16th February 2001 Archive

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  • Senator Hatch rides to Napster's rescue

    Threatens RIAA with new legislation -- ouch

    Data Networking 16 07:47

  • New York Times Web site sm0ked

    Microsoft IIS so easy to hack....

    Media 16 08:40

  • HP's Superdome is slow seller

    And its sales team has been pinching reseller business

    Business 16 09:32

  • Dell expects 8% sales decline in Q1

    Meets lowered expectations for Q4 2000

    Business 16 09:44

  • E-minister knows her technology…

    ...when it comes to TVs

    Bootnotes 16 11:10

  • Intel tweaks P4 core voltage

    Making room for shift to 1.7GHz? Will it have to do it again for 2GHz?

    Channel 16 11:48

  • Future slashes 90 jobs in UK

    Tech mags get a pasting - Business 2.0 up for sale

    Business 16 12:13

  • E-m@iler costs Amstrad £3.9m

    But Jack Straw likes it, so that's OK

    Business 16 12:17

  • Belgian fuzz raid music downloaders

    No Napster users targeted - yet

    Media 16 12:23

  • Tories say they will repeal IR35 legislation

    Hague finds another bandwagon to jump on

    Business 16 12:30

  • Nortel slashes more jobs

    Demand for fibre-optic kit flat as the Canadian plains

    Business 16 12:44

  • Woundup Redmond to vet Windows skins

    Some slim skinny

    Software 16 12:45

  • PC upgrade board makes mobos ‘obsolete’

    If you've got a lot of systems to do

    Business 16 13:08

  • Pedants on parade

    Some mothers do 'ave 'em

    Letters 16 13:13

  • Mail pinches more content off the Net

    Has it never heard of copyright?

    Bootnotes 16 13:20

  • Yahoo! Europe MD resigns

    But no-one has a clue why

    Media 16 13:21

  • We built it, we own it

    Ownership of web set firmly in US hands

    Letters 16 14:37

  • IT workers expect Big Brother-style snooping at work

    Not so happy when personal emails are read out

    Business 16 14:43

  • Q: Wtf is a moot?

    A: It's a 3-legged turkey used for measuring bridges

    Letters 16 14:45

  • NTL in a spin

    Rotational period stumps cable modem service

    Letters 16 14:49

  • Reg ‘way too soft on assholes’

    Anything you can do ICANN do better

    Letters 16 15:37

  • Open Source ‘stifles’ innovation

    Thanks for the warning, Microsoft

    Software 16 15:48

  • Games mags in difficulty

    And Emap ships out

    Games Industry 16 16:02

  • VIA seeks US, European investment opportunities

    Issuing new shares to pay for it

    Channel 16 16:03

  • Get your knickers in a silicon twist

    Science goes bonkers

    Bootnotes 16 16:07

  • Electronics firm named as Leicester City shirt sponsors

    Lineker 'sick as a parrot' at end of Walkers Crisps tie-in

    Bootnotes 16 16:17

  • Top British ISP run from pub

    We salute you

    Bootnotes 16 16:23

  • BT Ignite interview gets 'em talking

    Reg readers have their say

    Letters 16 16:50

  • ATi Radeon and Iwill KA266 tie the knot

    Fancy flying a space ship?

    Hardware Roundup 16 16:59

  • Lone flamer takes on Britain's IT news Web sites

    Joe Farmer is a true hero - to us all

    Bootnotes 16 17:04

  • Dotcom hacks do it ‘Their Way’

    And now, the end is near...

    Media 16 17:26

  • Readers' letters Houston, we have a problem

    A white-knuckle tale of MS-DOS, coax and chewing gum

    Letters 16 17:29

  • BT to trial rate adaptive modems

    Lower bandwidth, larger catchment

    Media 16 17:57

  • Masseuse tries to sue newsgroup poster pester

    But doesn't know who sent round the dirty old men

    Media 16 18:11

  • Senator Hatch rides again: Napster hearings

    Round two, letter to Dubya

    Media 16 18:36

  • Cisco pulls proposed 20% stake in Gameplay

    Loose talk costs investment

    Games Industry 16 18:39

  • Compatibility woes derail Windows XP Visual Styles

    The curse of the Appearance tab

    Software 16 19:41

  • Intel hacker talks to The Reg

    Sm0ked Crew to continue defacing prestige sites

    Security 16 20:11