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Compaq hits reduced Q4 targets

Compaq hit its (reduced) Q4 targets but warns that a rocky road lies ahead for the industry in the first half of 2001.
Drew Cullen, 24 Jan 2001

Le Freeswerve says ‘bonjour’ to flat-rate Net access

Le Freeswerve - the UK's leading soon-to-be-French ISP - has launched its much hyped 24/7 unmetered Net access bringing round-the-clock flat-fee Net access to the marketplace.
Tim Richardson, 24 Jan 2001
microsoft nutella

Fun with Windows, PowerPoint insecure

If you're drinking coffee right now, I suggest you put it down. Mr. Hall sent me this link with the subject, "funny Windows stuff". It's more than funny. The page says it was created with The GIMP, which is basically Adobe Photoshop for Linux (although there is a Win32 version, which is less popular), so most likely means a Linux user created it. As I've always said, Linux users are more vigorous and dynamic than us Windows users. It's sad but true!
Luis Escalante, 24 Jan 2001

AOL Time Warner ditches 2000 jobs

AOL Time Warner is to ditch more than 2000 jobs in a bid to cut costs and eliminate duplication following the company's $106 billion monster merger.
Tim Richardson, 24 Jan 2001

Microsoft confirms Web site blackout

UpdatedMicrosoft has confirmed that its corporate Web sites have become unavailable due to an as yet unidentified technical problem.
John Leyden, 24 Jan 2001

White House Ws go Walkabout

It has emerged that some politicians actually have a sense of humour. The final gesture of the outgoing Democrat administration was to remove and hide the W's from the keyboards of computers in the White House.
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jan 2001

Porn roundup: disabled lesbian filth and Jonathan King

Is there no end to our society's obsession with sex? No, thank God, and so we have two more porn stories to add to the list.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jan 2001

Sun, MS settle – war resumes with .NET, C# vs Java

Open warfare over Java resumes between Sun and Microsoft today, after the two companies folded their legal tents and agreed to disagree. Microsoft pays $20 million and gets to ship existing and beta Java product for seven years, while Sun terminates Microsoft's Java licences with immediate effect.
John Lettice, 24 Jan 2001

AMD to ship 1.3GHz Athlon Monday?

AMD is believed to be preparing to launch a 1.3GHz Athlon on Monday.
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2001

MI6 spy secrets posted on Web

Ex-MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson has bypassed the UK's arcane Official Secrets Act by posting extracts of his controversial book on British secret services, The Big Breach, on the Internet.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jan 2001

Mobile mast clampdown in Kent

Kent County Council has banned mobile phone masts from its property, adding to the pressure on the government to make all phone masts subject to the normal planning process.
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jan 2001

Despair.com trademarks :-(

Satirical Web site Despair.com claims it has trademarked the frowny emoticon - you know, :-( - and will sue any mutha that gets in its way.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jan 2001

AOL Flat Rate FRIACO-based Net access product

Tim Richardson, 24 Jan 2001

IBM settles ‘fab fumes crippled our kid’ case

IBM has settled a rather nasty lawsuit brought by two former employees of its East Fishkill, New York chip foundry.
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2001

Sega set to license Dreamcast to set-top box builder

If Sega has indeed decided to end Dreamcast production, the console may yet live on as the basis for a new product being developed by UK set-top box maker Pace.
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2001

105 cybercaffs in one street!

Jordan is bidding for a place in the Guinness Book of Records claiming it has the most Internet cafés in one street.
Tim Richardson, 24 Jan 2001

Wife exacts revenge over email

A wife who suspected her husband of foul deeds has humiliated him by sending a vitriolic email from his laptop to his entire contact database. Titled "Time to 'Fess up!", the email - purporting to come from PR company boss Paul Evans - was not exactly subtle.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jan 2001

George Dubya a dumb mofo: official

UpdatedSo good ole Dubya has become the 33 1/3 president of the United States, spoken of compassion and then forced young girls to live with their sexual mistakes. But what do Americans really think of him?
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jan 2001

HP distributes virus infected drivers

Hewlett-Packard has distributed printer drivers corrupted by a computer virus. The infected drivers were inadvertently uploaded onto the hardware giant's Web site, according to a report by Japanese news service Nikkei.
John Leyden, 24 Jan 2001

DRAM prices carry on falling

DRAM prices continue to fall, but the cuts are failing to bring back buyers back in sufficient quantities, according to Asiabiztech. Scarce customers means inventory overhang for many manufacturers, which in turn means financial problems, and that means consolidation, either by merger or by departure from the scene. Phew!
Linda Harrison, 24 Jan 2001

Celebrititis hits IT world

TV co-presenter and erstwhile science expert Carol Vorderman has hit the papers today, "lambasting" the Internet industry for "porn apathy". By that she means that "those who make their money from the Internet" should take responsibility for its content. And that means no porn. Ever again. Tut, tut, tut.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jan 2001

Anand's Super7 upgrade orgy

HWRoundupSharky has posted a roundup of the SDRAM memory on the market - a guide to performance that should help you navigate through the infamous memory bottleneck. Not meant to be overly technical, this guide is something like an "All you ever wanted to know about SDRAM but were afraid to ask."
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jan 2001

Royal & SunAlliance sacks 10, reinstates 3

Royal & SunAlliance's internal investigation into staff fired because off distribution of smutty Bart Simpson cartoons finally drew to a close last night (four days later than expected) with three staff reinstated and ten dismissed.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jan 2001

Microsoft brings web sites back into play

Microsoft has confirmed that problems with its domain name servers were behind the outage of all its main Web sites today, and said that the problem had been fixed making the sites available.
John Leyden, 24 Jan 2001

Nine-year-old boy sees Net dreams go down plughole

UpdatedA story of Internet woe for you. Nine-year-old Joseph Allen had a grand Net idea while in the bath three years ago. He wanted to place a bet on the Grand National over the Internet - presumably because it would be illegal for him to do so in a betting office (even a false moustache couldn't hide the fact that he was 4ft tall).
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jan 2001

ZD story attacks CMGI – on CMGI's own portal

UpdatedHere's a good one. The latest UK tech news from ZDNet UK, featured on AltaVista, currently includes a story laying into CMGI. Unfortunately, AltaVista is owned by CMGI.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jan 2001

Linux people petition Alcatel for USB ADSL drivers

UK Linux users are demanding Alcatel release drivers to allow its SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem to work with the open source operating system.
Tony Smith, 24 Jan 2001

Dell and Unisys settle $2bn services love-in

Dell and Unisys have completed their super-duper services deal, revealing the agreement is worth $1 billion to both companies over a three-year-period.
Linda Harrison, 24 Jan 2001

Car makers Web sites defaced

The UK web sites of car makers Mitsubishi and Fiat are the latest to fall victim to a vandal who exploits vulnerabilities with Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS).
John Leyden, 24 Jan 2001

EasyNet coughs up to Battersea first

EasyNet Group has become the first operator in mainland Britain to unbundle a local loop of copper wire from BT's monster telco network and provide its own broadband service over it.
Tim Richardson, 24 Jan 2001

More tales of PC market woe

Analysts have predicted a poor start to 2001 for the PC market suggesting that the sector maybe stuck in the doldrums until the second half of the year.
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jan 2001

More on the $10 paper mobile phone

Telling the world you plan to be the next Bill Gates is bound to get someone's back up.
Linda Harrison, 24 Jan 2001

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