6th February 2001 Archive

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  • Kansas killer lured victims through the Net

    S&M, torture, death

    Media 06 00:20

  • Intel touts Alpha, IBM designs to beat 'hotter than reactor'chips

    Multiple cores, SMT brewing in Chipzilla labs

    Channel 06 00:45

  • Woundup XPerience triumphs over hope

    And holograms a go-go...

    Software 06 09:56

  • Corel Linux sale ‘best thing’ for OS, claims exec

    Company Linux chief talks to Reg

    Software 06 11:01

  • Letsbuyit gets $49.6m backing

    Ex-hacker Schmitz not involved

    Business 06 11:07

  • BellSouth hangs up on payphone business

    This is starting to look like a trend...

    Data Networking 06 11:08

  • Apple cuts cost of Cube – again

    Got to get rid of 'em somehow...

    Mac Channel 06 11:50

  • Pace Micro buys digital TV technology firm

    Acquires French-based Xcom Multimedia for up to £22m

    Business 06 11:59

  • Toshiba slashes proft forecast by 30%

    Weak chip prices, slow notebook sales

    Business 06 12:17

  • FTC to investigate Rambus

    Commission to probe Rambus' dealings with JEDEC

    Channel 06 12:22

  • Evergreen puts brakes on wannabe overclockers

    New BIOS lock for AcceleraPCI upgrades

    Business 06 12:48

  • BT has £900 commonsense failure

    It may be physically impossible but that's what our computer says

    Bootnotes 06 12:50

  • AMD claims chip sales growth to beat industry average

    Down but not out in 2001

    Channel 06 12:51

  • Online betting nobbles Coral results

    Eurobet needs some Deep Heat up its backside

    Business 06 13:22

  • Dr Tom's GeForce2 MX gang bang

    Five cards in hot sweaty action

    Hardware Roundup 06 14:37

  • VIA's January sales up 92%

    Doesn't mean it's bucking the industry trend

    Channel 06 14:44

  • One2One launches ‘unmetered’ mobile service

    In the 'limited useage' sense of the word

    Data Networking 06 14:58

  • Yankee Lieutenant-General calls Japs ‘wimps’

    Email stirs up a bit of trouble down in Okinawa

    Media 06 15:36

  • Sportal cuts 10% of staff

    25 to go in London

    Business 06 16:29

  • WIPO still kissing famous people's arses

    Venus Williams and Nicole Kidman win domains

    Media 06 17:09

  • Loony in botched fake massacre threat

    All in an AOL chat room, apparently

    Media 06 17:28

  • Verizon tells New York to quit DSL whingeing

    'Why not have a go at the cable companies?'

    Data Networking 06 17:45

  • Virgin online train ticket system derails

    It's the Railtrack effect

    Media 06 17:53

  • German ISP uses file-scanning crawler to bust pedos

    Raus! Raus Pervertieren....

    Media 06 18:13

  • Verizon hit with another DSL lawsuit

    Big Apple lawyers limber up

    Media 06 20:51

  • Amazon to collect donations for poor Web sites – at a price

    Buddy, have you got a few hundred bucks to spare

    Business 06 21:45