13th February 2001 Archive

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  • Netizens blinded by ‘half-assed’ Google stunt

    Can we have our Usenet back, please?

    Software 13 07:28

  • Total Web anonymity for you, and the CIA

    Spooks endorse 'Triangle Boy'

    Security 13 07:56

  • QXL grows Q3 losses

    But sales are up, and it's got a bit of cash left

    Business 13 09:09

  • Alcatel says ‘yes’ to Linux USB ADSL support

    Open source drivers due March

    Software 13 10:42

  • Intel's consumer P4 push kicks off

    TV ads, PC World blitz, sub-£999 machines

    Business 13 11:29

  • Apple open source lead leaves

    Sanchez quits, but doesn't ditch Darwin

    Mac Channel 13 11:38

  • Gateway web server flaws exposed

    Didn't have the latest security patches

    Security 13 11:40

  • Woundup Windows XP hype-fest commences

    And who are we to give it as miss?

    Software 13 11:41

  • Maxtor in disk mounting spindle shake-up

    70% fewer parts in latest drives

    Business 13 12:40

  • Fatal lorry crash text message trial

    Judge calls it 'wickedly dangerous'

    Data Networking 13 12:43

  • Doom, Marathon back from the gaming grave

    Play it again, Sam...

    Mac Channel 13 12:50

  • Orange finally valued

    10 euros a share or £30.8bn in total

    Business 13 13:28

  • AOL tells MPs ‘broadband held back by BT’

    But saves major bashing for legal battle

    Data Networking 13 13:30

  • Guess who Saddam's favourite server manufacturer is

    The dictator goes shopping in Edinburgh

    Security 13 13:43

  • PC World's bargain P4 beast

    We never said you should buy it

    Business 13 14:24

  • BTinternet users banned by IRC network

    DALnet klines users after rogue BT user spreads Trojans

    Security 13 14:26

  • Hardware site Anandtech defaced

    With rubbish rewrite of Eminem song

    Security 13 15:08

  • BT comes clean on Mac ADSL support

    Drivers definitely by the end of February... maybe...

    Mac Channel 13 15:16

  • Be funny and win a toboggan

    Plus a copy of Office XP

    Bootnotes 13 16:10

  • MP miffed by AOL

    Kaufman fiddles with client and gets nowehere

    Bootnotes 13 16:19

  • New York students threatened in online ‘hit list’

    Site creator protected by First Amendment

    Media 13 16:28

  • Pedo porn ring gets slap on wrist

    Max sentence of 30 months for wOnderland crew

    Media 13 17:15

  • PlusNet woes continue. More to be kicked off?

    New 'reasonable use' guidelines

    Media 13 17:23

  • Reuters profit hit by Net transformation

    It made a paltry £411 million in 2000

    Business 13 17:26

  • Dr Tom's advice on living cheaply

    He revives a 1995 socket 5 system

    Hardware Roundup 13 17:57

  • E-minister has another stab at selling wireless licences

    How long d'you reckon before they give them away?

    Data Networking 13 18:01

  • Anna Kournikova bug drops harmlessly onto the Net

    'Potentially devastating': you cannot be serious!

    Security 13 18:20

  • Early death for 98 as MS pushes WinXP – public beta confirmed

    One of those crummy preview program things, actually, and there'll likely be a 'handling charge'...

    Software 13 20:26

  • The unbearable lightness of DRAM

    128Mb SDRAM chips dip below $5

    Business 13 22:28

  • US DSL indie market ‘near total collapse’

    Old timers doing pretty well

    Data Networking 13 22:30

  • Anna-bug author OnTheFly 'fesses up

    It was her fault for being so pretty

    Security 13 22:51

  • Mitnick movie on DVD

    Pretty bad hacker flick -- you'll love it

    Security 13 23:59