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Visa e-tail awards rock its world

UpdatedLast night Visa held its first e-tail awards at some fancy hotel in London and the whole world held its breath. The event was a great success, as they always are, but just a handful of companies walked away with the prestigious awards.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Feb 2001

Big businesses are arrogant e-laggards

Corporate arrogance is holding back the e-revolution according to a report published by a European business school.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

Lastorders.com downs pint and leaves pub

Despite winning the "Door2Door" award at Visa's fantastic e-tail awards on Wednesday, Lastorders.com* - the online delivery booze shop - has gone titsup.com, or perhaps more appropriately, this time, into "liquidation".
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Feb 2001

Web Communities Don't Bring in the $$$

One of the most depressing stories to come out of the Internet crash is the failure of community on the web. Like so much else online, sites that bring users in to discuss matters have been a commercial disappointment.
Larry J. Selzer, 26 Feb 2001

Trad integrators rule e-business roost

In July last year. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter forecast a move by corporates away spending from traditional IT projects. Instead, the money would be shovelled into Web integration work.
Drew Cullen, 26 Feb 2001

WIPO loads dice in domain dispute conference

WIPO made sure its views on domain name disputes were made clear at an international meeting in Geneva on Monday by stacking pro-WIPO speakers against critics.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Feb 2001
Cat 5 cable

Govt must act to save broadband urges report

BT is responsible for the tardy roll-out of broadband services in Britain according to a report out today.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

iomart hits 1,000 broadband users

iomart Group plc is glowing with pride today after reporting it now has 1,000 customers signed up its ADSL service.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

MSN to charge for portal content?

MSN is considering charging Net users £60 a year to access its content.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

E-minister rumbled by MPs

Britain's E-minister, Patricia Hewitt, floundered in front of a group of MPs yesterday as she answered questions about the Communications White Paper.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

UK Govt backs broadband

The British Government wants the UK to have the most "extensive and competitive broadband" market among leading industrial nations by 2005, it announced today.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001
DVD it in many colours

E-minister defends BT

The E-minister has defended BT's role as the dominant telco in Britain.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

Govt considers tax pounds for ADSL roll-out

The Government is to assess whether it should use tax payer's money to fund the development of a broadband infrastructure in Britain.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

E-district.net CEO accused of inflating figures

The CEO of entertainment outfit e-district.net has been suspended ahead of an investigation into the dotcom's affairs.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

Software allows ISPs to control Web site ads

Technology which allows ISPs, instead of site owners, to control the adverts which appear on a Web page was released today.
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2001

HP rejigs e-biz software

Hewlett Packard, which has spent much of the last decade in a swirling La Ronde of middleware partnerships, finally floated its own boat yesterday.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Feb 2001

Business which offered £50k recruitment bounty lays off staff

Ebusiness software developer Entranet has made 30 staff redundant.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Feb 2001

Americans flock online

Nearly two thirds of Americans have access to the Net either at home or work.
Linda Harrison, 26 Feb 2001

Amazon One-Click patent injunction overturned

The US Court of Appeals has overturned an injunction taken out by Amazon against Barnes & Noble for its One-Click technology.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Feb 2001

World Online cans LLU broadband trial

World Online has become the latest operator to lose confidence in local loop unbundling (LLU) in Britain.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001
Cat 5 cable

Americans flock to fast Net access

The number of American homes with high-speed Net access has doubled in a year, Nielson/Netratings says.
Linda Harrison, 26 Feb 2001

Compaq files lawsuit after top staff go to Transmeta server start-up

Compaq has filed a lawsuit against RLX Technologies, the server start-up that's using Transmeta Crusoe chips to create low-power "dense" servers.
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2001

Broadband blinking expensive in UK

The cost of residential broadband services in Britain is 20 per cent more expensive than similar products in the US, according to an Oftel-sponsored benchmarking survey for October 2000.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001
SGI logo hardware close-up

Britain's broadband crisis – The War of Words

CommentAOL UK and Freeserve claim they will take legal action against BT if the issue of ADSL installations is not resolved. BT claims it has nothing to hide and accuses AOL UK and Freeserve of "sabre rattling".
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

