5th February 2001 Archive

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  • Dell squashes cybersquatter

    Korea move

    Business 05 09:51

  • PC OEMs can rejoice at McKinley ‘delay’

    Reg debunks latest Itanic rumours

    Channel 05 09:53

  • Ideal bags Fujitsu Siemens server exclusive

    Channel Flannel

    Business 05 10:02

  • Web Publishers don't give it away

    Reprint and be damned

    Media 05 10:36

  • HP scales up Euro Linux support

    Unveils 40 Linux printer drivers, pre-installs RedHat

    Software 05 11:21

  • Mandrake takes training, support open source

    Selling better in retail than Red Hat, too

    Software 05 11:21

  • Dabs makes £1.2m loss

    Back in profit, says MD

    Business 05 11:47

  • SIA admits 2001 chip growth forecast won't be met

    Up 22 per cent? Not likely...

    Channel 05 11:54

  • Penny-pinching HP cuts 10% pensioner discount

    Company sued over axed rebate scheme

    Business 05 12:05

  • Are you filthy enough to win $10,000?

    Scummy, rotting, nasty, dirty readers need only apply

    Media 05 12:28

  • Why Microsoft's MSN PC give away didn't work

    It didn't (arf...) have a monopoly of the channel...

    Media 05 12:30

  • Why you should quit your job and work for Microsoft

    Or even better than that, Cisco

    Business 05 13:21

  • Dubya Death Threat: CIA see through fake email ploy

    'Terrorists' given a good talking to

    Media 05 13:28

  • MS confirms Whistler is Windows XP

    Stands for bitter eXPerience

    Software 05 13:50

  • Le Freeswerve says sorry…

    ...for raising false hopes

    Media 05 15:01

  • ATI ships Radeon Mobility

    Power throttling tech cuts consumption to 0.5W

    Channel 05 15:19

  • Amazon vows to drop dud lines

    Bezos said it needs to 'Get the Crap Out'

    Media 05 15:42

  • Register screensaver challenge

    Get your big bad vulture logo here

    Bootnotes 05 15:42

  • More mobile madness: fines, lashes or jail

    Now everyone wants us to stop using them

    Bootnotes 05 15:55

  • MS testers shout ‘Linux’ over Whistler copy protection

    Row breaks out over Product Activation

    Software 05 16:23

  • Why XP is the perfect name for Windows

    Airforce used it for crash and burn planes

    Bootnotes 05 16:29

  • Computers are making us stupid

    So stupid that people now reckon PCs are our friends

    Bootnotes 05 17:01

  • Kids charity canned by PlusNet


    Media 05 17:04

  • Gameplay denies Wireplay ultimatum

    CEO chats with Reg

    Games Industry 05 17:13

  • Software company beats M$ to Xbox trademark

    Little-known, loss-making vertical market software biz calls foul

    Software 05 17:15

  • Canon enjoys 91% net profit boom

    Printer sales healthy, fax market tough

    Business 05 17:17

  • Bouncers used at GamePlay

    'Sorry mate, you can't come in here to be made redundant wearing jeans...'

    Bootnotes 05 17:37

  • Congress sets date for ICANN review

    ICANN should expect a hard time

    Media 05 18:09

  • Deutsche Telekom probed over ADSL prices

    Offering Net access at below cost

    Data Networking 05 18:17

  • Geocaching game makes geeks sane and fit

    Just do it

    Media 05 19:14

  • Capellas puts the fun back into Compaq

    Crazy Guy

    Business 05 19:21

  • AT&T touts Net, phone deal for $7 a month

    Price war is declared

    Data Networking 05 21:49