7th February 2001 Archive

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  • Chip designers vow to cool overheating Gelsinger

    All it takes is a little Pat

    Channel 07 07:39

  • eToys death sentence confirmed

    A million Barbie dolls weep

    Business 07 08:54

  • CNET shuts Gamecenter

    Decimates staff

    Games Industry 07 09:03

  • Woundup Brace yourself for the new Windows XP UI

    Will it get .NETed?

    Software 07 09:44

  • Transmeta says TSMC is second ‘primary supplier’

    Ends IBM fab exclusive

    Channel 07 10:06

  • Vivendi buys Uproar games site

    Bargain basement

    Games Industry 07 10:43

  • Taiwan Semicon: Q1 2001 to be a bit of a downer

    TSMC's Q4 2000 was very good, though

    Business 07 10:55

  • Cisco's Borg-like acquisition spree may be curtailed

    Suffers profit and revenue shortfall

    Business 07 11:20

  • Linux not behind investment bank open source shindig

    Journos suffer buzzword blindness

    Software 07 11:50

  • BT bottles unmetered debate

    Just call us yella

    Media 07 12:03

  • Mobiles don't cause cancer! This time

    Big survey but still flaws

    Data Networking 07 12:07

  • Welcome to Security

    Our new section

    Business 07 12:16

  • Love Bug author says bug created in cyber gang war

    Creating viruses 'is better than sex'

    Media 07 12:23

  • Users haven't learned any lessons from the Love Bug

    A third of them will still open ILOVEYOU message

    Media 07 12:23

  • Plan to charge for BIND security info

    Closed forum being set up

    Media 07 12:23

  • Network Associates weathers DoS attack

    Crackers seek revenge for unravelling of BIND bug

    Media 07 12:34

  • Flaws leave Cisco content switches vulnerable

    Upgrade for DoS bug, but access flaw workaround only

    Data Networking 07 12:34

  • Anti-virus becoming less important than content control

    Bosses want to control staff

    Software 07 12:34

  • AOL users warning over ‘rapidly spreading’ Trojan

    Password stealing code

    Media 07 12:34

  • Captain Crunch sets up security firm

    Legendary 70s phreaker returns from obscurity

    Media 07 12:34

  • ‘Cyber Sweeney’ host hi-tech crime meet

    Top Euro cops and Feds to attend

    Media 07 12:34

  • Encryption vs anti-virus

    Is there a way past the deadlock?

    Software 07 12:40

  • World Economic Forum hacked

    Protest by other means?

    Media 07 12:45

  • Crypto regs still tricky

    Stealth export rules keep lawyers busy

    Media 07 12:45

  • JavaScript makes e-mail bugging easy

    Love those 'features'

    Media 07 12:45

  • Militants plan terror in chat rooms shocker

    Electronic Jihad scare to get law enforcers greater Net monitoring powers

    Media 07 12:45

  • ‘CrackWhore’ a boon to password-request sites

    How easy can this get?

    Software 07 12:45

  • Gameplay cuts Net access at HQ

    Trying to prevent leaks

    Games Industry 07 12:49

  • One billion online by 2005

    Good God, think of the bandwidth...

    Media 07 12:49

  • Sun wastes bullets on .NET in shooting spree

    The Correct Use of SOAP

    Software 07 12:49

  • Intel ate my iCat

    Proved a bit of a dog

    Media 07 12:51

  • Feds use biometrics against Super Bowl fans

    1984 arriving late, but getting here all the same

    Media 07 12:55

  • Antfactory director murdered

    A dangerous business this Internet

    Media 07 12:58

  • The451.com wields job axe

    Surprise, surprise

    Business 07 13:12

  • Reg Site News Shutters lift on new Security Channel

    Makes sense to us

    Site News 07 13:22

  • Jackson goes in frame as MS appeal court orders ‘bias’ session

    Baffled Redmond lawyers get something they didn't ask for

    Software 07 13:31

  • MoD laptop thefts put the wind up the US

    Parliament had to reassure our American cousins

    Business 07 13:45

  • Orange now worth even less

    France Telecom buys some armbands

    Business 07 13:47

  • Fugitive stays silent after eating mobile SIM card

    Cops await CWAP demo

    Bootnotes 07 13:59

  • No one wanted bust Datrontech's Summit business

    It's all over for the distie

    Business 07 15:18

  • Police urge business to report hi-tech crimes

    They want more money too

    Security 07 15:39

  • Mobile phone companies ripping us off

    And Oftel tells us other things we already know

    Data Networking 07 15:48

  • Autonomy ships call centre brain saver

    This phone call may be converted to text for quality control purposes

    Software 07 16:00

  • AMD, Olivetti and the Italian connection

    Back to the future

    Business 07 16:06

  • AMD appoints memory presidente

    Same bloke new title

    Business 07 16:16

  • Warwick University welcomes student e-debt

    Laptops compulsory; ruinous debt possible

    Business 07 16:30

  • Stephen King reveals The Plant profit

    Not 'Big Publishing's worst nightmare' after all

    Media 07 16:35

  • BT favourite for ‘Internet Villain’ award

    oh, the an-tis-see-pay-shun

    Media 07 17:38

  • 120 jobs lost as Logical exits PC business

    Scale game

    Business 07 17:55

  • Anand digs bigtime bandwidth

    Abit's KT7A RAID under the scope

    Hardware Roundup 07 19:02

  • Spice Girls death threat hoax dupes poncy music site

    And makes us chuckle

    Bootnotes 07 19:06

  • Sick of crap DSL? Start your own service!

    Wyoming city shows you how

    Data Networking 07 19:09

  • IBM beefs up ThinkPad and NetVista lines

    Celerons and new displays

    Business 07 19:26

  • Server sales grew 21 per cent in Q4

    Worldwide sales of 3.9 million

    Business 07 19:26

  • Armed blaggers escape with 800MHz PIII chips worth £700K

    M4 crime corridor

    Business 07 19:28

  • Net games outfits told to ditch free services

    40 million online gamers by 2004

    Games Industry 07 22:02

  • Penis too big? Click here

    Members only site

    Media 07 22:57