12th February 2001 Archive

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  • Compaq stagnates in Q1

    Picks up after that

    Business 12 08:17

  • Brits offer to cure Californian energy crisis

    Unloved spin-off seeks corporate welfare

    Business 12 08:24

  • TurboLinux, LinuxCare in pre-op surgery

    Distro flu

    Software 12 08:25

  • Whatever happened to the Everquest auction suit?

    This one won't run and run

    Games Industry 12 08:42

  • Woundup Zapping the ads in MS Messenger

    And the big XP day looms...

    Software 12 10:34

  • MS Canada on slippery slope

    Company offers startling toboggan incentive

    Bootnotes 12 11:04

  • Intel, Gateway team on 41.3GHz PIII box

    Maybe someone should tell Michael Dell?

    Bootnotes 12 11:14

  • Lastminute's losses grow

    Cash burn cut

    Business 12 11:31

  • Screensaver Challenge – Freeware for flash gits

    Blatant and successful attempt at free advertising

    Bootnotes 12 11:43

  • Fans, industry await today's Napster appeal ruling

    Will judicial triumvirate shut Napster down or not?

    Media 12 11:47

  • Forbes.com: immediacy, depth, interactivity

    Core Values

    Media 12 12:32

  • New Labour's Internet election pledge canned

    Broadband Britain buried for May battle

    Election 2001 12 12:36

  • Unholy row as Baan shareholders sue firm

    Dutch Protestants allege double dealing by firm's founders

    Business 12 12:48

  • Palm courts Taiwan mobile makers to boost production

    Anticipates rocketing demand

    Business 12 12:50

  • Intel moots sooner-than-later DDR support

    Brookdale DDR to ship October, Brookdale PC-133 may not ship at all, sources claim

    Channel 12 12:52

  • NASA to webcast Eros landing

    Probe to land on most distant rock yet

    Media 12 12:54

  • Oftel's timing as poor as ever

    Backslapping turns to head-slapping

    Data Networking 12 13:02

  • SCH pulls plug on TW2.com


    Business 12 13:10

  • 3D Realms fences in Foxing fans

    Copyright abuse

    Games Industry 12 13:33

  • Compaq AlphaServers to hit 833MHz, 1GHz

    Real Soon Now

    Channel 12 13:36

  • Paedophile says why he loves the Net

    w0nderland member speaks to the BBC

    Media 12 14:17

  • Infineon unveils PDA SDRAM

    Eats less power, is more compact than standard SDRAM

    Channel 12 15:42

  • PlusNet blames BT for poor Net service

    And we finally find out what 'unlimited' really means

    Media 12 16:14

  • Vodafone seeks Sony help with mobile gaming

    Got to find something they can use to sell 3G cellphone networks

    Data Networking 12 16:28

  • Google saves Deja.com Usenet service

    Archives, the lot

    Media 12 17:05

  • Nvidia GeForce 2 Go to ship in a notebook at last

    Toshiba puts it into its latest Satellite

    Channel 12 17:08

  • Nvidia in Sharky infested water

    Anand's KT133 board hoard

    Hardware Roundup 12 17:10

  • Buy a piece of history: the Dome destroyed

    An online presence to rival the 'attraction' itself

    Media 12 17:16

  • Micron launches low-power SDRAM

    Dinna, dinna, dinna, dinna, dinna... BAT-RAM

    Channel 12 17:34

  • 200 billion SMS messages expected this year

    Really Gr8

    Data Networking 12 17:34

  • Apple to focus on pro users during 2001

    Jobs bets consumers will come back next year

    Mac Channel 12 17:41

  • MacOS X beta users get $30 off full version

    Apple encourages pre-orders

    Mac Channel 12 17:41

  • Lax security costs business 6% of revenues?

    Cracker cost estimate beggars belief

    Security 12 18:00

  • RealBasic brings quick app-making to MacOS X

    Carbon-coding made easy

    Mac Channel 12 18:02

  • Anti-Dubya protest organised via Net

    'Not My President's Day' this weekend

    Media 12 18:09

  • Amazon sells software downloads in bid for profit

    Tax, antivirus and design software up for purchase

    Media 12 18:11

  • Anna Kournikova virus spreading like wildfire

    Email worm spreading twice as fast as Love Bug

    Security 12 18:26

  • MS court gig to go out live on the Web

    But these being lawyers, 'live' is maybe the wrong word...

    Software 12 18:44

  • Napster ruling merely delays injunction

    Enjoy it while you can....

    Media 12 20:02

  • McDonald's hit by spitting email hoax

    Staff mishandling 'white people's hamburgers'

    Media 12 22:33

  • Hold the Bus! Rambus German lawsuit postponed

    'Last minute delay tactics'

    Channel 12 23:43