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Australia outlaws e-mail forwarding

Outrageously strict Internet copyright laws which have just gone into effect throughout Australia make it illegal to forward an e-mail memo without the author's permission, and could result in fines of $60,000 or five years in the slam, according to a story by the Aussie Sunday Telegraph.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Mar 2001

Click here for Seattle Earthquake Collectibles

Want your own piece of an earthquake? No problem. Within hours of the 6.8 Richter earthquake hitting Seattle opportunist eBayers were offering genuine Seattle Earthquake rubble up for auction.
Paul Fisher, 05 Mar 2001

Amazon, Wal-Mart ‘in alliance talks’

Amazon and Wal-Mart are in "secret talks" to construct a wide-ranging alliance between the two companies, the Sunday Times claims.
Drew Cullen, 05 Mar 2001

NEC anoints AMD for euro-corporate PCs

AMD has scored a major design win with NEC, possibly the first time it has secured a place for its chips in corporate PC line from a top-tier manufacturer.
Drew Cullen, 05 Mar 2001

Electronic Arts sticks into Pogo.com

Electronic Arts has bought gaming website Pogo.com in for $42m.
Eurogamer.net, 05 Mar 2001

Two more sites join Apple retail chain

Littleton, Colorado and New York City have joined Chicago; Glendale, California and Palo Alto as unofficially confirmed sites for outlets in Apple's soon-to-be-opened retail chain.
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2001

DRAM market contracts in 2001

The DRAM market has always been boom or bust, but it looks set to enter the bust part of the cycle earlier than usual, according to IDC.
Drew Cullen, 05 Mar 2001

Apache regains ground lost to MS

Internet-oriented researcher Netcraft has released its latest survey of the world's Web servers and the software they use, writes Mike Prettejohn.
Our correspondent, 05 Mar 2001

SCH buys Compel's desktop biz for £18.5m

Compel has finally sold its desktop business to Specialist Computer Holdings for up to £18.5 million cash.
Linda Harrison, 05 Mar 2001

IBM ads to feature Linux penguin

IBM is to launch a high-profile advertising campaign featuring Tux, the Linux penguin.
John Leyden, 05 Mar 2001

Cloud Nine blasts ‘incompetent’ Oftel BT ruling

BT could face a full investigation by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) despite an Oftel ruling last week that the monster telco was not guilty of anti-competitive behaviour.
Tim Richardson, 05 Mar 2001

BT ditches ADSL ‘always-on’ promise

BT bosses are trying to hide their blushes after telling customers that its flagship always-on ADSL service is no longer "always on".
Tim Richardson, 05 Mar 2001

Microsoft to delay Japanese Xbox launch?

Microsoft may be forced to put back Xbox's Far Eastern debut - because of a lack of support from Japanese games developers.
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2001

Transmeta's Ditzel drops CEO title for CTO role

Transmeta leader and co-founder Dave Ditzel has handed over his CEO title to president and COO Mark Allen. Instead, he'll become CTO and vice chairman, the corporate equivalent of an executive producer in the movie business, ie. more about salary than responsibility.
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2001

LineOne and AOL France up for grabs

It's an ISP bonanza! LineOne and AOL France are both under the hammer, although one is in distinctly better health. It isn't LineOne - the UK ISP's sale price LineOne has slumped since being put on the market by BT and United News & Media in November, according to those "close to the negotiations".
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Mar 2001

VIA sales up in February

VIA, the ever helpful fabless chip firm, has published its monthly sales figures for February, but without a break down of revenues for chipsets and CPUs.
Drew Cullen, 05 Mar 2001

Linux to push Palm off PDA pole position – Sharp

Sharp wants Linux to dominate the PDA market when it launches a version of its Zaurus handheld based on the open source operating system in October (see Sharp tools up with Linux to fight Palm).
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2001

Demon upgrade hits users

Demon Internet is warning customers to expect disruption to services for six or seven weeks as it finishes an upgrade to its network.
Tim Richardson, 05 Mar 2001

