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Raging Bull spears new owner

It's amazing how many page impressions you can rack up with a discussion site. Raging Bull's two million readers wade through, on average, 100 pages each a month and spend 100 minutes each month working through the posts.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jan 2001
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Woundup Win2k slow progress, more on Whistler keys

ZDNet has an interesting piece concerning the slow but sure growth of Windows 2000. The news that has dominated the Web sites since Windows 2000 was released a year ago is probably the deployment issue. Millions of companies have already either upgraded from NT or have been convinced, and upgraded from a Unix/Linux operating system. Why?
Luis Escalante, 31 Jan 2001

Apple to drop ATI for Nvidia

Mac Rumour RoundupWithin the next 12 months, Apple will be buying all its graphics components from Nvidia, AppleInsider's souces have claimed.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2001

Chipzilla confirms prices cuts

OK, so it was a day or so later than expected, but Intel has at last hacked back the prices of its current line-up of desktop and mobile, pro and consumer-oriented processors.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2001
Cat 5 cable

Kingston delays consumer LLU

Kingston Communications has become the latest telco to lose interest in competing head-to-head with BT in Britain.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2001

Alcatel predicts increase in mobile, Net sales

Alcatel has forecast a slowdown in demand from service providers for networking equipment that will result in a slowdown of its growth this year.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2001

ARM's profits jump 53%

ARM's Q4 pretax profits have jumped 53 per cent thanks to the mobile phone bonanza pushing up license sales and royalty payments.
Robert Blincoe, 31 Jan 2001

Intel plant discharges excess emissions

Intel pumped over a third of a ton of chemicals into the air around its Rio Rancho chip foundry during the last three months or so, the company's official air pollution readings, filed with the New Mexico government, reveal.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2001

BT schmooze provides short-term relief

BT chiefs had a cosy dinner with a select group of City fund managers and - who'd have guessed it - the next day shares in the lumbering, monster telco perk up.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2001

RedHotAnt site disappears

There are fresh concerns today about Kent-based ISP, RedHotAnt, after its Web site disappeared overnight.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2001

Europe to go titsup.com

Europe is going titsup.com thanks to Internet companies burning money faster than ever before, a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers has said.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Jan 2001

Euro dotcom top brass get 60% pay rise

The chief execs of dotcom businesses have received a nice fat 60 per cent pay rise in the last 12 months. The average pay packet is now £170,000.
Robert Blincoe, 31 Jan 2001

Chipzilla gears up for 2GHz-plus PCs

Intel Roadmap UpdateIntel will have pushed the desktop PC beyond 2GHz at the high end, and driven the Pentium 4 processor down into the lowest reaches of the mainstream PC market by the end of the year, The Register has learned.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2001

Pentium 4 price blitz to push out PIII

Intel Roadmap UpdateIntel's latest roadmap update reveal an ongoing process of price cuts through to 27 May, driving down the cost of adopting the Pentium 4 and squeezing the last few drops out of the PIII.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2001

New e-envoy named!

UpdatedWell, four months after Alex Allan quit as the government's e-envoy and after an open invitation to the UK for anyone to put themselves forward for the job, the incredible choice has been made. Yes, it's Andrew Pinder!
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Jan 2001

Dell disses handhelds and Net appliances

Say what you like about Michael Dell, the man certainly does not lack confidence in his product or his business strategy.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Jan 2001

Intel to hijack world with InfiniBust – analyst

The minions of the Satan Clara chip factory may be busy at work weaving a fabric to ensnare the entire computing and networking industries, but according to a leading industry analyst, this fabric has a few Rambus-sized holes in it.
Our correspondent, 31 Jan 2001

Cisco ships 10Gbps router

Cisco will today launch a range of high-speed networking kit targeted as service providers, including a 10 Gigabit router and an optical networking control box.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2001

New York amid dotcom boom

Gnumeedjia luvvies in New York reckon life on the Net isn't as bad as everyone makes out and that their businesses will survive the current dotcom downturn.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2001

Register screensaver challenge

CompetitionAlways looking to employ our readers' talents to the greater benefit of mankind, we are giving you the chance to be God for a Day.
Lester Haines, 31 Jan 2001

The most ludicrous form of dotcom advertising we've ever seen

So there we were, down the Mason's Arms, when Lester cries: "What the hell is that on his back?"
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Jan 2001

Letsbuyit ditches 200 staff

Letsbuyit.com is to lay off 200 staff and scrap operations in some countries in an effort to avoid collapse.
Linda Harrison, 31 Jan 2001

Chipzilla readies 1GHz Mobile PIII

Intel Roadmap UpdateIntel will launch its first 1GHz mobile processor next March, less than a month after releasing a 700MHz "low voltage" PIII, the follow-up to this week's "ultra-low voltage" 500MHz PIII.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2001

Mobile PIII price cuts coming

Intel Roadmap UpdateIntel will cut the price of the 1GHz and 900MHz Mobile Pentium III less than two months after its launch next March in what it calls a "back to school refresh".
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2001

Music megaportal might ease P2P losses – study

Major music labels could cash in on revenues currently being lost to P2P services like Napster and Gnutella if they would only develop a consistent marketing platform such as a portal, and cross-license each others' content, according to a white paper by German outfit Diebold Group.
Thomas C Greene, 31 Jan 2001

First 480Mbps USB 2.0 controller arrives

The first USB 2.0 integrated peripheral controller, capable of data rates of 480 Mbps was launched yesterday by Cypress Semiconductor, but adoption could be held up by chipset delays.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Jan 2001

Satellite bandwidth market opens in London

An exchange to trade bandwidth on the world's satellites was opened in London this morning.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2001

We love Ace's Hardware

Recently, we've written about the cold wind blowing through games and hardware review sites which depend upon ad networks for their income.
Drew Cullen, 31 Jan 2001

British e-tailers offer shabby e-returns service

British e-tailers have shabbier returns policies than their US rivals, a survey claims.
Linda Harrison, 31 Jan 2001

Kylix throws free goodies back into Linuxland

Borland will ship Kylix, aka Delphi for Linux in the next month, and threw a coming out party for the software at LinuxWorld Expo in New York. It's isn't open source, but that said, there'll be plenty of red meat to throw back into the free software mixer as a result of Borland's porting efforts.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2001

Lucent looks at holographic storage

Lucent has sent up a new venture, called InPhase, to investigate the potential of holographic storage, long the stuff of science fiction novels, and storage vendors' dreams.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Jan 2001

MVP.com goes titsup.com

Sports and outdoor equipment e-tailer MVP.com has announced it is going out of business.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2001

More KT133A ass kickin'

HWRoundupThe explosion of KT133A motherboard reviews has not stopped over the last few days. Anand and friends took a look at another contribution yesterday, the K7T Turbo Socket-A KT133A ATX from MSI. Can they bring something new to the party? As preproduction samples go, this one must have been fairly good scoring 8.5/10, but the tweakability wasn't so hot. Find out why here
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Jan 2001

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