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Italian Footballers in Website prostitute probe

A bunch of Italian footballers has been implicated in a sex ring that offered prostitutes online.
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Canon beefs up printer collection

Canon has beefed up its printer range with four fresh models - the Bubble Jet S400, S450, S4500 and S800.
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Nortel helps stalk you on line

Nortel is getting ready to enable your ISP to serve up advertising come-ons based on your surfing habits with its new "Personal Internet" network software, the company announced Tuesday.
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Woundup Names for Whistler and Office 10 leaked

WinInfo's Paul Thurrott reports that Microsoft will reveal the final names of both Whistler and Office 10 by February 13, one day after Whistler Beta 2 is expected to be released. As you read earlier this week, Microsoft will most likely be using XP (eXPerienced) after both Whistler and Office 10. Its slogan: "Windows XP and Office XP: Are you experienced?" Personally, I think it's much better than having a number after the word "Windows", and thankfully we won't be hearing something like "Me", which confused half the world into thinking it was some possessed version of Windows.
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Big Blue eclipsed at LinuxExpo

"The news here is that the big guys have taken over!" we overheard a rather excitable reporter inform his editor via cellphone in the LinuxWorld Expo press room. "They've squeezed the little guys out! That's the news!"
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Handcuffs remain on BT

BT is still too dominant in the residential market place and has to be regulated, according to telecoms regulator Oftel.
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ISPA's legal eagles fly in for chat

Britain's Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will sit down behind closed doors today to thrash out a way to deal with unlawful content published on the Net.
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The color of irony

Judging by the letters we get, it seems that some Reg readers have trouble distinguishing the serious from the tongue-in-cheek.
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IBM shuts its Dublin hard disk plant

Updated IBM is shutting its hard disk manufacturing plant at its technology campus in Dublin. Production is continuing until March.
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PlusNet boots 1100 users from its service

PlusNet has kicked off 1100 users from its service in what is believed to be the biggest single cull of users from any ISP.

French say encore to 3G auction

The auction for 3G licences in France will have to be re-run after its one-fee plan for the four licences available collapsed. All but two of the bidders withdrew, turning the sale into a farce and heavily embarrassing the French government.
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Californian patents thought process

An interesting sounding patent has been filed in the US, following the change in US patent law that allows schemes as well as physical inventions to be patented.
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Corel in transcendental makeover

When a company has a corporate makeover, it indicates one of three things: It wants to get in touch with the child within Its logo has offended the religious sensibilities of some potentially lucrative market It's in financial difficulty. In the event of the latter, the rebranding is known technically as 'shifting …
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AOL Time Warner poo-poos Napster-BMG deal

Bertelsmann may reckon it can launch a fee-based, legitimate version of Napster's music sharing service next summer, but AOL Time Warner, for one, disagrees.
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The latest on Project Ginger

Vulture-eyed reader Georg Klein has trawled the Internet and found not only a description of Project Ginger but also where you can buy it from.
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FreeDrive renews reason for service switch off

Online storage provider FreeDrive has changed its mind about why it decided to suspend its public file sharing facility just over a week after blaming its move on software pirates.
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Time promotes rivals

Time Computers seems to have been remarkably frank in its latest advert, revealing all its major competitors won more PC awards than it managed in 2000.
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New ZENworks: sys admin boys are happy

Novell has kicked out a beta for ZENworks for Servers 2 featuring improved server management, namely that NetWare support packs can be installed automatically, so saving sys admin loads of time and making the world a better place.
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IBM spins new drive at 15,000rpm

IBM said it has built a new UltraStar hard drive for the corporate server market, designed to compete with Seagate's 15,000rpm offering. The company claims that as well as matching Seagate's speed, the new drive out performs its competition in data retrieval time.
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SonicBlue Q4 revenues collapse

SonicBlue saw its year-on-year revenues halve today when it reported its Q4 2000 figures.
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Net adoption row couples go on Oprah

The two couples embroiled in the Internet baby adoption row have taken their spat to the highest echelons of the media - the Oprah Winfrey show.
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Forget Cockney and Popney, here comes Chipney

There have been several recent newspaper reports about the trend to create rhyming slang terms from celebrity names.
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HP coughs to ad cock-up

HP has apologised unreservedly for an advertising error that offered rather more than it should have done.
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Amazon touts Asian porn

Amazon surfers have been getting an eyeful after the e-tailer splashed pornographic photos on its site.
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AllAdvantage and Work24 go titsup.com

Dum. Dum. Dum. Another com bites the dust. Actually, since they're fading thick and fast, we've had to put two here so we can fit other stories on the front page.
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Microsoft redefines ‘open source’ – look, don't touch

Remember the gag about how many Microsoft programmers it takes to change a light bulb? The answer's none: Redmond simply redefines darkness.
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WorldCom to swallow UUNet

WorldCom is to merge with its ISP sibling, UUNet, to create a single, unified company.
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Therapists to profit from dotcom deaths

New York's shrinks will do well out of the dotcom bubble burst, according to one of the city's top ISPs.