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OpenSSH: the five-year trademark itch

Tatu Ylönen, chairman and CTO of SSH Communications Security, sent a letter to the OpenSSH developers list today (Feb 14) demanding OpenSSH stop using the SSH part of its name.
Grant Gross, 15 Feb 2001

AMD's Sanders to stand down next April

AMD's silver-haired leader Jerry Sanders is to finally stand down next spring.
Linda Harrison, 15 Feb 2001

Nvidia fires on all cylinders

Nvidia topped expectations for the fourth quarter, attributing growth to markets beyond the PC.
Linda Harrison, 15 Feb 2001

Readers Letters My Google Usenet – wrong or right?

Google - what's there not to like?
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Feb 2001

Congress to examine ICANN constitutional breaches

Two of ICANN's most formidable shin kickers got their chance to testify before Congress yesterday, and further hearings into the constitutional legality of the Internet quango may result from the hearing.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Feb 2001

Steve Jobs' Tokyo keynote beamed to… Croydon

UK computer superstore chain PC World will be opening later to stream Apple CEO Steve Jobs' MacWorld Expo Tokyo keynote onto the big screen in its store in... er... Croydon.
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2001

Winged watchdog Oftel blesses Net users

Oftel has canonised the principle of wholesale unmetered Net access in Britain with the introduction of a new product called ST FRIACO.
Tim Richardson, 15 Feb 2001
One Microsoft Way by https://www.flickr.com/photos/36182550@N08/ CC 2.0 attribution https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ cropped to 648-432

Woundup WinXP to include pirate music ‘terminator’

You're not going to believe this: Microsoft wants to stop music piracy by "eliminating" the file. According to the Wired News article, this feature is currently implemented in Windows Me, and will be "bundled" (shurely "integrated"? - Ed) in Windows XP. "The Secure Audio Path (SAP) adds "static" interference to media files that require video and audio cards to authenticate themselves with Windows software before they can be played. The company would be able to verify that a media player isn't playing an "unsecured" file, which according to Microsoft would eliminate much of the threat of piracy." There goes Windows XP sales. Thanks Andy Rae!
Luis Escalante, 15 Feb 2001

Dad and son nicked on PlayStation 2 auction fraud charge

US police yesterday arrested a father and his son, and charged the pair with selling PlayStation 2 consoles online - consoles that later turned out not to exist.
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2001

‘Internet Villain’ loser gets flower consolation

Staff at search engine WebTop are all heart. Disappointed to hear that their new boss - former Alta Vista UK MD Andy Mitchell - had failed to win the "Internet Villain" award at Britain's Net "Oscars" last week, they clubbed together to buy him a bouquet of flowers.
Tim Richardson, 15 Feb 2001

SMS in action: road killer and life saver

Paul Browning was sentenced to five years imprisonment yesterday after a judge ruled that he had been using his mobile to send a text message while driving a truck at over 50mph.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Feb 2001

Govt scraps £80m computer system

The government has scrapped a £77 million computer system for its immigration service, embarrassing ministers and adding to the catalogue of IT disasters in recent years.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Feb 2001

Technical hitch hits World Cup web sales

Technical problems have delayed the launch of tickets sales over the Internet for the 2002 World Cup to fans in the host countries Japan and Korea.
John Leyden, 15 Feb 2001

US Congress needs to be reminded it doesn't own the Web

While ICANN is being hauled over the coals for, er, being flawed, secretive, power-crazed and corrupt, one of our readers would like to remind everyone again that neither ICANN nor the US Congress own the Web.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Feb 2001

NTL: Relocated to Mercury?

While flicking through New Scientist today, we found a little gem in their opinion page.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Feb 2001

Sega takes UK Dreamcast to under £100

Sega has cut the price of Dreamcast consoles in the UK. This morning, it knocked 50 quid off the current price, bringing the RRP down to £99.99.
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2001

eUniverse kills off affiliate site scheme

The latest casualty in the gaming network meltdown is eUniverse, whose affiliate program includes a number of gaming fan sites such as Loose Cannon Zone, DungeonSiege.org, 3DGPU and The Croft Times. In an e-mail to affiliate sites, the company said that "it is with deep regret that I inform you that eUniverse.com will end its affiliation program on March 15, 2001", adding that "we feel it important to note that this decision should not imply any sort of dissatisfaction on our part with the excellent work and long hours many of you have put into your sites". Instead the decision was put down to the total collapse of the internet advertising market over the last couple of years.
Eurogamer.net, 15 Feb 2001

Planet picks up Nintendo

Nintendo's UK distribution operation is to be taken over by Planet, after Menzies subsidiary THE Games dropped the contract recently. The distribution deal will ensure that Nintendo's distribution to retail will remain constant and that the Eastleigh premises formerly occupied by THE Games will be retained. A number of the THE operational staff will join Planet as well.
Eurogamer.net, 15 Feb 2001

Recruitment freeze at networking giant Cisco

Cisco has implemented a recruitment freeze to cope with a weakening in demand for its products slowing down the networking giant's pace of growth.
John Leyden, 15 Feb 2001

