15th February 2001 Archive

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  • OpenSSH: the five-year trademark itch

    Let the community decide

    Software 15 00:02

  • AMD's Sanders to stand down next April

    Ruiz waits in wings

    Business 15 00:34

  • Nvidia fires on all cylinders

    And Xbox is still to come

    Business 15 00:38

  • Readers Letters My Google Usenet – wrong or right?

    Blindsided Reg readers strike back

    Letters 15 09:36

  • Congress to examine ICANN constitutional breaches

    Mr Auerbach and Mr Froomkin go to Washington

    Media 15 10:42

  • Steve Jobs' Tokyo keynote beamed to… Croydon

    PC World opens late for night of Japan-inspired frolics... and maybe some new iMacs

    Mac Channel 15 10:50

  • Winged watchdog Oftel blesses Net users

    But will pilgrims flock to ST FRIACO?

    Media 15 11:02

  • Woundup WinXP to include pirate music ‘terminator’

    Think about it - an OS that's designed to destroy data...

    Software 15 11:04

  • Dad and son nicked on PlayStation 2 auction fraud charge

    Online bidders beware

    Media 15 11:55

  • ‘Internet Villain’ loser gets flower consolation

    Forget Me Nots?

    Bootnotes 15 11:59

  • SMS in action: road killer and life saver

    Trucker sentenced and Bali boat girl rescued

    Data Networking 15 12:10

  • Govt scraps £80m computer system

    Yet another high-profile cock-up

    Business 15 12:13

  • Technical hitch hits World Cup web sales

    Register bid to blag tickets starts here

    Media 15 12:27

  • US Congress needs to be reminded it doesn't own the Web

    Canadian professor says he named the Web, so back off

    Bootnotes 15 12:36

  • NTL: Relocated to Mercury?

    T&Cs good for a giggle

    Bootnotes 15 12:37

  • Sega takes UK Dreamcast to under £100

    Please, please buy one, company pleads

    Games Industry 15 13:07

  • eUniverse kills off affiliate site scheme

    Another one bites the dust

    Games Industry 15 14:01

  • Planet picks up Nintendo

    THE Games' distie successor signed

    Games Industry 15 14:01

  • Recruitment freeze at networking giant Cisco

    But Borg like acquisitions will continue

    Business 15 15:14

  • Govt, trade union, telecoms firm aim to solve skills shortage

    Four thousand jobs in two years, they reckon

    Business 15 15:20

  • Blue Men back again for Intel

    P4 gets the push

    Channel 15 15:41

  • Thinkpad space drama hots up

    Dave, Dave I'm losing my mind

    Bootnotes 15 16:00

  • Hardware and chip links

    Sites we like

    Register Links 15 16:12

  • Software links

    The sites we like

    Register Links 15 16:16

  • News and discussion links

    The sites we like

    Register Links 15 16:18

  • AMD plans plant in Brazil

    But it's for testing, not fabbing

    Channel 15 16:24

  • 3G crypto a go-go

    Check out the latest algorithms

    Security 15 16:58

  • ISP fears RIP breach in quashing Anna bug

    'Badly drafted' snooping charter leaves ISPs puzzled

    Security 15 17:07

  • Dr Tom tests Transmeta Sony Vaio

    Plus an altogether different kind of mouse

    Hardware Roundup 15 17:27

  • Dell ditches 1700 staff

    Job cuts hit Texas - other sites safe for now

    Business 15 17:31

  • Deja geeks leave amusing sub-domains for new Google master

    Obviously they were not so impressed

    Bootnotes 15 18:02

  • Welcome to .NET – how MS plans to dominate digital music sales

    It's a lot more complex than the air supply stuff, too...

    Software 15 19:13

  • Child crusaders triumph in AltaVista service cutback

    Not so fast....

    Media 15 19:51

  • After Java and Jini, Bill Joy unveils the Third J

    Peer to Peer infrastructure under an Apache license

    Software 15 19:55

  • Whistleblowers take 3Com to court over unsafe kit claim

    Allegations of false police charges and kit that can catch fire

    Business 15 20:01

  • DRAM prices in the Micron dumps – allegedly

    Sounds like fighting talk

    Channel 15 23:13