20th February 2001 Archive

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  • Sage buys TAS Software for £9.7m

    Channel flannel

    Business 20 07:51

  • One.Tel exchanges blows with BT

    Handbags at 30 paces

    Data Networking 20 10:15

  • The Liquid PC

    The dos and don'ts of using water to cool your computer

    Business 20 10:28

  • NEC slashes profit forecasts by a third

    Hit by chip glut and PC slowdown

    Business 20 10:37

  • Apple PowerBook G4 hit with DVD jam bug

    US offering free fix

    Mac Channel 20 11:14

  • Apple will launch new kit in Tokyo, exec hints

    Euro staffer spills the beans, sort of

    Mac Channel 20 11:15

  • Screen price drop crashes Hitachi LCD targets

    Price of 14.1in has fallen 40% from last year

    Business 20 11:32

  • Tiny cuts 60 jobs

    Less operational staff, more customer services

    Business 20 11:34

  • Transmeta powers ‘pearly pink’ PC for pussy

    Hello Kitty gets kitted up

    Business 20 11:45

  • Woundup How WinXP product activation will work


    Software 20 11:58

  • UK rejects CD-R tax

    Buy all your recordable media over here

    Business 20 12:13

  • BT chairman to be replaced by Sir Marconi

    That's the word in the City

    Business 20 12:39

  • WinXP to include support for Transmeta Crusoe chips

    A DLL-spotter writes...

    Software 20 13:22

  • Halifax online bank loses £88m since launch

    Early days yet..

    Business 20 13:35

  • Opera to ship Mac browser preview this week

    MacOS X support some way off yet, though

    Mac Channel 20 13:48

  • Battered, bothered, bewildered – Nortel and Lucent shareholders

    Nortel lawsuits, Lucent loans struggle

    Data Networking 20 14:49

  • PGP creator Zimmerman leaves Network Associates

    Differences over publishing source code for PGP

    Security 20 14:55

  • Hackers are terrorists, says UK law

    'This bill actually strengthens people's civil liberties' apparently

    Security 20 14:57

  • E-minister spins a good yarn as Minister for Clothes

    An expert on cross-stitch - not so hot on ADSL

    Media 20 15:58

  • Lucent optical kit to reduce mobile network downtime

    And cut costs

    Data Networking 20 16:44

  • Oftel launches review of mobile charges

    Keeps cards close to chest

    Data Networking 20 16:49

  • Sharp tools up with Linux to fight Palm

    Hoping programmability to key to corporate success

    Business 20 16:57

  • 1.3GHz Athlon action kicks off

    Chips, systems, lab tests

    Channel 20 17:15

  • Graphics on a budget with the ATI Radeon VE

    Non-performance market

    Business 20 17:28

  • Police grab DNA from server thieves

    How to avoid leaving your sweat on a Sun server case

    Business 20 17:31

  • NSA chief says bin Laden has superior technology

    Trust no one

    Security 20 17:37

  • Newsgroups can be terrorists too

    Let's hear it for catch-all legislation

    Security 20 17:53

  • Click here for Amazing Computer Stories

    Also ATI v Nvidia

    Hardware Roundup 20 18:37