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Sage buys TAS Software for £9.7m

Sage Group has mopped up another British accountancy software competitor, this time Epsom-based TAS Software, the developer of TAS Books, for £9.7 million in cash and loan notes. TAS Books is designed for sole traders and small businesses.
Drew Cullen, 20 Feb 2001
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One.Tel exchanges blows with BT

Discount telco One.Tel plc placed an ad in yesterday's Times disputing claims that BT is 24 per cent cheaper than its competitors.
Tim Richardson, 20 Feb 2001

NEC slashes profit forecasts by a third

The chip glut and PC sales slowdown has caused NEC to slash its annual earning forecast by a third.
Robert Blincoe, 20 Feb 2001

Apple PowerBook G4 hit with DVD jam bug

Apple has acknowledged a build flaw in the new Titanium PowerBook G4 that causes DVDs to stick inside the notebook's casing. Questions remain, however, over what the company is doing about the problem.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2001

Apple will launch new kit in Tokyo, exec hints

Apple will announce new products this week at MacWorld Expo Tokyo, the company's European Education Director, Brendan O'Sullivan, has hinted.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2001

Screen price drop crashes Hitachi LCD targets

Hitachi warned yesterday that it would miss its LCD sales targets this year, blaming the falling costs of the screens for the depressed figures.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Feb 2001

Tiny cuts 60 jobs

PC assembler and retailer Tiny Computers is laying off 60 staff from its HQ in Redhill, Surrey.
Robert Blincoe, 20 Feb 2001

Transmeta powers ‘pearly pink’ PC for pussy

Transmeta has made its coolest design win yet: its Crusoe 5600 chip will power a notebook styled on Japan's most famous pussy.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2001
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Woundup How WinXP product activation will work

According to an e-mail I recently received from a Microsoft spokeswoman, the new Windows Product Activation feature in Windows XP is still in full effect. How this will work is still unknown, but Ars Technica has a write-up of what we might expect. Ars itself qualifies the piece heavily, as there's no way of knowing yet if this is really how it's going to work. But it might be.
Luis Escalante, 20 Feb 2001

UK rejects CD-R tax

The UK will not follow the rest of Europe and impose levies on recording equipment and media.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2001

BT chairman to be replaced by Sir Marconi

BT remained tight-lipped about the future of its chairman, Sir Iain Vallance, following reports that the monster telco has lined up the head of Marconi for the job.
Tim Richardson, 20 Feb 2001

WinXP to include support for Transmeta Crusoe chips

Support for Transmeta CPUs is quietly under development as part of Microsoft's next generation WinXP OS. Beta testers staring vacantly at the blue install screen while filenames flash by claim to have been jolted awake by the evocatively-named crusoe.dll.
John Lettice, 20 Feb 2001

Halifax online bank loses £88m since launch

Intelligent Finance, Halifax's online bank, has lost £88 million, in just four months of operation. That's about a million quid a day, not including weekends of course
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Feb 2001

Opera to ship Mac browser preview this week

Opera will release the first Mac public test version of its popular Web browser this Thursday. The release is based on version 5 of the browser.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2001
SGI logo hardware close-up

Battered, bothered, bewildered – Nortel and Lucent shareholders

Cisco's recent results may have been disappointing, but that's nothing compared with the troubles of rival networking industry heavyweights Nortel and Lucent.
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2001

PGP creator Zimmerman leaves Network Associates

Encryption guru Phil Zimmerman has left Network Associates citing differences with the security giant about publishing the full source code for the latest version of the widely used encryption program, PGP.
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2001

Hackers are terrorists, says UK law

Under British law, cyberterrorists - known to you and me as hackers - are now to be treated the same as terrorists such as the IRA. The Terrorism Act 2000, which became law yesterday, has broadened the definition of terrorist organisations to include those who plan violent protests in the UK (even if the protest takes place abroad). Members of, and fundraisers for, such organisations will be subject to the law.
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Feb 2001

E-minister spins a good yarn as Minister for Clothes

Is there no end to Patricia Hewitt's talents?
Tim Richardson, 20 Feb 2001

Lucent optical kit to reduce mobile network downtime

Lucent Technologies today introduced a high-speed optical networking product designed to cut the operating costs of mobile network operators while reducing network downtime.
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2001
Cat 5 cable

Oftel launches review of mobile charges

Oftel has announced a review into what mobile phone companies charge for incoming calls. It is keeping an open mind on this and welcomes comments from all mobile companies, consumer groups and "anyone else is welcome".
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Feb 2001

Sharp tools up with Linux to fight Palm

Sharp is looking to Linux as the basis for the next generation of its Zaurus PDAs - at least as far as models sold outside Japan go.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2001

1.3GHz Athlon action kicks off

It looks like 1.3GHz Athlon action is about to kick off, ahead of AMD's official launch at CeBIT next month.
Robert Blincoe, 20 Feb 2001

Graphics on a budget with the ATI Radeon VE

ATI's new Radeon VE launched yesterday to a mixed, but mostly positive, reaction. The multi-monitor support was a hit, but in terms of raw performance, Nvidia's GeForce2 MX had the edge.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Feb 2001

Police grab DNA from server thieves

The police have teamed up with forensic scientists to discover ways of grabbing DNA samples from serious IT hardware blaggers.
Robert Blincoe, 20 Feb 2001

NSA chief says bin Laden has superior technology

Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden has superior technology at his disposal than the National Security Agency, the head of the super-secretive spy agency has told an American documentary programme.
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2001

Newsgroups can be terrorists too

The government has pulled newsgroups and ISPs as well as hackers into the Terrorism Act, passed yesterday, thanks to what one lawyer has called "an unfortunate, over-wide draft".
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Feb 2001

Click here for Amazing Computer Stories

HWRoundupTech Extreme has posted another batch of "Amazing Computer Stories" here for us to read, laugh at and feel superior at the end of. And why not. Check it out to cure the "It's still so long till the weekend" blues.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Feb 2001

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