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Netizens blinded by ‘half-assed’ Google stunt

If the folk at Google were feeling pleased with themselves for rescuing Deja's Usenet archive from the dormant dot.gone, it can't have lasted long. Without early warning, the company began to host the Deja archive yesterday, but refused to migrate Deja's web based front end with it, which renders the archive all-but useless.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Feb 2001

Total Web anonymity for you, and the CIA

A software package which can keep the CIA's legions of snoops safe from detection as they trawl the Net in search of international evildoers ought to be good enough for your daily dogtrot through cyberspace. That's the pitch for SafeWeb's soon-to-be-released product Triangle Boy, which it is claimed will make it possible for one to surf the Web without leaving a trace.
Thomas C Greene, 13 Feb 2001

QXL grows Q3 losses

Online auction house QXL Ricardo.de has grown its Q3 losses to £41.1 million, up from £25.6 million for the same period a year earlier.
Robert Blincoe, 13 Feb 2001

Alcatel says ‘yes’ to Linux USB ADSL support

Alcatel has at long last Linux support for its SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem. The French comms company will release a driver for the open source operating system, along with the source code, next month.
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2001

Intel's consumer P4 push kicks off

Intel is starting its big P4 consumer push this week. PC World's got some co-op marketing money and is advertising the 'UK's lowest price Intel Pentium 4, available to take home today.'
Robert Blincoe, 13 Feb 2001

Apple open source lead leaves

Apple's open source engineering project lead, Wilfredo 'Fred' Sanchez, has quit the company to join Menlo Park-based start-up KnowNow.
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2001

Gateway web server flaws exposed

Web servers at Gateway have been defaced in an attack that calls into question the security practices of the direct sales PC vendor.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2001
One Microsoft Way by https://www.flickr.com/photos/36182550@N08/ CC 2.0 attribution https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ cropped to 648-432

Woundup Windows XP hype-fest commences

Brace yourself for the hype; today, Microsoft will try to position Windows XP as the operating system to have. You'll find article after article talking about Microsoft's big day today at EMP, where it is expected too divulge more information about Windows XP, and what will be included in Beta 2.
Luis Escalante, 13 Feb 2001

Maxtor in disk mounting spindle shake-up

Maxtor has abandoned the pursuit of ever-larger areal density and gone for a simpler design and increased reliability with its latest family of drives.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Feb 2001

Fatal lorry crash text message trial

A man was killed as a truck wobbled off the road because the driver was too busy composing a text message to pay attention to his driving, a court was told yesterday.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Feb 2001

Doom, Marathon back from the gaming grave

Doom, Id Software's classic first-person shooter, is back on the Mac. To be fair, it's never really gone away, but the new release, MacDoomLegacy 1.0, brings it bang up to date with support for 3D graphics cards.
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2001

Orange finally valued

Orange has finally announced its float price for today's IPO: 10 euros a share, which values the company at £30.8 billion.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Feb 2001

AOL tells MPs ‘broadband held back by BT’

AOL UK told a group of MPs today that BT was responsible for Britain falling behind in the race to roll-out broadband.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2001

Guess who Saddam's favourite server manufacturer is

Saddam Hussein is apparently to blame for over £1 million of stolen computer equipment in Edinburgh (Scotland, for our foreign readers). The Iraqi dictator has obviously tired of PlayStation 2s and wants the real stuff. Presumably he needs it for some evil purposes in a bid to take over the world - or is that just state-induced blinkered hatred coming through?
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Feb 2001

PC World's bargain P4 beast

PC World is proudly shouting it's got the cheapest Pentium 4 machine that you can buy - that is if you want to take it home with you there and then.
Robert Blincoe, 13 Feb 2001

BTinternet users banned by IRC network

BTinternet users have been banned from using a popular IRC network whilst the hunt for a vandal spreading a Trojan continues.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2001

Hardware site Anandtech defaced

Leading hardware site Anandtech has been defaced, apparently by the same group that also sprayed tasteless graffiti on Gateway's site in an earlier attack.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2001

BT comes clean on Mac ADSL support

UpdatedWhy can't BT get its act together and properly support ADSL Internet access from a variety of platforms?
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2001

Be funny and win a toboggan

CompetitionMicrosoft PR agency August One was tickled by our recent pieceMS Canada on slippery slope. The article outlines MS Canada's incentive scheme whereby buying a copy of MS Office secures the punter a free toboggan.
Lester Haines, 13 Feb 2001

MP miffed by AOL

Gerald Kaufman MP - who chaired the Culture, Media and Sport select committee meeting discussing the Communications White Paper - had to have a pop at AOL UK earlier today.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2001

New York students threatened in online ‘hit list’

New York parents are demanding a teen to be thrown out of school after he threatened to pick off fellow students via an online "hit list".
Linda Harrison, 13 Feb 2001

Pedo porn ring gets slap on wrist

Seven British members of a notorious Internet child porn ring escaped the full force of the law in Kingston Crown Court today.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Feb 2001

PlusNet woes continue. More to be kicked off?

PlusNet has mass-emailed 500 more customers, threatening them with disconnection unless they use the Internet service "responsibly". At the same, the company has posted "Fair and reasonable usage guide for Surftime accounts" which state (among other things) that connecting to the Net for more than an hour-and-a-half in the evening or at weekends is "out of order" (1 hour 50 minutes and above is "taking the Michael").
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Feb 2001

Reuters profit hit by Net transformation

Reuters Group saw operating profit drop 25 per cent last year due to costs related to transforming itself into an online news machine.
Linda Harrison, 13 Feb 2001

Dr Tom's advice on living cheaply

HWRoundupEl Doctor has a few money saving suggestions over at Tom's Hardware today. If the idea of adding a bit of fizz to an old machine for less than a lot of money is as appealing to you as it should be, then check this out. Tom takes a look at a 1995 socket 5 system and brings it, if not into the 21st century, then at least up to 1999.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Feb 2001

E-minister has another stab at selling wireless licences

Ole Patricia Hewitt, E-minister, has "announced proposals" today to get rid of the unsold licences in the farce that was November's fixed wireless auction.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Feb 2001

Anna Kournikova bug drops harmlessly onto the Net

Much like the tennis star herself, the Anna Kournikova worm created a lot of interest and attention when it hit the Net - but lacks anything like a powerful smash.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2001

Early death for 98 as MS pushes WinXP – public beta confirmed

Windows XP, the next generation of Windows, got its first public preview today at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, where Bill Gates rang the changes (not) by describing it as "the most advanced Windows ever." Those itching for a simultaneous unleashing of Beta 2 were however disappointed - the announcement itself says it will ship to a few people "in the next month," while in one of those tedious faux interviews with itself Microsoft has taken to posting in its site press section, general manager John Frederiksen will commit only to "before the end of the first quarter."
John Lettice, 13 Feb 2001

The unbearable lightness of DRAM

Once upon a time the 64Mb DRAM chip - add eight and you get the DIMM module you buy in a shop - supplied the definitive price benchmark for the memory industry. Now, it's the turn of its big brother, the 128Mb, to perform the same duty.
Linda Harrison, 13 Feb 2001

US DSL indie market ‘near total collapse’

Around 700,000 Americans managed to get DSL access in the fourth quarter of last year.
Linda Harrison, 13 Feb 2001

Anna-bug author OnTheFly 'fesses up

Someone claiming to be the author of the much publicised and rather underwhelming, hence aptly-named, Anna Kournikova e-mail worm has set up a confessional Web site explaining his methods and motives.
Thomas C Greene, 13 Feb 2001

Mitnick movie on DVD

Kevin Poulsen, 13 Feb 2001

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