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Intel samples Brookdale

At least five Taiwanese mobo makers have received samples of Intel's upcoming Brookdale chipset.
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Mass hack takes out govt sites

A hacking spree last weekend saw military and government Web sites defaced on three continents in what its perpetrators claimed was the largest mass defacement in the history of mankind.
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Creative forecasts Q3 sales drop

A last minute Christmas rush helped Creative Technologies beat analysts expectations for Q2, but profit still fell 40 per cent to $26.5 million, down from $44.5 million a year ago.
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IBM targets post-Napster music biz

IBM hopes to leverage Napster-induced paranoia to sell its EMMS digital music distribution system to the world's biggest recording companies.
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Totalise shareholders get the jitters

Totalise has moved quickly to dampen speculation that the dotcom is in financial difficulties.
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Athlon supercomp gets an airing

Updated The Bartol Institute at the University of Delaware is today showing off its clustered super computer based on AMD's Athlon processor. Nicknamed Samson, the machine is expected to rank in the top 200 supercomputers in the world.
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Warner Bros bullying children again

It's at it again. Actually, it never stopped. Warner Bros/Time Warner is pushing its weight around and sending threatening legal letters to young Harry Potter fans because they have had the audacity to register a domain name with the words 'harry' and 'potter' in it.

Atlantic Telecom sacks 350

Atlantic Telecom Group is to axe 350 jobs in the UK as part of programme of rationalisation designed to save the telco £30 million.
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PlayStation 3 to be Sony's convergence box, not PS2

Sony's PlayStation 2 may not be the digital doorway between the home and a world of online entertainment the company originally planned it to be.
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PS2 glitches may pummel Sony profits

Sony looks set to blame poor results at the end of last year on production problems with the PlayStation 2.
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Duke Nukem fans bite back

On Friday, 19 January we published the article Duke Nukem on screenshot search and destroy, written by freelance journalist Andrew Smith.
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Orange gets cheaper by the day

Orange still seems determined to go ahead with its 10-15 per cent float, even though it is likely to be valued at less than half of what was expected in May 2000. In fact, it is so determined that large investors are being offered a five per cent discount in the hope of shoring the float up.
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Lexmark profits fall 45%

Lexmark has provided proof that printer firms got hammered as much as PC vendors in the fourth quarter of 2000.
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Toshiba samples 30GB micro-drive

Toshiba is shipping samples of its new 30GB hard drive in a 2.5in form factor.

Le Freeswerve, BTInternet go unmetered

Both BTInternet and Le Freeswerve are expected to launch their all-you-can-eat-for-just-one price Internet services later this week.
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Barrysworld goes titsup.com

Online gaming site Barrysworld.com has posted notice of voluntary liquidation. The site has run out of money and it's been unable to persuade its shareholders to shell out more cash in what is a horrible investment climate.
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Dell issues Q4 profit warning

Dell today admitted its fourth quarter won't be up to par, blaming sluggish PC sales growth.

ISP Sniffs Out cheap Net access

UK ISP Sniff Out today confirmed it would launch a 24/7 unmetered Net access on 14 February.
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Socket-A indulgence at Dr Tom's

HWRoundup At Tom's Hardware today, the doctor teams up with Patrick Schmid to look at the best option for those on a budget that still precludes DDR. The consensus seems to be that a SDRAM Socket-A mobo is the thing to have, and they've looked at six, based on the KT133A chipset.

Interference clouds future of multi-billion police radio project

The future of a £2.5 billion project to provide British police with a radio network has been thrown into doubt amidst fears that the technology could interfere with hospital equipment and even breath test devices or speed detection kit.
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Cemeteries get hooked up to the Net

Surfers too busy or far away to make that all-important funeral will soon be able to mourn en masse via cyberspace.
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ISPs face prosecution over babies for sale sites

The government (UK) has unfortunately spelt out the degree of its Internet ignorance today with a knee-jerk political reaction to the Net baby adoption debacle.
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Windows to go 3D… but not in Whistler

Does Microsoft have a UI spring surprise up its sleeve? Redmond has been telling closed beta test groups that new icons notwithstanding, the Whistler UI isn't finished yet, leading to some rampant speculation that the converged Windows desktop could see a major overhaul between now and its final release.
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Women lack confidence and men lie

Women have less faith in their computer skills than men, according to a survey of undergraduates in the US.
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Register Tariff 2001

Welcome to the improved Register Tariff 2001. Our existing customers know that we will do anything for money. Now we've made it even easier for busy executives to avail themselves of this facility. You know it makes sense in today's hectic dog-eat-dog business environment. All you have to do is select one of our four …
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Scientologist Web site rips off urban75.com

A group of addiction treatment 'experts' called Narconon, which has ties to the controversial Church of Scientology, has performed a wholesale rip-off of the popular urban75 Web site, which is devoted to raves, general partying and mirth-making, photography, sport, satire, and common-sense advice for drug users along the lines of, 'it's probably bad for you, but if you must, here's what you can expect from substance x').
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MS opens up on Whistler copy protection

The product activation copy protection system that will ship with Whistler and Office 10 will form the basis of a "cross product" protection system for Microsoft software, and the signs are that the company will move heaven and earth to make it stick. Speaking to The Register earlier today Microsoft product manager, licensing technology group, Allan Nieman went through the checklist of gotchas, and explained why product activation is a pussycat really.
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Lights go out on UltraSPARC III supply

Production delays have left Sun Microsystems behind schedule in fulfilling orders for servers based on the new UltraSPARC III processor.
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Concentration camp victims sue Yahoo!

Yahoo! faces the wrath of the French again - this time the dotcom's chief is being sued for one franc over allegedly justifying war crimes.
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Flashcom trades DSL customers like chattels

US ISP Flashcom.com has been forced to flog most of its DSL customer accounts in an effort to stem losses.