8th February 2001 Archive

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  • SuSE confirms US staff cuts

    It's bad... only 12 left

    Software 08 01:19

  • Prison e-mail ban upheld

    God forbid the inmates get spammed

    Media 08 03:32

  • Slashdot outsources headlines to BBSpot

    First-poster Viagra

    Bootnotes 08 07:44

  • Taiwan mobo orders up in February

    Green shoots?

    Business 08 08:47

  • Logitech pumps up the volume with Labtec buy

    Peripherals giant

    Business 08 09:33

  • BT broadband a ‘national disgrace’

    Telco faces legal action over slow ADSL roll-out

    Data Networking 08 10:19

  • BT is Britain's ‘Internet Villain’

    Talk about a one horse race

    Media 08 11:25

  • Woundup Win2k server – 1m sales and still going, er, slow

    MS recycles the old 'NT to dominate server market' marketing ploy?

    Software 08 11:33

  • Napster bans Manic Street Preachers swaps

    If you tolerate this, then your profits will be next...

    Media 08 11:38

  • Flashy cracker defaces Memorex site

    It's the latest IIS crack victim

    Security 08 11:52

  • Sega president goes mad

    We know you're embarrassed, Isao, but £500m?

    Games Industry 08 11:53

  • Palm confident of successful 2001

    PalmOS 4 coming in 'a few months'

    Business 08 11:57

  • BT shares slide

    Operating profit stagnant

    Business 08 12:06

  • Philips short of analysts' expectations

    Blames US slowdown, like everyone else

    Business 08 12:13

  • PlayStation 3 graphics chip to crush PS2 version

    75 million polys, 2.6 billion pixels per second, 256Mb on-die DRAM

    Channel 08 12:26

  • Never go skiing with a mobile phone

    You may not come back

    Bootnotes 08 12:58

  • Lucent demos all-silicon radio base station

    Cheaper, smaller boxes for mobile phone networks

    Data Networking 08 13:04

  • Alan Sugar cries cos he's called a miser

    We didn't know he was such a sensitive flower

    Bootnotes 08 13:07

  • Intel invests in German Silicon-Germanium plant

    Hails SiGe to the tune of 25 per cent

    Data Networking 08 13:23

  • Storage system sales take wing

    RAIDing Parties

    Business 08 14:14

  • Monster fish hoaxer nobbled

    Fun with Photoshop part 32

    Bootnotes 08 14:40

  • BT ‘institutionally restricting market share’

    Freeserve boss slams BT

    Data Networking 08 14:42

  • Which country has the most virus infected PCs?

    Virus map shows one in five machines have the pox

    Security 08 15:43

  • Sony's organic screens get bigger

    CRT killers which don't need backlight

    Business 08 15:49

  • AOL UK delivers broadband ultimatum to BT

    Britain faces ADSL crisis

    Data Networking 08 16:11

  • Network convergence given a dangerous sexual twist

    Distie holds VD clinics for voice data integration

    Bootnotes 08 16:35

  • ATI Radeon through the wringer

    And yet more KT133A action

    Hardware Roundup 08 16:45

  • Daily Mail political editor plagiarises Reg

    We're used to people nicking stories, but...

    Bootnotes 08 16:47

  • Brits look but don't touch online gaming

    Virtual joy stick merchants

    Games Industry 08 17:49

  • Le Freeswerve snubs Oftel with classic one-liner

    Put-downs don't get much better than this

    Bootnotes 08 17:50

  • Intel crows about Flash contracts

    Sells bucketloads of memory, surprise, surprise

    Channel 08 17:53

  • Dell touts smaller OptiPlex desktop in UK

    A bit quieter than the rest

    Business 08 17:54

  • Child porn found on pawned computer

    Oklahoma man arrested

    Security 08 18:03

  • Cops trial crime reporting over the Net

    Sussex Police says don't email it about emergencies

    Media 08 18:55

  • Dell plans big layoffs – Client Server News

    Thousands for the chop

    Business 08 22:45