22nd February 2001 Archive

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  • IBM withdraws CPRM for hard drives proposal


    Business 22 Feb 07:55

  • Open access challenge to Google

    Deja debacle springs some alternatives

    Software 22 Feb 09:50

  • Taxan to flog Asus mobos

    System builder deals

    Business 22 Feb 09:55

  • Apple gets Nvidia GeForce 3 first

    Just about...

    Mac Channel 22 Feb 10:34

  • Apple intros CD-RW, ‘technicolor yawn’ iMacs

    Nice plastic, shame about the colour

    Mac Channel 22 Feb 11:07

  • Woundup Office XP hits RC1, preview edition looms

    Amidst characteristic clouds of confusion...

    Software 22 Feb 11:41

  • HP mulls dropping WinCE for Palm or Linux

    An ex-Motorola exec admits...

    Software 22 Feb 11:46

  • Intel settles FIC patent suit

    Firms make up and be friendly

    Channel 22 Feb 12:24

  • Harvard prof in uncrackable crypto claim

    But not everyone is convinced

    Software 22 Feb 12:40

  • VNUNet online experiment fails

    Gnumeedjia can't hack it without old media

    Business 22 Feb 13:19

  • Toshiba gets hacked down under

    Internet vandals targeting IT sites have a pop at Linux servers

    Security 22 Feb 14:23

  • My Internet love is a corpse-hoarding granny

    The dangers of online dating were never so clear

    Media 22 Feb 14:25

  • Customs arrest 21 in £7m PC component tax fraud probe

    Operation Darken

    Security 22 Feb 15:39

  • All your base are belong to us

    World domination has begun

    Bootnotes 22 Feb 15:40

  • Nvidia GeForce 3 details emerge

    So hot it's cool

    Channel 22 Feb 15:46

  • AOL France fined for misleading advertising

    Sacre bleu!

    Media 22 Feb 17:49

  • Lucent to probe conduct of dead employee

    Recruitment exec's criminal past

    Data Networking 22 Feb 17:51

  • Porno spam too hot for University

    Warwick officials are vexed

    Media 22 Feb 17:56

  • Dead-baby muncher pic spawns police inquiry

    Like Bonsai Kitten, only worse (better?)

    Media 22 Feb 19:19

  • FBI traitor suspect had mad C skillz

    A programmer, no less, who hacked the Bureau

    Security 22 Feb 20:27