Miramax in movie pay per view Net play

Miramax, the Hollywood film studio, is to offer full-length feature films for rent over the Internet, in an experiment designed to test consumer demand for pay-per-view services.
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2001

2001: the year when broadband takes off

At the Lisbon Summit in March 2000, the heads of Government throughout Europe voted to push for rapid improvements in Europe's IT and ecommerce sector.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

300 Sega workers in kamikaze mission

Games giant Sega is to chop 300 jobs in Japan following its decision to ditch the Dreamcast console.
Linda Harrison, 26 Feb 2001

Electronics Boutique eyes BarrysWorld

Games retailer Electronics Boutique is in advanced talks to buy bust gaming website BarrysWorld.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Feb 2001

Barclays goes down on customers

Updated again:Customers of Barclays Bank online service will be having a tough time accessing their accounts this morning.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2001

ISPA: Oi, Oftel, Nooooo!

The Internet Service Providers Association - ISPA - has written an open letter to Oftel asking that the regulator sort out the rollout of high speed net access services.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2001

IBM/Sun/Bea standards group takes on MS SOAP

Standards group Oasis has agreed to integrate a Microsoft-backed ebusiness technology into its own efforts, so drawing the line under a technology dispute that has been rumbling for over a year.
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2001

Brit music awards hit the Net

The Brit music awards (tonight at 9.30pm GMT) will be streamed live and uncut on the Internet tonight. The highlights are to be broadcast on TV tomorrow night.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Feb 2001

ISPs asked to unplug Napster cloners

A trade group for the US recording industry is targeting ISPs in its latest bid to rid the world of Napster-style devilry.
Linda Harrison, 26 Feb 2001

Micron preps Copperhead Intel DDR chipset

Micron Technology has produced a prototype of Copperhead, its DDR SDRAM chipset designed for Pentium III processors. The memory maker says it will have customer samples ready in the first half of 2001, and will go into production later in the year.
Drew Cullen, 26 Feb 2001

breathe's resuscitation is complete

So it's official: breathe is back. It has abandoned its flat fee unlimited surfing business model and, as anticipated, re-launched itself with new business model which it hopes will make some cash.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2001

VeriSign joins multilingual domain name party

VeriSign has joined the growing movement for foreign-language domain names. Existing customers will be allowed to register .coms, .nets and .orgs in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Swedish (and another 56 languages).
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Feb 2001

3Com slashes 1,200 jobs

Networking equipment maker 3Com has announced the loss of 1,200 jobs as part of a plan to return its business to profitability.
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2001

IBM using AMD in its servers?

A recent posting on a Yahoo! message board has sparked a rumour that IBM is planning to use AMD chips in its new server.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2001

Cube8 fledgling dies

Net investment outfit, Cube8, has revealed that Web Street Limited - which developed software to build online shops - has ceased trading and is looking for a buyer.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2001

LetsBuyIt trading again

LetsBuyIt.com is back in business in the UK, as well as in Germany, France and Sweden.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Feb 2001

Online security gaffe exposes consumers' bank details

An online retailer running a special promotion offer via the sites of prominent web retailers left customer details in plain view on an insecure Web server.
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2001

Mr Legoland Windsor banged up

An Internet fraudster was jailed for a year today after wangling credit card details out of surfers by starting bogus sites under the names of famous companies.
Linda Harrison, 26 Feb 2001

Microsoft lawyer hectored by appellate judges

MS on Trial"I don't see how you can get a reversal," Judge David Tatel flatly told Microsoft lawyer Richard Urowsky, early in Monday's round of oral arguments before the federal appeals bench. It was not an auspicious start.
Thomas C Greene, 26 Feb 2001

Napster alternative: hack people's hard drives

Kevin Poulsen, 26 Feb 2001

Intel hints Rambus coming to low-end P4 PCs

Intel Developer ForumIntel Developer Forum, San Jose Rambus-based Pentium 4 systems will be shipping for under $1000 by the end of 2001, Intel VP and General Manager of the Desktop Product Group, Louis Burns, predicted today, in the run up to the start of the latest Intel Developers Forum.
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2001

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