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SuSE confirms US staff cuts

Updated It's symptomatic of the chaos around SuSE this week, that as the company's US spokesperson was telling The Register that only ten of SuSE's 60 stateside staff would lose their jobs, its US President Volker Wiegand was telling Client/Server News that only twelve would remain.
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Prison e-mail ban upheld

Officials at California's most notorious prison won the right to block inmates from receiving printed e-mail messages though the regular US mail, in a ruling by a state appeals court Tuesday.
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Slashdot outsources headlines to BBSpot

Can't get enough Slashdot? The wags at BBSpot have created a random story generator that should help fill those numb, empty minutes between story postings at the popular VA Linux-owned chat site.
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Taiwan mobo orders up in February

It's not exactly the green shoots of recovery but sales in February of motherboards made by Taiwanese firms are expected to equal or surpass that of January.
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Logitech pumps up the volume with Labtec buy

Logitech, the Swiss mouse maker, is beefing up its peripherals business with the $125m acquisition of Labtec, a US rival.

BT broadband a ‘national disgrace’

AOL UK and Freeserve are threatening legal action against BT concerning the slow roll-out of broadband ADSL services in Britain.
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BT is Britain's ‘Internet Villain’

BT chief, Sir Peter Bonfield, is Britain's "Internet Villain", the industry decided last night.
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Woundup Win2k server – 1m sales and still going, er, slow

After a year of biting its nails, Microsoft says that by the end of this month 1,000,000 units of Windows 2000 server will have been sold. But is this actually good news or bad news? Despite the enthusiastic trumpeting noises coming from Redmond, it kind of depends on how much NT also sold in Win2k's first year, the sum of the two being needed for us to tell how well Microsoft's campaign to dominate the server market is doing.
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Napster bans Manic Street Preachers swaps

Manic Street Preachers have become the latest band to find their next, unreleased album cropping up on Napster.
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Flashy cracker defaces Memorex site

The Web site of Memorex has been defaced with a message taunting system administrators about lax security.
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Sega president goes mad

The president of Sega has presented the company with all of his 19.87 million shares in the company - worth £500 million - in order to cover the loss caused by the termination of the Dreamcast console.
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Palm confident of successful 2001

Palm is on track to release PalmOS 4.0 "in a few months", company CEO Carl Yankowski told attendees of the Banc of America Securities Conference in San Francisco yesterday.
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BT shares slide

Investors were unimpressed with BT's Q3 results announced this morning wiping almost 8 per cent off the value of the company in the first three hours of trading.
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Philips short of analysts' expectations

Philips is the latest technology company to announced a disappointing Q4 last year. Despite reporting a 46 per cent rise in income, the figure of $744.7 million still missed analysts' expectations.
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PlayStation 3 graphics chip to crush PS2 version

The degree to which Sony's PlayStation 3 will out-perform its predecessor became clearer yesterday when the developer of the console's graphics chip mapped out its internals.
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Never go skiing with a mobile phone

Mobile phones are evil, evil we tell you. Yesterday the Danes told us that they didn't cause cancer, but even if they don't, mobiles can still kill you.

Lucent demos all-silicon radio base station

Boffins at Lucent's Bell Labs have produced what they claim to be the first all-silicon chips suitable for the base stations used by mobile networks.
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Alan Sugar cries cos he's called a miser

Alan Sugar broke down in court yesterday at the start of a libel trial over a newspaper article which he says called him a miser.
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Intel invests in German Silicon-Germanium plant

Intel is taking a 25 per cent stake in a German operation planning to build a $1.5 billion foundry that will be punching out Silicon-Germanium Carbon chips by 2003.
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Storage system sales take wing

Consumer demand for new networked applications will feed through to soaring sales for storage systems, according to IDC.
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Monster fish hoaxer nobbled

A keen angler who posted a picture of himself with a record-breaking pike has been outed as a hoaxer by the Angling Times.

BT ‘institutionally restricting market share’

Freeserve has accused BT of "institutionally restricting market share" among competing broadband ISPs following revelations that the monster telco has two thirds of all ADSL customers in Britain.
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Which country has the most virus infected PCs?

Updated Consumer security firm McAfee.com has unveiled a real-time virus map which is designed to give computer users a visual indication of the spread of virus infections around the world.
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Sony's organic screens get bigger

Sony says it has made the world's largest full colour organic Electroluminescence display that it says will eventually replace Cathode Ray Tube displays.

AOL UK delivers broadband ultimatum to BT

BT's position as both wholesale and retail provider of broadband services could plunge Britain into a broadband crisis that could see the monster telco in the High Court to answer claims that it is abusing its market position.
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Network convergence given a dangerous sexual twist

A network distie has decided to inject a bit of excitement into its seminars on voice and data convergence by sending out an invite with a "VD Clinic" motif on letters and faxes.
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ATI Radeon through the wringer

HWRoundup HardOCP takes on the ATI Radeon and wins. No marketing blurb was left untranslated and no technical stone unturned. And HardOCP being HardOCP, there was a little peek at the overclockability of it. So have a read of the whole thing here. You know it makes sense.
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Daily Mail political editor plagiarises Reg

We were glad when someone picked up on our story about Labour party officials posting anti-Plaid Cymru messages on political newsgroups under pseudonyms. The Daily Mail was one of the first and it gave almost a half page to it with its political editor's byline.
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Brits look but don't touch online gaming

Brits have decided to look but not touch when it comes to online gaming, a survey claims.
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Le Freeswerve snubs Oftel with classic one-liner

David Melville, company secretary and general counsel to Le Freeswerve - Britain's biggest French ISP - couldn't help but have a dig at the telecoms regulator when he took part in an industry discussion at the ISPCON 2001 conference in London yesterday.
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Intel crows about Flash contracts

Not to be outdone by AMD, Intel has been baying this week about flogging huge amounts of Flash memory itself. Both Cisco and Siemens have agreed to by the non-volatile memory from Chipzilla.
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Dell touts smaller OptiPlex desktop in UK

Dell has brought out a smaller model to go in its OptiPlex desktop line.
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Child porn found on pawned computer

An Oklahoma man has been arrested after child porn was found on a computer he left at a pawnbroker's.
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Cops trial crime reporting over the Net

Sussex Police is trying to lighten the load on its emergency call handling service by encouraging victims of less serious crimes to report them over the Internet.
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Dell plans big layoffs – Client Server News

Dell is hatching a plan to cut ten per cent of its workforce in its first ever round of lay offs, Client Server News claims.