14th February 2001 Archive

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  • Intel retires hurt from streaming media biz

    Too many players, not enough money

    Business 14 08:17

  • WorldCom raises spectre of job losses

    Best hide behind the sofa for this one

    Business 14 08:49

  • UMC doubles Q4 profits

    Thanks to Motorola and Infineon business

    Channel 14 09:19

  • Deja UI too costly to save, Google boss tells Reg

    But yours sucks worse says Usenet founder

    Media 14 10:39

  • Govt peddles broadband Britain happy pill

    But the effects wear off fast

    Data Networking 14 10:52

  • Apple begins to code key MacOS X apps

    AirPort enhancements don't quite ring true, though

    Mac Channel 14 11:11

  • Orange has plums squeezed. Market yelps too

    And France Telecom had gone to so much trouble

    Business 14 11:52

  • Woundup WinXP beta build 2428 ships – quietly

    And some other stuff happened too...

    Software 14 11:54

  • VIA confirms March launch for Samuel II

    1GHz Ezra/C5C coming later, 1.2GHz C5X coming later still

    Channel 14 12:06

  • Microsoft names new president and COO

    Hey Ricky you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind

    Software 14 12:10

  • Twisty turny tilting mouse is about

    Groovy four degrees of freedom for gaming

    Business 14 12:33

  • BT to release Mac ADSL drivers Monday

    Will support them, too

    Mac Channel 14 12:37

  • NEC to cut spending on basic chip manufacturing

    Coping with over-supply

    Channel 14 12:47

  • Dixons boss offloads shares, stock drops

    Sir Stanley reckons business is overvalued?

    Business 14 12:50

  • Crawford out in InterX boardroom putsch

    Co-founder takes helm

    Business 14 12:51

  • Hacker defaces Intel's Web site

    Security gaff makes Chipzilla into Chumpzilla

    Security 14 13:02

  • AMD relaunches LDT as HyperTransport

    Targets broader markets than PCs and servers

    Channel 14 14:14

  • Woman gets mobile phone stuck up back orifice

    Ring my ring game goes horribly wrong

    Bootnotes 14 14:46

  • WinXP testers get unique IDs from MS, plus a workaround

    Redmond logic: 2428 code will only work with ID, unless you disable it

    Software 14 14:51

  • DoJ investigates MS role in Corel Linux pullout

    Another administration, another subpoeana...

    Software 14 15:16

  • Dutch police arrest Anna Kornikova virus suspect

    20 year-old could face 4 years in lock-up

    Security 14 15:21

  • Two more years for 10.8TB card

    Major solid state wait

    Business 14 15:24

  • Conflicting standards

    The day the subs were out to lunch

    Bootnotes 14 15:28

  • The pay-phone is not dead!

    Mobiles didn't kill it yet, says Oftel

    Data Networking 14 15:59

  • Fujitsu Siemens claims transaction processing record

    Running SQL Server on system no one's likely to buy

    Business 14 16:37

  • ICANN explains ‘thinking’ behind top domain decisions

    It was never anything to do with how good the application was (?!)

    Media 14 16:47

  • Acer to cut 500 staff this week

    Foreign workers in Taiwan given the boot

    Business 14 16:56

  • TSMC starts fabbing Nvidia Xbox chips

    Countown to launch begins

    Channel 14 16:57

  • Sex ads on police computer case goes to tribunal

    TV says Met isn't PC

    Bootnotes 14 16:58

  • BTIgnite president hits back at ADSL knockers

    Not so bad after all

    Media 14 17:05

  • Bill Gates Sr fights Dubya's estate-tax ban

    His kid's rich enough, apparently

    Software 14 17:15

  • Pedos volunteered system passwords to cops

    Pre-RIP Act so they didn't have to

    Security 14 17:25

  • In space no-one can hear you boot

    I'm sorry Dave - I can't do that

    Bootnotes 14 17:35

  • Apple moots return to UK Mac show

    Talking to event organiser

    Mac Channel 14 17:52

  • AOL lays out legal defence over version 5.0 class actions

    There isn't a case. Simple.

    Media 14 18:01

  • Elonex sues Compaq over power saving patent

    Goes after a dozen companies in all

    Business 14 18:08

  • Have you forgotten it's Valentines Day?

    Then click here - we could save your relationship

    Bootnotes 14 19:09