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FBI agent sold surveillance/nuke data to Russia

The Washington establishment was rocked Tuesday by news that a high-level FBI agent specializing in counterintelligence and electronic surveillance had been arrested and charged with espionage on behalf of Russia, following a six-month investigation.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Feb 2001

Napster offers $1bn bribe to labels

Napster will surrender a bribe of $1 billion to record labels, songwriters and independent artists in exchange for being permitted to continue drawing breath, the company announced Tuesday. The money is to be paid over five years, even if subscription revenues fail to account for it all.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Feb 2001

VA Linux sees red

Did They Really Say That? (Part 94)... "In the open source world companies will have to offer employees a greater level of meaning, something higher up the Mazlow pyramid," Eric Raymond told LinuxWorld Expo three weeks ago. "Basic job security and good compensation isn't enough."
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Feb 2001

MS protects Mac but not Windows users with web bug mail firewall

Not all Microsoft mail clients are created equal.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Feb 2001

Intel warns channel of price cuts on 4 March

Intel will cut prices of certain CPUs next month, reducing the cost of processors sold through its channel of authorised distributors to end users by Intel Product Dealers, and to OEMs by up to 19 per cent.
Tony Smith, 21 Feb 2001
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Woundup Gates gets ‘special’ WinXP beta code

If you can't get special treatment when you're running the biggest software company in the world, when can you get? So it's not exactly surprising that it turns out Bill Gates gets his own special builds of WinXP. Or so it would seem, anyway.
Luis Escalante, 21 Feb 2001

PocketPC wins marketshare from Palm

Palm's dominance of the PDA market remains strong despite an apparent dip in marketshare last month.
Tony Smith, 21 Feb 2001
DVD it in many colours

BT faces £400 million LLU compensation bill a year

BT could be forced to pay rival telcos £400 million a year if it fails to meet agreed levels of service concerning local loop unbundling (LLU).
Tim Richardson, 21 Feb 2001
Cat 5 cable

Cisco pushes optical router

Cisco has introduced a high-end router which is designed to deliver IP services at optical speeds.
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2001

Sphinx CST shuts IBM networking division

Distributor Sphinx CST is closing down its dedicated IBM networking division.
Robert Blincoe, 21 Feb 2001

EasyNet lost £12 million last year

EasyNet lost £1 million a month last year despite ramping up turnover by half to £42 million.
Tim Richardson, 21 Feb 2001

Dell wireless users get free network access

Wireless network provider Wayport has signed a deal with Dell to provide free network access to Dell's wireless notebook customers until 31 March.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Feb 2001

AMD follows Intel with 5 March price cuts

AMD will cut its Athlon and Duron prices across the board next month - on the day after Intel's next major round of price cuts.
Tony Smith, 21 Feb 2001

Anti IR35 group angry about bypass tax claims

The Professional Contractors Group - the campaigning group against IR35 tax laws - has reported a recruitment agency, Computer People, to the Advertising Standards Authority for claiming it can bypass the tax legislation.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Feb 2001

How to lose customer goodwill when buying a business

If you're buying an online business make sure its previous owners lax security hasn't left you with a privacy disaster waiting to happen.
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2001

IBM handwriting notebook gets an outing

IBM's redesigned notebook, the ThinkPad TransNote, was launched today.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Feb 2001

PC World in-store virus check a bit of a scan?

Computer superstore chain PC World is trying to cash in on the fear generated by recent virus outbreaks by advertising an expensive virus screening service. But it doesn't offer permanent protection from malicious code.
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2001

PlayStation to go wireless in April

Japanese PlayStation users will at long last be able to compete with other players across cellphone networks next April.
Tony Smith, 21 Feb 2001

Soltek 75KAV-X slobbered over

HWRoundupChris Tom over at SocketA took a peek at the Soltek 75KAV-X, based on the VIA KT133A chipset. The Redstorm overclocking feature went down well, Chris reckons it'll be particularly handy for newbies. There a couple of things on the "How to make it perfect" wishlist, but then there always are. Overall, this got a solid thumbs up, scoring 91 per cent. Click here for the rest of it.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Feb 2001

Govt to run all IT projects through Treasury watchdog

The government has announced that in future all IT projects undertaken by the civil service will have to be run through a procurement watchdog - an offshoot of the Treasury called the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). The announcement follows yet another embarrassing failure in the dumping of Siemens multi-million pound document management system for the immigration service a week ago.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Feb 2001

Fujitsu eyes Palm as PDA partner

Fujitsu could be Palm's next Japanese licensee. The company certainly said today that it is examining the PDA market, and that one of the OS' under consideration is Palm's, according senior staffers cited by Bloomberg.
Tony Smith, 21 Feb 2001

MS settles Bristol antitrust case out of court

Microsoft seems to have successfully "disappeared" the Bristol antitrust suit. A tersely uninformative joint release issued today says that the two companies have reached agreement to settle their ongoing legal dispute.
John Lettice, 21 Feb 2001

Alpha trounces Sun in Oz supercomp rematch

Compaq technology has been selected for an Australian supercomputer project after an attempt to use Sun kit went horribly wrong.
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2001

Mac desktop sales slide 62 per cent

If Apple does unveil new iMacs and iBooks at MacWorld Expo Tokyo tomorrow, it better pray that punters like them.
Tony Smith, 21 Feb 2001

Demon gets tough on child porn

Demon Internet has taken a public stand against child pornography stating will remove known paedophile newsgroups from its servers.
Tim Richardson, 21 Feb 2001

Baltimore takes it to i-mode

Baltimore Technology, the computer security specialist, is to provide the security for Japanese telco giant NTT DoCoMo's i-mode Internet cell phone service.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Feb 2001

Reg in flash ad clampdown

With dotcoms increasingly desperate to turn over a profit, and hungry advertisers demanding more and more in-your-face animated gifs, it was inevitable that ads would eventually appear in the middle of stories.
Lester Haines, 21 Feb 2001

Virus toolkits are s'kiddie menace

Much has been made of the developer's decision to pull the toolkit behind the Anna Kornikova virus - but anti-virus experts have warned that many such toolkits are readily available and just as easy to use by would-be vandals.
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2001

Intel freezes recruitment, caps exec pay

Intel is the latest technology giant to announce retrenchment plans. The company said today that it will make only "key strategic technical and engineering hires" and that it hopes to reduce the workforce.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Feb 2001

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