30th January 2001 Archive

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  • Waitt takes charge at Gateway

    Value statement

    Business 30 Jan 08:34

  • AMD buy back is masterstroke

    Tax loophole

    Business 30 Jan 09:33

  • Woundup Whistler beta requires product key, IE6 escapes

    And Dell pulls plug on Win95...

    Software 30 Jan 11:27

  • Compaq suffering iPAQ shortages

    No high res screens to be seen

    Business 30 Jan 11:42

  • Intel reveals Transmeta ‘killer’

    So it hopes...

    Channel 30 Jan 11:47

  • Thus loses less

    Demon's parent only flushes £13.8m

    Business 30 Jan 11:57

  • Here's what's in IE6 build 2403

    Tighter integration with Microsoft services and software

    Software 30 Jan 12:48

  • Euro telco reform is failing

    What did you expect?

    Data Networking 30 Jan 12:50

  • How LinuxDisk will put a bomb under storage fatcats

    Adios, EMC

    Business 30 Jan 13:10

  • Banking software goes open source

    Based on Linux and Apache

    Software 30 Jan 13:14

  • Telewest crows about numbers

    Simple things...

    Data Networking 30 Jan 13:17

  • Cops face mobe jingle ban

    No Go! Go! Go! for their favourite show

    Bootnotes 30 Jan 13:18

  • Red Hat to bundle Eazel

    And Nautilus reaches Preview Release 3

    Software 30 Jan 13:23

  • New Labour's Internet dirty tricks campaign exposed

    Party employee peddles anonymous propaganda on political newsgroups

    Media 30 Jan 14:10

  • Psion bid for big time wrecked by Motorola pullout

    There goes the US bridgehead...

    Data Networking 30 Jan 14:14

  • Plot to snoop on Prince William

    Bugger-all evidence in bugging reports

    Bootnotes 30 Jan 15:06

  • Thus kinda pulls out of LLU

    Make up your mind!

    Data Networking 30 Jan 16:09

  • VoIP finds captive market in US prisons

    Call management allows convicts' calls to be spied on

    Data Networking 30 Jan 16:11

  • Nokia cuts mobile handset forecast

    Q1 profits to stay flat

    Business 30 Jan 16:27

  • Lucent dazzled by AMD Flash

    We'll buy AMD memory for next three years

    Channel 30 Jan 16:51

  • VIA roadmap and chipset jamboree

    Wibble wibble wibble

    Hardware Roundup 30 Jan 17:42

  • New govt health bill leaves privacy on deathbed

    Wants right to access all your medical details

    Bootnotes 30 Jan 17:44

  • US whupped in cyberspace

    Satellite defences undermined by bloke with chequebook

    Bootnotes 30 Jan 17:46

  • Amazon.co.uk denies existence of MI6 book

    We could have sworn it was there

    Media 30 Jan 17:48

  • Be quarterly revenue falls to $16k

    Preparing the way for a Sony takeover? So one reader reckons

    Software 30 Jan 17:58

  • Search engine veteran poo-poos AltaVista patent claims

    Back off, Wetherell

    Media 30 Jan 18:11

  • IPv6 translation device released

    High claims for network protocol conversion technology

    Media 30 Jan 18:29

  • NTT DoCoMo to link PlayStation to mobiles

    Inks deal with Sony and six phone operators

    Data Networking 30 Jan 18:32

  • Amazon remainders 1,300 staff

    Expects profit by Q4 2001

    Business 30 Jan 22:41

  • New York to get tax-free PCs?

    For one week a year

    Business 30 Jan 22:43

  • BSA offers piracy truce in five US cities

    Turn yourself in, pay up and we'll say no more about it

    Business 30 Jan 22:48