6th March 2001 Archive

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  • Canadian paper buys Napster in Sealand story

    'We got our own Shawn Fanning'

    Media 06 06:02

  • CIA patching ECHELON shortcomings

    Relax, it's for your own good, and the sake of your children

    Security 06 07:47

  • Systems Union launches SunSystems 5

    Channel Flannel

    Business 06 09:28

  • BTopenworld CE insults Net users

    We're just using the Net for a 'weird kind of entertainment' apparently

    Media 06 11:21

  • MS gears up for public WinXP beta with interim external build

    Apparently still doesn't quite know how to Whistle, Steve...

    Software 06 12:08

  • Email snooping code of practice delayed

    Data Protection Registrar overwhelmed with responses

    Security 06 12:19

  • Compaq dodges dodgy floppy drive lawsuit

    Texas judge ruling

    Business 06 12:36

  • Palm m105 debuts on firm's Euro Web site

    All the details

    Business 06 12:56

  • Tony Blair accepts ‘first’ email petition

    PM leads from front and leaves workload behind

    Media 06 13:19

  • Brit dotcom turns down £3m for URLs

    It's not enough

    e-Business 06 13:21

  • MS swipes old (51) OS/2 guru to head .NET server sales

    Long history of cooperation with Beast of Redmond, says here...

    Software 06 13:45

  • Stop the antivirus vendor hype

    Only 800 have ever infected anybody's computer

    Security 06 14:57

  • SCH plans £2bn sales after Compelsource buy

    Fighting talk from Rigby

    Business 06 15:18

  • VIA subsidises DDR to boost uptake

    Micron 128MB DIMMs offered to OEMs at half price

    Channel 06 16:05

  • Internet is best place to use credit cards

    Luddite Cassandras take note and shut up

    e-Business 06 16:32

  • 90m US wireless surfers expected by 2005

    But narrowband will still rule

    Media 06 17:31

  • Alcatel says ‘non’ to users

    Needs to work on its customer service

    Broadband 06 17:33

  • Now WAP surveys are cwap

    Connecting... connecting... connecting

    Data Networking 06 17:40

  • Why Hotmail users get so much spam

    Default links to junk emailer easy pickings

    Security 06 17:48

  • UK gets whiff of ADSL competition

    Don't hold your breath

    Broadband 06 17:50

  • Gates $109m house gets service pack

    Building plan sparks pregnancy rumours

    Bootnotes 06 18:16

  • Amazon division hacked, thousands of CCs exposed

    Door wide open for 4 months

    Security 06 20:54

  • Luna UI heading for Microsoft's Stinger

    Upping stakes in smartphone vaporware war

    Business 06 21:06