Govt, trade union, telecoms firm aim to solve skills shortage

The DTi, AEEU* and EXi Telecoms (that's the government, a trade union and a telecoms company) have set up a joint plan to tackle the skills shortage in the telecommunications industry and reckons it will create up to 4,000 jobs in the next two years.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Feb 2001

Blue Men back again for Intel

Previously on The Reg, we have said rude things about Intel's Blue Man Group campaign, in particular suggesting that the person responsible for the idea may have consumed a quantity of banned substances.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Feb 2001

Thinkpad space drama hots up

Readers will no doubt be relieved to learn that the International Space Station Thinkpad boot problem will shortly be solved.
Lester Haines, 15 Feb 2001

Hardware and chip links

Tom's Hardware Guide The doc gets under Intel's skin Anand's Technical Page Reviews of latest hardware platforms here Sysopt Get your screwdrivers out... Sharky Extreme Chip stuff with a games twist Ars Technica More good information, benchmarks, and reviews Ace's Hardware Hardcore HardOCPTruly an overclocker's paradise AMD Zone Not just AMD though... 3D Now Major rallying point for the AMD community Dr. Dobbs Microprocessor Resources This is what happened to Intel Secrets TweaktownTweaking down right down under fnar, fnar Dansdata.com Reviews and the occasional inspired lunacy Tweak3D Produces solid hardware guides Fullon3D Reviews of new stuff here and interviews FastGraphics Lots of solid information here CPU Central Solid info about X86 platform, graphics boards etc. Sandpile Good for all things x.86 The CPU Site MicroDesign Resources Heavyweight chip analysts
Drew Cullen, 15 Feb 2001

Software links

Linux Today Probably the most thoughtful Linux news site around SoftWindows 98 Central News, views, reviews and downloads WinDrivers The "No.1 Resource for Windows/Drivers". Who are we to disagree? ActiveWindows Well informed, broadly pro-Microsoft but very independent site IT-analysis.com Analysts who know what they're talking about
Team Register, 15 Feb 2001

News and discussion links

Geek Boys Select your personal preferences from more than 60 IT sites Ugeek The Great Satan of Geeks Shannon knows Compaq This fortnightly title, is available for a one-year, minimum-24-issue and costs $450 outside of the United States. Multiple-copy discounts, electronic distribution, and site licenses are available. Excellent for Alpha info.
Team Register, 15 Feb 2001

AMD plans plant in Brazil

UpdatedAMD will build its next chip fab in Brazil, where the nuts come from.
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2001

3G crypto a go-go

We came across an interesting web page today, full of details on the new 3G encryption algorithms.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Feb 2001

ISP fears RIP breach in quashing Anna bug

One of the UK's largest independent ISPs has said that it may well have ran foul of the RIP Act in protecting its customers from the Anna Kournikova virus.
John Leyden, 15 Feb 2001

Dr Tom tests Transmeta Sony Vaio

HWRoundupWhat do you get if you put an Alpha PEP66 with the KT7 mod, the GlobalWin FOP38, the OCZ Monster 2 and the OCZ Qua cooler in the same room? If you are at the HQ of Overclockers Online, you get a socket A cooler roundup, and you stick on the web. Just like they did here.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Feb 2001

Dell ditches 1700 staff

UpdatedDell is making 1700 employees at its Texas HQ redundant in a bid to cut costs. The cuts mark the first terminations the company has made in its long history.
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2001

Deja geeks leave amusing sub-domains for new Google master

Thanks to reader Chris James for forwarding the results of a DNS query on Deja.com. Deja and all its archives, if you remember, have just been bought by Google. This has caused some consternation, especially since searching the archives effectively is now nigh on impossible.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Feb 2001

Welcome to .NET – how MS plans to dominate digital music sales

Once upon a time Microsoft discovered the Internet, and the browser wars ensued. More recently it's become apparent that the company sees music sales as the Next Big Thing, but so far, the extent, intricacy and all-encompassing nature of its plans for Digital Rights Management and secure content distribution haven't been widely grasped. When they are, the browser wars may look like a sideshow.
John Lettice, 15 Feb 2001

Child crusaders triumph in AltaVista service cutback

A pious arm of the Better Business Bureau called the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) implies that it successfully bullied AltaVista into shutting down its 'community services' like free e-mail and chat rooms on concerns that children might be led astray by viewing porn or chatting with adults.
Thomas C Greene, 15 Feb 2001

After Java and Jini, Bill Joy unveils the Third J

Bill Joy unveiled an open source Peer to Peer initiative that he described as the third part of the J trilogy.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Feb 2001

Whistleblowers take 3Com to court over unsafe kit claim

3Com is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit from former employees claiming it knowingly sold unsafe products and conspired to file false police reports against them when they reported problems with its kit.
John Leyden, 15 Feb 2001

DRAM prices in the Micron dumps – allegedly

For years, Micron Technology , America's last significant memory maker, harried its Asian rivals with accusations of dumping stock below cost. It found a willing listener in the US government, which was happy to slap punitive tariffs on miscreants, real or imagined.
Drew Cullen, 15 Feb 2001

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