surfers in the US is expected to grow to 88.6 million in 2005.
Linda Harrison, 06 Mar 2001

Alcatel says ‘non’ to users

ADSL modem manufacturers, Alcatel, has apologised for refusing to talk to users about its products.
Tim Richardson, 06 Mar 2001

Now WAP surveys are cwap

Today is a great day for the truth ladies and gentlemen. We've already had some light shed on the nonsense spewed out regarding Internet fraud and now it's back to our old friend, the WAP phone.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Mar 2001

Why Hotmail users get so much spam

Hotmail has come under criticism for placing its subscribers' email addresses on a public Internet directory site when they sign up for the service, making them easy prey for spammers.
John Leyden, 06 Mar 2001

UK gets whiff of ADSL competition

British ISPs can expect to source wholesale broadband services from a telco other than BT following a ruling today by the telecoms regulator, Oftel.
Tim Richardson, 06 Mar 2001

Gates $109m house gets service pack

Bill Gates' plans to expand his $109 million home have prompted speculation over the patter of tiny feet.
Linda Harrison, 06 Mar 2001

Amazon division hacked, thousands of CCs exposed

Intruders found their way into Amazon division Bibliofind, which hooks up buyers and sellers of rare or out-of-print books, and maintained convenient access to a database of 98,000 customer accounts for about four months.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Mar 2001

Luna UI heading for Microsoft's Stinger

UpdatedWant to see what Microsoft's Stinger smartphone looks like? Tech site Infosync, which has a good track record for nabbing screenshots of unreleased gadgets, has posted a number of examples of the new device's user interface.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Mar 2001

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