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How to make DSL work properly

For about a year The Register's Washington bureau has been one among many frustrated Verizon DSL subscribers. It wasn't our first choice (having already been a profoundly dissatisfied Verizon mobile phone subscriber) but they were the only provider we could get at our location. From day one we had problems, most of which resiliently defied our efforts to correct -- and our loathing for Verizon grew with each passing week.
Thomas C Greene, 26 Jan 2001

Microsoft crippled by S'Kiddies

DoS'ing Script Kiddies easily disabled most of Microsoft's major Web sites Thursday, just as the company was recovering from the humiliation of being accidentally taken off line by its own (MCSE?) technicians Tuesday and Wednesday.
Thomas C Greene, 26 Jan 2001

Bonsai Kitten craze sweeps online world

Hardly a week goes by without computer games being blamed for turning people into psychopathic killers, so it was strangely reassuring to see some of these dangerous maniacs up in arms over the spoof Bonsai Kitten web site.
Andrew Smith, 26 Jan 2001

Nvidia licenses AMD LDT bus

Nvidia has licensed AMD's Lightning Data Transport bus technology, as have nine other companies, while 20-30 more are evaluating it, Chimpzilla told attendees at the Platform Conference in San Jose, this week.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2001

WorldCom to shed loadsa jobs?

WorldCom has refused to comment on a report that the telco is to lay off up 11,500 of its workforce.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jan 2001

BTInternet flat-fee ISP slips into the water

BTInternet has launched its FRIACO-based 24/7 Net access service today as expected and is marking the occasion with a monster multi-million pound ad campaign.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jan 2001

Colour Palm V debuts on Web

The next version of Palm's Palm V PDA has unexpectedly made its debut on the Web.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2001

Windows Roundup DirectX 8.0a, IE 5.5 not bugfix looms

ActiveWin has reported the official release of DirectX 8.0a, after Microsoft announced its site was down for the third time this week. But after further investigation and a couple of e-mails, it seems that DirectX 8.0a is more of a developer and/or manufacture release. A reader says that after downloading it, he saw no difference in build numbers. "DirectX 8.0a contains updates for issues with international installs on Windows 2000 and issues where input devices could have buttons disabled that were enabled with previous DirectX releases," reports ActiveWin.
Luis Escalante, 26 Jan 2001

Rambus unfazed by Intel DDR plan

Rambus expects Intel to release a DDR SDRAM chipset for the Pentium 4, and it's none too bothered by the fact.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2001

Engrish – Readers reply with forked tongue

Engrish - the terrifying truth
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2001

Ingram gets Web licensing boost

Online licensing now accounts for 32 per cent of Ingram Micro's licensing business after just three months of running the scheme.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Jan 2001

MS details Jump-off point for Windows Java dev

Microsoft has announced a Java migration path to .NET, in a move that currently looks more like circling the wagons than an aggressive assault on Sun's turf. The Java User Migration Path (JUMP) to .NET offers a set of tools to help developers using Microsoft's Visual J++ to convert to C# and .NET, but it's only due to beta this half, and to ship sometime in the second half of this year.
John Lettice, 26 Jan 2001

Reg hack in ite House arning

White House Ws go Walkabout
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2001

Ericsson to stop making mobile phones

The world's number three for mobile phones, Ericsson, has said it will stop manufacturing handsets because of huge losses in its consumer products arm. The announcement came with the company's fourth-quarter results.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jan 2001

Shiva shut-down annoys resellers

Intel has come in for some reseller flak over the way it's handling the closure of its Shiva division.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Jan 2001

Totalise vaporises workers – confirmed

Update:AIM-listed Totalise has confirmed it has canned a "substantial" number of its workforce.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jan 2001

Australia v USA II – The Diggers wade in

Australia v USA - The gloves are off
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2001

Datatec reduces debt with UUNET SA sale

Datatec, the South African-owned networking equipment reseller and distributor, is flogging its 76 per cent stake in UUNET SA to Worldcom for $138.5 million.
Drew Cullen, 26 Jan 2001

