27th February 2001 Archive

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  • Intel spends $550m on DSP biz

    Extends small stake in VxTel to full ownership

    Channel 27 01:28

  • Nvidia GeForce 3 is go

    Xbox marks the spot...

    Channel 27 07:45

  • IE won the browser war because Navigator sucks

    Or we had to kill Netscape because Navigator rocks

    Software 27 08:47

  • Internet still big business in UK, says CBI

    It's the second wave (we thought it was the third)

    e-Business 27 09:47

  • e-district.net sacks CEO

    Writs issued, assets frozen and damages sought

    e-Business 27 10:54

  • Orchestream moves further into the red

    Invests in IP traffic prioritisation technology

    Data Networking 27 11:41

  • Voltage verbiage on the GeForce2 GTS and MX

    Soyo and Asus KT133As go head on

    Hardware Roundup 27 11:58

  • Redstone's broadband strategy ‘on track’

    Warns other telcos will drop out of LLU

    Broadband 27 12:39

  • Broadband radio firm tunes into AIM float

    London Unlimited

    Broadband 27 12:46

  • Mobile companies may have to hold hands over 3G cost

    Foul-weather friends

    Data Networking 27 13:01

  • SCH to swallow Compel's desktop biz?

    Announcement as early as tomorrow

    Business 27 13:09

  • Wireless wandering web access from Intel

    But only for you Yanks so far

    Business 27 13:27

  • Intel drops 900MHz PIII

    OEMs told last orders 30 March

    Channel 27 14:12

  • Philips to sell PCP

    Now that is diversifying

    Bootnotes 27 14:13

  • InterX axes quarter of workforce

    More woe in dotcom land

    e-Business 27 14:28

  • Pop site fails to get a life (and readers)

    Don't cross AmmoCity or they'll get really upset

    Bootnotes 27 16:35

  • CBI warns UK Govt about broadband

    Now the bosses are worried

    Broadband 27 16:36

  • Samsung boosts RDRAM production

    Thanks to a bung from Intel

    Channel 27 16:37

  • Broadvision signs BT Ignite for ASP action


    e-Business 27 16:42

  • Dell punts out lightest Latitude

    Notebook range refresh, story rehash

    Business 27 17:05

  • Gnutella users warned of Internet worm

    Novel virus spreading technique

    Security 27 17:11

  • 11th biggest Web site in world goes titsup.co.uk

    FortuneCity withdraws

    Media 27 17:13

  • P4 Northwood has its picture taken

    Get an eyeful

    Channel 27 17:16

  • Philips gets phunky with its peripheral habit

    CD-RW gizmo, flat panels, sound cards

    Business 27 17:22

  • Deckchair sheds 13 jobs

    Lastminute.com scrounges for cast-offs

    e-Business 27 17:24

  • Sun unleashes sub $1,000 workstation

    Get your hands on an UltraSPARC IIe

    Business 27 17:26

  • Horizon drops on ASP costs

    Channel flannel

    Business 27 17:30

  • BarrysWorld saved by EB

    For £400K

    Games Industry 27 17:41

  • Nvidia's NV20 poses for saucy snap

    Hard core GeForce3 centrefold

    Channel 27 17:48

  • MS owns the Web, you, me and everyone else

    And it knows, we tell you, it knows

    Bootnotes 27 17:50

  • Cisco spams its resellers

    Flame war breaks out

    Business 27 17:55

  • Double DDR technology gets shown off

    Beat those bottleneck blues

    Channel 27 18:07

  • Chinese develop software to ‘purify’ Net

    'Unhealthy information' targetted

    Media 27 18:10

  • Intel ships second anti-Transmeta Mobile PIII

    After the Ultra-low Voltage 500MHz part comes the not-so-low-voltage 700MHz chip

    Channel 27 19:51

  • New McKinley IO goodies leave Itanic stranded

    The first born is dead?

    Channel 27 20:18

  • FTC investigates Microsoft Pocket PC ads

    Complaints that small print was just too small

    Business 27 21:44