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Kansas killer lured victims through the Net

The Kansas man accused of killing women he met through the Net led a double life as a "master" of domination, a US court heard today.
Linda Harrison, 06 Feb 2001

Intel touts Alpha, IBM designs to beat 'hotter than reactor'chips

UpdatedChips will be as hot as nuclear reactors by the end of the decade... and as hot as the surface of the sun by 2015, if they continue on their current design path, according to Pat Gelsinger, Intel's architecture chief.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Feb 2001
One Microsoft Way by https://www.flickr.com/photos/36182550@N08/ CC 2.0 attribution https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ cropped to 648-432

Woundup XPerience triumphs over hope

As reported yesterday, Microsoft has officially announced the names for both Whistler and Office 10. After much speculation from Paul Thurrott and Chris Pirillo, the names have been confirmed by Microsoft. I received an e-mail from a Microsoft spokesperson last Friday stating that the "XP" name was just speculation and that the odds of it being called that were slim to none. Hmmm... this is from Microsoft's press department; people like you and I heard about it two weeks ago. Anyway, to read Microsoft's plan for XP follow this link.
Luis Escalante, 06 Feb 2001

Corel Linux sale ‘best thing’ for OS, claims exec

Corel's recently announced spin-off of its Linux distribution is the "best thing for Linux", according to Rene Schmidt, Executive VP for Corel's Linux Product Group. Of course, it could also be said to be a very good thing for the company as well, writes Bruce Tober.
Our correspondent, 06 Feb 2001

Letsbuyit gets $49.6m backing

Letsbuyit is safe for the time being. It has secured a E53 million ($49.6 million) investment from a consortium of backers.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Feb 2001

BellSouth hangs up on payphone business

The mobile revolution has found another victim in BellSouth's pay phone network. The baby bell has said it will take all of its 143,000 pay phones out of service by 2002.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Feb 2001

Apple cuts cost of Cube – again

Thousands of unsold Power Mac Cubes will be used to repair dwindling polar ice caps in a bid to reverse the effects of global warming and help clear out Apple's warehouses.
Tony Smith, 06 Feb 2001

Pace Micro buys digital TV technology firm

Pace Micro has agreed to acquire digital television technology firm Xcom Multimedia in a mixed cash and equity purchase worth up to £22 million.
John Leyden, 06 Feb 2001

Toshiba slashes proft forecast by 30%

Toshiba has slashed its full year profit forecast by 30 per cent because of weak memory chip prices and poor notebook sales in the US.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Feb 2001

FTC to investigate Rambus

Hyundai's battle with Rambus took on new dimension yesterday when it emerged that the US Federal Trade Commission is to investigate claims that RDRAM maker mislead JEDEC, the memory standards body.
Tony Smith, 06 Feb 2001

Evergreen puts brakes on wannabe overclockers

Evergreen Technologies has released an AcceleraPCI upgrade for Pentium systems that includes a BIOS lock that prevents unauthorised access to the configuration options.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Feb 2001

BT has £900 commonsense failure

Does BT's greed know no end? The company that spend millions persuading customers it loves them has had a major commonsense failure with a £900 bill sent to Edward and Patricia Curtis in Cornwall.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Feb 2001

AMD claims chip sales growth to beat industry average

AMD admitted yesterday that it too will be hit by the global downturn in the chip market, but it's not going to be as badly off as its competitors.
Tony Smith, 06 Feb 2001

Online betting nobbles Coral results

UK bookies Coral lost £52.3 million last year, mainly thanks to the soaring costs of marketing its Eurobet Internet gambling site.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Feb 2001

Dr Tom's GeForce2 MX gang bang

HWRoundupTranscend's TS-ALR4 DDR mainboard gets a thorough inspection by the team at BXBoards. The guys reckon that the extra couple of weeks Transcend spent working on the board, based on the AliMagik 1 Chipset, paid dividends in terms of performance. They reckon it has a bit more whizz to it that Iwill's KA266-R. Read the rest of it here.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Feb 2001

VIA's January sales up 92%

VIA sold NT$3.08 billion ($99.6 million) worth of chip and chipset designs last month - nearly double the sales it achieved in January 2000.
Tony Smith, 06 Feb 2001
Cat 5 cable

One2One launches ‘unmetered’ mobile service

One2One has launched an unmetered mobile service, Precept Max, in an attempt to usurp the landline as people's main form of phone communication.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Feb 2001

Yankee Lieutenant-General calls Japs ‘wimps’

An email sent by the head of US military forces on the island of Okinawa (just south of Japan), in which he called local Japanese officials "nuts" and "wimps", has created a bit of a stink after it was leaked to the Japanese media.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Feb 2001

Sportal cuts 10% of staff

Sports content site Sportal is axing 10 per cent of its global workforce today.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Feb 2001

WIPO still kissing famous people's arses

WIPO has again decided that famous people by dint of being famous have every right to any URL that includes their name. Even if that name is spelt incorrectly. This time it's tennis players Venus and Serena Williams and actress Nicole Kidman.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Feb 2001

Loony in botched fake massacre threat

A police investigation into threats in an AOL chat room to "shoot up" a school degenerated into farce when it was revealed that the complainant had sent the messages to herself.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Feb 2001
Broken CD with wrench

Verizon tells New York to quit DSL whingeing

A group of Silicon Alley cats have drawn up a 'Broadband Bill of Rights' in a bid to make Verizon accountable for the city's dire DSL service.
Linda Harrison, 06 Feb 2001

Virgin online train ticket system derails

Virgin's much-vaulted online booking service for train tickets has been down all day and still isn't working. The derailed service at www.thetrainline.com and www.virgintrains.co.uk is just the latest disaster to hit the UK rail system, which is arguably the worst in the world at the moment.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Feb 2001

German ISP uses file-scanning crawler to bust pedos

German ISP Uni-X is using a Web crawler called Perkeo to scan news groups for paedophilia and inform federal police where to find the vile material.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Feb 2001

Verizon hit with another DSL lawsuit

Verizon faces another class-action lawsuit in the US over its DSL service.
Linda Harrison, 06 Feb 2001

Amazon to collect donations for poor Web sites – at a price

Amazon.com today launched a system to let surfers throw cash at their favourite sites.
Linda Harrison, 06 Feb 2001

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