Doc gassed on phone while gassing patient

A woman died in a dentist's chair because her anaesthetist was too busy talking on his mobile to pay proper attention to her condition, a jury at the Old Bailey heard.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Jan 2001

Games-World demands apology

Chris Incledon of Intensive Networks LTD is a mite irritated by Kieren's Games-World.net scoffs over Barrysworld demise. Chris is also technical manager of Games-World:
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2001

Aristo erotic rock chick slams toffs

The wife of Lord Burford, Canadian Louise Robey, has posted a message on her fan site detailing the breakdown of her marriage and slamming Britain's aristocracy whom she has been forced to endure socially.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jan 2001

P4 piece hertz reader's feelings

Math/CS major James Perry has got a bee in his bonnet about Mike Magee's Pentium 4 Foster may sink the Itanic.
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2001

Scientology exposé finds favour

Scientologist Web site rips off urban75.com
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2001

ARM to use PowerVR 2 technology

Chip designer Imagination Technology has signed a deal with ARM Holdings to get its PowerVR 2 graphics chip it developed integrated into future ARM designed processors.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Jan 2001

95%? You lucky, lucky devils

UK mobile networks connect 95% of the time Readers' letters 95%? You're having a laugh
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2001

Everquest stamps on Bob Smith

Everquest class action threat over auction spat
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2001

Microsoft dragged kicking and screaming

Windows to go 3D... but not in Whistler
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2001

MS DNS mess matched by 25% of Fortune 1000

More than a third of companies are vulnerable to the kind of domain name system (DNS) problems that made Microsoft's web sites unavailable this week.
John Leyden, 26 Jan 2001

Maxtor and Western Digital in profit, Quantum isn't

The major hard drive players are all releasing their end-2000 financials, and they're a bit of a mixed bag.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Jan 2001

Readers' Letters Tariff too cheap for MS

It's absolutely typical. You streamline your backhanders and bungs department, and still there's confusion. Steve Rodway needs clarification:
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2001

Police radios can trigger positive breath test

If you're ever asked to do a breath test by the police you might do well to insist that they turn off their radios before you blow into their breathalyser.
John Leyden, 26 Jan 2001

ISP accuses BT of price fixing

A Hampshire ISP is looking for other ISPs to rally round and support a complaint it's made against BT.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jan 2001

Network Associates misses Q4 targets

Network Associates saw Q4 sales miss forecasts after abandoning its channel "stuffing" policy.
Linda Harrison, 26 Jan 2001

Hot pics of ALi chipset DDR Intel board

HWRoundupThe new EPoX mobo showed up on Anand's site today. The board fares reasonably well and the sheer effort apparent in the new design wins lots of points. However, the design isn't perfect and the reviewer finds a couple of points that could be improved. Read the full monty here.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Jan 2001

Egg.com's been down due to hardware problem

Online bank Egg.com has been down all week but until five minutes ago couldn't be bothered to tell anyone, even customers, why.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jan 2001

eToys sees losses rise in Q3

Struggling e-tailer eToys saw losses rise for the third quarter, leaving it with just enough cash to last until the end of March.
Linda Harrison, 26 Jan 2001

Britney gets filthy in front of 170,000 fans

Britney Spears, the wholesome princess of pop, and queen of semiconductor physics is not the harmless little lamb we all took her for.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Jan 2001

Sex sells – but Web sites cost a fortune

The company trying to making .tv domains the latest fashion accessory has scored itself a PR scoop with the announcement that www.sex.tv has gone for a record price. Unsurprisingly, it has gone to an "adult entertainment" company.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jan 2001

Web privacy bandits named and shamed

Internet sites are failing to either protect consumers privacy or adhere to international data protection laws.
John Leyden, 26 Jan 2001

SIAA sues auction site pirates

The Software and Information Industry (SIAA) has filed lawsuits against two alleged software pirates which auctioned their goods online.
Linda Harrison, 26 Jan 2001

Fakegifts.com owners face criminal charges

The American duo allegedly behind fakegifts.com could face a lengthy spell in jail for selling imitation designer chic, such as Cartier watches, over the Net.
Linda Harrison, 26 Jan 2001

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