SiS, VIA and Acer intro Tualatin chipsets

Taiwanese chipset maker SiS has begun work on two chipsets designed to support Intel's upcoming 0.13 micron, copper interconnect revision of the Pentium III, codenamed Tualatin.
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2001

Internet firm slams UK govt over fags

The UK government is attempting to illegally put the frighteners on smokers buying their requisites over the Internet, a dot.com has alleged.
Mike Magee, 05 Mar 2001

Another NT crack (yawn)

The battleground between security vendors and crackers is shifting as attacks are becoming more likely to come in at the application rather than infrastructure level, according to a security firm which keeps close tabs on the digital underground.
John Leyden, 05 Mar 2001

Pearson profits fall on Net spend

Media group Pearson has unveiled its annual results and suffered a 17 per cent fall in profits, placed squarely at the Internet's gates. The company which owns the Financial Times, as well as a huge portfolio of education and media companies, invested £196 million on Internet enterprises during the year.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Mar 2001

Intel slices up to 19% off desktop CPU prices

Intel cut prices on selected desktop CPUs yesterday, as anticipated (see Pentium 4 price blitz to push out PIII and Intel warns channel of price cuts on 4 March).
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2001

MS RTMs Office XP

Microsoft today released Office XP to manufacture, ensuring the company will be well within its self-imposed first half, 2001 launch target.
Drew Cullen, 05 Mar 2001

Aussie AG denies e-mail penalty, sort of

UpdateWe've been buried in reader responses, most originating in Australia, pointing us to a statement in clear contradiction of a Sunday Telegraph story indicating that Australia's new copyright regulations could result in penalties for forwarding an e-mail memo, which we picked up here.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Mar 2001

Cyber Patrol bans The Register

We are officially irresponsible. Surfcontrol, the Internet filtering company, has, for some reason, put us on its CyberNOT list - which means that those using CyberPatrol won't be able to see us (or even this story).
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Mar 2001

Trace who is linking to your site

A British company has come up with what it claims to be the first true map of the Web.
Linda Harrison, 05 Mar 2001

MS XP previews morph into list building, market seeding

Last week Microsoft announced a "Corporate Preview Program" for Office XP, giving "more than 500,000 corporate customers" the chance to check out pre-release code for the product over the next few (well, six actually) months. Today, a full seven days later, Microsoft released Office XP to manufacturing.
John Lettice, 05 Mar 2001

High-speed xDSL moves to new lengths

A small US firm had successfully tested an ultra-fast broadband technology which could translate into high-speed Internet access for many more people.
John Leyden, 05 Mar 2001

Online spending declines after Xmas shock

Online spending in the US fell by half in January compared to December, according to the latest stats from the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Forrester Research.
Tim Richardson, 05 Mar 2001

Canadian regulator probes Corel-MS deal

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has asked Corel to show a list of events that led up to Microsoft buying a stake in the company last year.
Linda Harrison, 05 Mar 2001

Loophole in Palm security lockout discovered

Passwords and data can easily be obtained through a backdoor in Palm OS, even if a Palm device is "locked".
John Leyden, 05 Mar 2001

Sun Micro in quest of clockless CPU

Sun Microsystems is actively pursuing development of a CPU without a clock, based instead on asynchronous logic, according to a story in Monday's New York Times.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Mar 2001

Stomp the identity thieves

Kevin Mitnick, 05 Mar 2001

FBI roots own systems to find spy's backdoor

The FBI is systematically searching for evidence that suspected double agent Robert Hanssen, who has computer programming skills, compromised systems at the Bureau and/or the State Department with some manner of malicious backdoor, according to an unnamed source quoted in Monday's Washington Post.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Mar 2001

Pacemaker users get digital radio warning

A reader was taken aback when he took delivery of digital radio handset from Motorola that contained a series of warnings for pacemaker users.
John Leyden, 05 Mar 2001

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