28th February 2001 Archive

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  • Intel cash to smooth Rambus production, take-up

    As P4 volumes rise, so will RDRAM shipments, says Chipzilla

    Channel 28 02:27

  • e-district.net calls in fraud squad?

    It gets worse...

    e-Business 28 08:55

  • Rubus shuts up shop ‘up North’

    By 'eck, lad

    e-Business 28 08:57

  • InfiniBand now boasts Added Modesty

    Jack of all switches?

    Business 28 09:02

  • Gilmore, Hedrick differ on anti-CPRM gameplan

    How to unfirewall the Napster firewall

    Business 28 09:10

  • US pulverized as appeals court denounces Judge Jackson

    He did a bad, bad thing

    Software 28 10:25

  • Whistler – Skins Head Luna Stomp

    New Look+feel for world+dog

    Software 28 10:48

  • Do not feed, poke or disturb the Itanic user

    Privates on Parade

    Channel 28 11:28

  • Red Hat buys professional consulting firm

    Beefs up services that go with Linux deployments

    Business 28 11:30

  • Eidos profits hit by PlayStation delays

    Expects return to profit by April 2002

    Games Industry 28 11:56

  • Compaq batteries could still blow up your notebook

    Reg suffers acid flashback

    Business 28 12:00

  • New Palm ‘imminent’ – next week, in fact

    m105 - the m100's big brother - out on 6 March

    Business 28 12:22

  • Tiny joins unmetered Net deal herd

    £14.99 looks like the basic market offer

    Media 28 12:55

  • No ABC, no online ads: the money men

    Why? Because everyone's fudging the figures

    e-Business 28 13:43

  • Internet vandals create new Love Bug variant

    Fails to cause much harm

    Security 28 13:45

  • Nike blames ebiz software on earnings shortfall

    Nothing to do with 'sweatshop' email doing the rounds

    e-Business 28 13:50

  • Too much security is holding back ecommerce

    Says security arm of firm that spilled customer details onto the Web

    Security 28 14:59

  • Activists target bank's Web site in animal rights protest

    Attempt 'virtual sit-in' using Floodnet

    Security 28 15:09

  • Online supermarkets worse than the real thing

    Mouldy tomatoes and stale bread

    e-Business 28 15:13

  • Compel confirms desktop biz sale talks

    Interim results put on the back burner

    Business 28 15:53

  • Opera for Linux: We wish them luck but…

    Tempered at Newsforge

    Software 28 16:10

  • Possible GeForce3 benchmarks located

    Dr Tom, Anand etc. don't hold back

    Hardware Roundup 28 16:50

  • Last day of BSA unlicensed software truce

    Fines kick in tomorrow

    Business 28 16:54

  • SMS: sack me surreptitiously

    Modern communication. Ain't it great?

    Data Networking 28 16:58

  • Amazon launches free music download service

    Fans to 'tip' groups

    Media 28 17:13

  • The FortuneCity UK death lowdown

    No support for Web site shell

    e-Business 28 17:16

  • Active Directory bug fix put back until Whistler

    Part of plan to make MAD a key reason to adopt XP

    Software 28 17:44

  • Big Blue preps 700MHz G3 PowerPC

    PPC 750CXe revision ups bus spec. to 133MHz too

    Mac Channel 28 18:55

  • Appeals court poised for shock ‘MS entirely innocent’ ruling

    Crap defence at trial was brilliant strategy after all, apparently...

    Software 28 20:32

  • P4 sold out in retail last December – Intel

    Helps if you don't ship too many...

    Channel 28 23:05