21st February 2001 Archive

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  • FBI agent sold surveillance/nuke data to Russia

    National disgrace responsible for two deaths

    Security 21 06:16

  • Napster offers $1bn bribe to labels

    Please don't kill us....

    Media 21 08:56

  • VA Linux sees red

    Cuts 100+ staff

    Software 21 09:36

  • MS protects Mac but not Windows users with web bug mail firewall

    Four legs good, two legs bad

    Security 21 09:41

  • Intel warns channel of price cuts on 4 March

    Confirms roadmap pricing plan

    Channel 21 10:54

  • Woundup Gates gets ‘special’ WinXP beta code

    And the merest glimpse of WinXP server in beta...

    Software 21 11:46

  • PocketPC wins marketshare from Palm

    It looks that way, but...

    Business 21 12:14

  • BT faces £400 million LLU compensation bill a year

    That's a relief - could have been £142.5 billion

    Data Networking 21 12:20

  • Cisco pushes optical router

    256Gbps switching, 30m packets per second

    Data Networking 21 12:56

  • Sphinx CST shuts IBM networking division

    And other channel flannel

    Business 21 13:08

  • EasyNet lost £12 million last year

    Revenue up though

    Business 21 13:09

  • Dell wireless users get free network access

    And 5GHz bandwidth brawl breaks out

    Data Networking 21 13:44

  • AMD follows Intel with 5 March price cuts

    Across the board reductions

    Channel 21 15:04

  • Anti IR35 group angry about bypass tax claims

    Advertising standards spat

    Business 21 15:24

  • How to lose customer goodwill when buying a business

    Make sure previous owner leaves their details on view

    Security 21 15:28

  • IBM handwriting notebook gets an outing

    Hope we don't have to call it the StinkScribe

    Business 21 15:40

  • PC World in-store virus check a bit of a scan?

    Pay £40 for a sales pitch

    Security 21 15:46

  • PlayStation to go wireless in April

    Sony shipping software, DoCoMo shipping iMode connection cables

    Business 21 16:10

  • Soltek 75KAV-X slobbered over

    Newbie overclocking cream

    Hardware Roundup 21 16:35

  • Govt to run all IT projects through Treasury watchdog

    We could have done with this two years ago

    Business 21 16:50

  • Fujitsu eyes Palm as PDA partner

    Japanese vendors looks to palmtops as PC sales shrink

    Business 21 16:54

  • MS settles Bristol antitrust case out of court

    We'd be the last to suggest 'here's some money if you shut up'

    Software 21 17:01

  • Alpha trounces Sun in Oz supercomp rematch

    Sun servers eclipsed in number-crunching project

    Business 21 17:10

  • Mac desktop sales slide 62 per cent

    Pray Jobs comes up with the goods in Tokyo...

    Mac Channel 21 17:27

  • Demon gets tough on child porn

    It's all about growing up

    Media 21 19:14

  • Baltimore takes it to i-mode

    Plus Q4 revenues triple from last year

    Security 21 19:16

  • Reg in flash ad clampdown

    No adverts in stories - not now, not ever

    Bootnotes 21 19:24

  • Virus toolkits are s'kiddie menace

    Industry split on best defence

    Security 21 19:37

  • Intel freezes recruitment, caps exec pay

    No free PC for you

    Business 21 22:14